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  • If I can say my opinion why:
    • No miss fire = good
    • You loose the big threat vs infantry = bad but double scops could hit 10 guys = 6 dead in avg. Trebuchet one hit = 8.88 (sure hitting both is harder) but you see it is not so much really (if 5 ranks)
    • Better vs cavalry
    • Better vs cowboys
    • Better vs flying cowboys
    • As good vs monster= yeah you only have s6 but ap6 helps greatly vs 1+ unbreakable stuff and d3+1 clipped wings is nice

    And the best thing is? They are chaff.

    Feel free to place them alone where they obvious will die.
    120 points? If the enemy just sends a normal light Cavalry that is 170 points in avg and you get a small advantage in the main battle line.

    I like this combo.

    Place one obvious away from your main line.
    Cover it somewhat by bow fire from brigands or archers.

    This forces the enemy to use something better then light Cavalry to kill it.
    Your bowmen still can shoot on their intended target light Cavalry and your scorps will die after 1-2 shootings but the enemy will need to invest heavy Cavalry (which could even die vs scorps and panic) or even infantry. Both cost over the double and you have a net win.

    If he still forces light Cavalry? Just use your bowfire to remove them. Success.



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