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    • dear friends of the Ninth Age,
      dearest friends of the Quick Starter,
      and unbelievably dear friends of Veil of the Ages,

      with permission from the contest organiser (and of course from T9A), here i am, trying one last heroic call at arms for The Breach - the starter set that will lure unsuspecting regular people into our fantastic hobby! if you want to support us and help us unlock free add-on stretch goals in our Kickstarter campaign, there's only time until tomorrow Friday May 3rd, 3pm GMT - less than a day! so let me quickly add a few images or videos in the spoiler that you will hopefully find intriguing enough.

      remember, even a small donation can make the difference! if we received one single euro from every forum user who has enjoyed these contests with a like, post, vote or submission, we would unlock the next stretch goal without a problem! alright. 'nuff said. 'ere we go:

      let's start with the most important thing: the Kickstarter page

      Veil of the Ages in one page (various languages available):

      more languages:

      Veil of the Ages in one minute and a half (practically no text):

      Misty, our brand new miniature for the Kuulima's Deceiver (no text):

      Videogame demonstration (subtitles in 20 or so languages):

      Gameplay in ten minutes (various languages available):

      more languages:

      our facebook page:

      and let's finish again with the most important thing: the Kickstarter page


      i know this sounds lame but... donate! pledge! like! share! subscribe! comment!
      ...at the very least, send us encouragement and karma points!
      thank you guys for your support and your patience.
      cheers from one of the T9A relentless heralds,
      quite close to exhaustion, luckily for you : )

      click the logo and reach the KickStarter page!

    • Grovel in the dust before his paw-claws, maggots!

      "Lift him high on a shield in the ancient fashion. Don him in red footwear. Give him purple ink with which to write. Crown him with gold and polished Darkshards. And proclaim his mastery over all his followers and vassals. He is your lord. Hail! Hail! Hail!"

      By force of arms, the new Tyrant will be @Eisenhans, for his deft leadership, sneaky tricks and brilliant soldiers of the underground Themes are gathering strength to assault Avras. Our Avras! May his autocratic despotism last forever, and may he never be backstabbed twice by the same perpetrator!

      Witness the new Lord of the Hobby rise!

      It will take a little time before word of this has spread to all the Swarms of the Vermin, but soon that renown will be clear for all to see (with a little help from site Admins).

      And while we wait for the implementation of the honorary tag: Congratulations to @Eisenhans! His dazzling colour scheme stands out well, and he has spent a great amount of time at painting his models to a high standard, layer by painstaking layer. The results really show off well.

      A great thank you to all the Chiefs and Magisters who put out their wonderful miniatures and made us dream of treachery and reconquest: @ValourUnbound @Eisenhans @joel127 @hasker You all made this contest into a Vermin Swarm showcase!

      Now that this chapter is over, we hope to see many of you again in our ongoing Quickstarter Gallery Contests! We're in need of Åsklander and Makhar armies. Grab your chance for some pioneering glory in these young factions!

      Thank you all again for your participation. See you in the discussion and in the other contest threads!

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