The Foromir - Demons of the Bog

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    • The Foromir - Demons of the Bog

      The Book

      Essentially, the Fimir were a Warhammer Fantasy army introduced early in Fantasy Battle's life, and were quickly discontinued, getting nothing more than the occasional mention in lore and a few Forge World models. This project intends to introduce the Fimir into The Ninth Age with the added addition of Lovecraftian influences.

      During the First Age, the Saurians were not the only beings to dominate the Earth. In the high north, where the Cold Blooded Saurians feared the biting cold, the Foromir roamed, slaughtering in the name of their great gods. With the fall of the great Saurian kingdoms, the Foromir discovered the Gods of Sin. In exchange for their mortality, the Foromir became beings of Sin incarnate, their very systems of reproduction and life becoming dependant on constant Beseechment of their Dark Gods. and the sacrifice of the Sinless. For centuries the Foromir waged war against the kingdoms of Dwarf and Elf, fed by their patrons, forgetting their Old Gods entirely. However, as the Age of Man approached, the eyes of Sin turned from the Foromir, and the Demons from the Bog were forgotten for the much more entertaining race of Man. The Foromir suffered and wasted, no longer in favor, they became old wive's tales, and were forced into the primordial sludge of their homelands. However, at some point during the Ninth Age, the Foromir found their Old Gods once more, spiteful, but willing to accept their children back. With new found purpose, the Foromir rise once more to lay claim of their ancient empire once more, and bear a horrid vengeance for those who stole their favor.

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    • Great work for the professional aspect of the product - and nice new icons.

      The problem is that you deliver a Slim AB, and the reader is clueless about what you're talking about.
      There is no hint provided on Foromir by official BG.
      There is hardly anything about Fimir on the Internet, it did not stay for long in WH, and you seem even to depart from them.
      Fomorian is a great source of lore, but I don't know how much you drag from that source.
      You could be well inspired to take the actual name Fomorian instead of Foromir, as it cannot be copyrighted, and at least it would provide to passionate fluff archeologists something to discuss about.

      In order to help the reader understand what you have in mind, and appreciate how the fluff is well translated into rules, I wish you made something closer to a Legendary AB rather than an arid Slim one.
      The more you take your BG from something well known, the less you will have to elaborate yourself - that is why I recommend to use Fomorian lore and Irish mythology, rather than create everything from scrap.
      With a couple of pages of fluff, you could explain who they are and why they fight.
      Then, every single entry should get a line or two of short description.

      With that, the AB would be much better understandable.

      I don't expect you to be an artist.
      The way around is to find nice pictures on the Internet, and provide links on the thread - not on the AB, because you wish people to be legally authorized to print the AB.

      An army cannot be played without models. There exist no Foromir model.
      Please provide links to suitable models.

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