2.0 Escalation Campaign

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    • 2.0 Escalation Campaign

      Well 2.0 is here, rules are locked and loaded, so let the fun tweaks begin!

      My club is starting a 9th Age escalation campaign geared to working in new players. The Rules are in this google sheet here:

      Thoughs and comments are appreciated.

      Basically we are playing around with list structure to get away from our tournament lists for the veterans and have some fun with this great set of rules. The game size goes up each week. You keep the same General (and stuff happens to him whether he wins or loses), and the general gets to pick a couple key units to always keep, and thoe units can gain traits as well.

      I have done many many of these over the years and this one is setup so that you can participate the whole time (even if you loose a bunch), and people who always win dont really snowball into being unbeatable. Map based campaigns are great, but they always bleed players as it goes on (and tend to just not finish!). Its also setup to start with a core and build your army around that, but dosnt lock you into the exact same same list every week.

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    • So our campaign Kicked off and we are in Week one. Looks like we have 9 players. I do need some help with more hero traits or I think everyone will have the same build similar buildsat the end of the 4th round, lol. Anyone have any ideas?

      So the way it works is if you won, you roll on the Glory table, and the Vendetta table if you lost. Subtracting 2 for your roll. So I think I could use 8 more for each...

      You can look up in the google sheet for all the rules, below is a copy of what I have so far for those character traits.

      Glory Table (Key Character Won Battle)
      -1Vision of mortalityRe-roll one armor, aegis, to hit, to Cast, or to wound die role per battleBrought back from the brink the character has had a glimpse of their fate
      0Nine LivesThe first time a character is reduced to zero wounds, it is returned to 1 wound on a roll of 3+. Does not affect units run down from combat,or wounds tally for combot resolution.Character has a reputation for avoiding that last twist of the knife.
      1Chain of CommandBefore the battle nominates one friendly character. That character has a 6" commanding presence bubble projection of the general's leadershipKnowing who can bear the mantle of leadership can come in quite handy
      2Stalwart CommandMay grant their defensive skill to one unit within 12""Follow me if you want to live!"
      3EngineerMay Place a 12" wall in their deployment zone after all deploymentThe general is skilled in battelfied construction
      4Escape artistChoose Either: Character (and attached unit) gains Maximized Rolls on flee rolls, unit will stop at board edge on volunteer flea rolls (but not if it subsequently fails to rally) OR Wounds caused by instability can not reduce the model below 1 wound if attached to a unit.A master of staying alive to fight another day.
      5Tactician+1 to go go first, will always go first on a 6.A master of tactics and sometimes luck
      6Field MarshallMay Grant vanguard (+3) to one unit"Cry Havoc, and let loose the dogs of war!"
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    • Vendetta Table (Character Lost Battle)
      -1Vicious ScarChoose: Friendly units within 6" take panic tests with a minimized Roll OR enemy units within 6" make panic tests with a minimized rollDisfigured and so hideous your own troops fear you more then the enemy
      0Unnaturally AliveMagic Resistance (2) verse the first spell affecting the modelUnnatural healing was used to bring the character back from the brink
      1Never AgainModel has battle focus verse the first character or unit that inflicts a wound on the CharacterThe characters eyes are filled with a burning fury at who dares to defy them
      2ParanoiaAfter scouts have deployed, the character main switch places with another character or move 12" within the deployment zoneThe sting of defeat has left the character canny and clever, even forcing allies to dress up like then as a diversion
      3Simmering RageAt the beginning of each of their player turns the player must make a minimized discipline test or gain Frenzy and Battle Focus for the rest of the battle. A further +1 to the roll is added for each enemy model within 3". If the model already has battle focus, double hits are triggered in a 5 or 6.The pain of loss and defeat is bubbling just beneath the surface ready to burst forth at the slightest provocation
      4BacklashWhenever the model takes a wound it may make 1 immediate attack back at the same strength +1You hit me, I hit back harder.
      5Good KarmaMay replace the flux card just played with any care previously used or Re-roll first failed Aegis Save
      6Ancestral AdviceChoose one item from the glory tableAfter the loss consultation with the elders yields wisdom
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      Images of Ma Stuff
      My Warriors of Ind/Sagarikadesha Painting blog

      In Northern CA? Give me a buzz or visit our FB Group: Norcal 9th Age