Wesser's Battle Report Thread

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    • Wesser's Battle Report Thread

      5000 pts all-goblin vs @Izzilduuur and his Infernal Dwarves

      My list:
      Forest Goblin Witchdoctor -Wizard Adept (Witchcraft), Wolf Chariot, Potion of Strength
      Goblin Chief - Wolf Chariot, light lance
      Goblin Chief - Wolf Chariot, light lance
      Goblin Chief - Wolf Chariot, light lance
      Forest Goblin King (General) - Crown of Autocracy, Warcry, Huntsman Spider, light lance, shield, heavy armour, Basalt Infusion
      Forest Goblin Witchdoctor Master (Thaumathurgy) - Scuttler Spider
      56 Forest Goblins - Spears/Shields, FCG, Throwing Weapons
      56 Forest Goblins -Spears/Shields, FCG, Throwing Weapons
      30 Cave Goblins- FCG, Shields, Nets, Banner of the Relentless Company, 2 Mad Gitz
      8 Spider Riders - Shields, Throwing Weapons
      20 Forest Goblins - Creepers, Bows
      20 Forest Goblins - Creepers, Bows
      10 Gnasher Dashers
      32 Gnashers
      Gnasher Wrecking Team
      Gnasher Wrecking Team
      Great Green Idol – BsB

      His list (roughly):
      Overlord (mainly anti-armour stuff)
      Occultism Master (stuff)
      28 Blunderbuss Dwarves – Command
      3 Taurukh AnointedPaired Weapons
      5 Taurukhs – Shields
      Lugar Chosen – Flaming Ring, Heroes Heart
      23-ish Lugar Dwarves
      Titan Mortar
      41 Paired Weapon Orc Slaves
      40ish Orc Slaves with shields
      Infernal Engine with Shrapnel Gun

      We played Dawn Assault with Gnasher Dashers and Taurukhs in reserve.

      We played one of the special deployment scenarios, where you randomly roll 3 Tasks for Objective:

      I got:
      • Precious Cargo: Protect my FG Spear Horde (the one on my left)
      • Target Strike: Eliminate Taurukhs
      • Mutiny: Get my General killed, while keeping at least one other character alive
      He Got:
      • Precious Cargo: Keep Blunderbuss dwarves alive
      • Assasination: Kill enemy General
      • Domination: Hold center at the end of the game

      Turn 1:
      Having dropped most of his stuff he started, but aside from putting a wound on his Mortar with a Misfire nothing much happened, which I equaled in my turn, only managing to cast Wrath of God (which took 6 magic phases to drop and then doing nothing).

      Turn 2:
      He moved up and his Lugar dwarves got away with only 4 deaths from stepping on a Wrecking Team, while the Infernal Engine shot up the other Wrecking Team. His Mortar took another wound from misfiring, and his Taurukhs emerged behind my line

      In my turn I was… overeager? My SpearHorde charged the Infernal engine wounding it twice and my Chariots (backed up by the Green Green Idol for rerolls) charged the Lugar Dwarves. I actually knew maths weren’t with me, but 3D6+3 hits rerolling ones plus 9 Chief attacks…. Aaaaaand 8 Dwarves… in return for 2 chariots… depressing.

      My Cave Goblins and Gnashers charged the Paired Weapon Orcs killing tonnes with a rank of Gnashers lost.

      My Dashers came up behind the Lugar dwarves, and I killed 3 Taurukhs with shooting

      Turn 3:
      His anointed and Orc bus charged the Forest Goblins, broke them and wiped it out in pursuit, but not before they put 4 more wounds on the Infernal Engine.
      The Chariot survived a challenge with the Lugar Chosen and stuck there, while the Orcs with Paired Weapons broke. I elected to restrain with both units

      His Mortar missed, but he wounded my Idol twice with Marked for Doom

      His Taurukhs could now charge my Witchcraft Shaman which they broke (shaman got away), pursuing into the rear of my precious FG block. My Creepers panicked off the board

      In my Turn I again was too impetuous. My Dashers couldn’t resist the rear of the Lugar dwarves, but only a handful died for the loss of 5 Dashers and the chariot.

      The Gnasher Herd charged the Orc Slaves with shields who fled, but was caught and wiped out (I then forgot to actually position my Gnashers… oh dear). My General charged the Infernal Engine, but neither could hurt each other.

      Turn 4 (forgot pictures):
      His Blunderbus dwarves finally got to shoot (combination of range and Twisted Effigy had denied them this so far) and killed 18 Creepers! (but the last 2 held firm). He decided not to charge his Anointed into my FG and the Mortar killed one Cave Goblin (and another later died from DT)
      The Lugar Dwarves wiped the Dashers..

      In my turn the FG killed off the Taurukhs and the Gnashers reformed to face the Anointed, while my Witchcraft Adept rallied. My General finished off the pesky Infernal Engine.
      My Cave Goblins marched up beside the Blunderbus dwarves to block them from the center objective. They released two Mad Gitz aiming for the Blunderbus and Lugar Dwarves, but only killed one dwarf (and each other next turn)

      Turn 5:
      He charged his Anointed into my Gnashers killing a lot, but losing two in the process. His Blunderbus unit pasted half the Cave Goblins which fled towards the center.

      I rallied my Cave Goblins.
      My FG charged the Anointed in the flank and broke the him on the last wound, but he got away.
      I cast Wrath of God near his Mortar and Raven-winged my Cave Goblins into a position where his Blunderbusses couldn’t get to center-objective

      Turn 6:
      His anointed rallied, and so did his last 5 Orc Slaves!
      The Occultism Wizard used Grave Calls to paste the Spider Riders, and the Overlord used his Toxic Breath to one-shot my General (I forgot about that item oh dear).
      Wrath of God came down and pasted the luckless Mortar

      In my turn I tried to Ravens Wing my idol over the Orcs to panic them, but 6 hits = 0 wounds.
      My Gnashers charged and wiped out the anointed

      In the end he won comfortably on points, but with all my 3 tasks completed and only two of his (he couldn’t get Center) it ended up 11-9 to the goblins.


      • I was reckless (this being a friendly game) and largely threw away the Chariots, Dashers and FG block for little gain. I also made several mistakes (such as not to reform my Gnashers after killing off the slaves), so I can only attribute winning to keeping my eyes on the objectives…. And luck
      • Great Green Idol was great as a BsB, but I struggled to get value out of his reroll one’s ability, because I struggled to get hits whenever he was around
      • I’m encouraged by the Gnasher Herd and Cave Goblins in support. Can’t wait to get the new Squig models
      • Wrecking Teams are hit and miss. Today they were a miss… eh
      • I love having my General on a big spider for the model and mobility and he kept my force going splendidly, but he is too squishy. If he’s in the open anyway I may need to find points to put him on a Gargantula
      • ID is still a strange army, which fight oddly. I think Orc Slaves are a bargain (despite their performance today) and those Lugar dwarves seems underrated to me. The more I play against the Infernal Engine the less I fear it however. Blunderbusses... I see their shortcomings, but boy did they hurt!
    • Really fun game! Wish I had used Pyromancy Had a hard time handling all the small stuff the goblins could field, but felt really satisfied with my dwarf blocks, although I did not get full use of my blunderbusses - first time playing them...

      Really think that shrapnel gun is less usefull the way I play my engine... must get better at staying out of trouble and shoot some more shots!

      Lugars provide some much appreciated stability with their unbreakable

      Still confused as to what the purpose with this army really is! I want to play semi-shooty, but that part feels underwhelming... of my few battles I think that master mage, Icon and bunker will be my go to build - preferably with pyro.

      Thinking of trying to add some flamers and try smaller units overall. But happy with at least getting 12-8 before objectives... if only I had gotten 37 points more or gotten ravens wing off in the last turn... NEXT TIME WESSER, NEXT TIME
    • It been hard getting a RL game... and when I do I forget pictures, so to bulk out my thread here's an UB report. That's been hard too as most games tend to end at Turn 3.. (people rly concede very fast on UB...)

      Played Encircle/Breakthrough with SE as the attackers

      My list:
      Treefather Ancient – Master Druidism (General)
      Bladedancer BsB, Hunter’s Honour, Aether Icon
      DruidShamanism Adept, Sylvan blades, Mistwalker Mirror
      11 Bladedancers – Champion, Standard
      10 Sylvan Archers, Musician
      24 Rangers – Predator’s Pennant, Full Command
      28 Forest Guard – Full Command, Rending banner
      10 Heath Hunters
      5 Briar Maidens
      10 Sentinels

      His list: (Roughly)
      Divine Altar BsB – Moraec’s Reaping, Ghostly Guard, shield
      Raptor Chariot Prince - Midnight Cloak, Transcendence
      2x Raptor Chariot
      OracleDestiny’s Call, Master (Alchemy)
      2 x 5 Harpies
      31 Academy Banner Spearmen
      32 Academy banner Spearmen
      3 Bolt Throwers
      7 Dread Knights – Musician, Champion


      Turn 1:

      His first turn saw a general advance while being wary of my Heath Hunters lurking around the hill. A Silver Spike failed to wound a Treefather, but despite range, Hard Target and cover the bolt throwers killed 6 Sentinels. Raptor Chariot shot a Heath Hunter

      My Turn saw a slight reshuffling of units and the Treefather advancing. Hereditary was cast on Rangers, and shooting failed to cause any damage at all.

      Turn 2:

      He advanced slightly and moved his Raptor Chariot to try and pin the Heath Hunters and killed another with the chariots’ crossbows. The bolt throwers killed 2 Briar Maidens and a Sentinel causing the latter to panic.

      In my turn the Rangers tried a long charge on the Raptor Prince and failed. The Druid went to the rescue and joined them. Activating Mistwalker’s Mirror the unit teleported to forest in the DE zone (I actually positioned unit rly poorly). The Sentinels rallied, and again shooting achieved nothing whatsoever, but at least both the spears and Treefather were buffed in case of charges.

      Turn 3:

      The Raptor Chariot and spears with Oracle charged the Treefather(on photo below is he was adjusting the spears after CC, so that looks a bit screwy) Catastrophic dispelling meant both Hereditary and Glory of Gold getting off vs. the Treefather, but he survived with one wound left, while killing several spears and doing 3 wounds to the chariot with his Crush.

      The Dreadknights and bolt thrower shuffled out of LOS of the Rangers while the other bolt throwers gunned down 2 Sentinels and panicked the Heath Hunters off the board. One unit of harpies went in to chaff the FG and Bladedancers, but failed 2 DTs and fled towards center, leaving the second unit to do the job.

      In my turn the Rangers turned and was buffed (Stone Skin and Awaken the Beast in preparation for the chariots), which also healed a wound on Treefather.

      My Bsb charged and killed the wounded chariot while the Treefather killed off the first row of spearelves, who passed their test.

      The Briars charged a bolt thrower, but it held and they even lost a Maiden, while the FG charged the Harpies, killing 4 and causing the last to flee never to return.

      The Sylvan Archers targeted and wiped out the fleeing harpies, while the Ancient killed 2 spears with Impaling Roots

      Turn 4:

      The Chariot and Raptor Prince charged Forest Rangers, but between challenge from the FR Champion and some poor rolls against the Stoneskinned rangers only 4 elves were killed. The Chariots had suffered a wound each from DTs, but poor rolls from the Rangers only inflicted one wound on a Raptor chariot.

      The Treefather took another wound, and killed more elves, who still held. The Briar Maidens were unable to finish the bolt thrower

      In my turn the FG charged the Divine Altar and buffed with 4+ regen they beat it, but it held fast. The Treefather was healed a wound, but immediately lost killing yet more spears and doing 2 wounds to Oracle.

      On the other side of the table the Rangers were Stoneskinned again and despatched the Raptor Chariot and did two wounds to the Prince in return for only 3 Rangers causing the Prince to flee ( I decided not to pursue in order to go for objective and bolt thrower, and sadly he didnt fail his DTs).

      The Briar Maidens finally killed their bolt thrower

      My Ancient and Sentinels (one was raised back to life) fluffed, but the Sylvan Archers bagged an impressive 7 spearelves

      Turn 5:

      His Prince rallied, and one bolt thrower chaffed my Rangers while the knights sped away.

      The other bolt thrower killed a Briar Maiden.

      The Altar and Spears continued their fight, but the Treefather finally succumbed

      In my turn the Rangers charged and crushed the Bolt thrower blocking them. The Ancient charged the Oracle spears sending them through the impassable terrain killing all but 5 and the Oracle. He then redirected to the other spear unit which fled, but not far enough and the Ancient crushed them all.

      Further the Ancient buffed 4++ on the spears again (healing another sentinel thus denying my opponent points for the unit), which allowed them to beat the Divine Altar by 1. Rerrollable 9 was failed and the spears ran down the Altar (we forgot to delet it for the picture)

      We called it here as it was getting late, and it was clear that I was way ahead on points even if the Oracle and her unit rallied (LD5) and the objective would be mine as well


      • I’ve sniffed at Druidism before, but the list and terrain rly played into it today. The Rangers looked to be in a dangerous position, but Druidism turned an even fight into what ended up being a reckless charge by the Raptor Chariots. Attribute was decisive at keeping the Treefather up, but in the end 1 wound per magic phase has it’s definite limits. I didnt cast anything worth casting with the lore until Turn 3, so it not only requires a list to be build around it... it also require a backup mage.
      • I was rly happy with my Heath Hunters distracting the Raptor Chariots and dreadknights for the first few turns. Their shooting may not have achieved anything, but the fact that neither the Dread knights or Raptor chariot could afford to turn their flanks to them helped a lot
      • I was rly lucky the Treefather wasn’t killed in the first round when my dispelling flunked as that could have been disaster, but other than that every fight were basically on my terms with me either choosing the targets or being charged in the woods
      • The trick with Mistwalker’s and hereditary gaining me a risk free long charge went okay, but only because I was able to buff them heavily. Magic definitely won me this game, especially since every magic phase of my opponent was spend trying to get rid of the Treefather
    • Wesser wrote:

      The trick with Mistwalker’s and hereditary gaining me a risk free long charge went okay, but only because I was able to buff them heavily. Magic definitely won me this game, especially since every magic phase of my opponent was spend trying to get rid of the Treefather
      when you fail a charge and become shaken, you can't use any more moves can you? or is it different with the mirror? I know you cant ravenswing after a failed charge, for example
      Take a look at my painted army so far. Feel free to share a pic of yours!

      Pics of my ever expanding warriors army

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      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2020
    • WastelandWarrior wrote:

      Wesser wrote:

      The trick with Mistwalker’s and hereditary gaining me a risk free long charge went okay, but only because I was able to buff them heavily. Magic definitely won me this game, especially since every magic phase of my opponent was spend trying to get rid of the Treefather
      when you fail a charge and become shaken, you can't use any more moves can you? or is it different with the mirror? I know you cant ravenswing after a failed charge, for example
      It works. Thats the fun part
    • I am not sure it does... take a look at the two rules here below:

      Page 83 of the rule book

      17.B ShakenUnder certain circumstances, models may become Shaken.
      The most common situations are:
      • Charging a Fleeing unit (page 43)
      • Failing a Charge (page 46)
      • Rallying a Fleeing Unit (page 50)
      • Failing a Fear Test (see “Fear”, page 94)
      • War Machines failing a Panic Test (see “War Machine”, page 101)
      • War Machines suffering a Jammed Misfire Effect (page 109)

      A Shaken model cannot perform any of the following actions:
      • Declare Charges• Pursuit• Overrun• Advance Move
      March Move
      • Reform (it can Combat Reform and Post-Combat Reform)
      Random Movement

      SE book
      Mist Walker’s Mirror 75 ptsModels on foot only.
      One use only.
      If the bearer’s unit consists entirely ofStandard Height Infantry models, is unengaged, andis entirely inside a Forest Terrain Feature that doesn’tcontain any enemy models, the unit may teleport toany other Forest Terrain Feature on the Battlefield.This special movement is resolved at the end of theowner’s Movement Phase. When teleporting, the unitmust be placed entirely inside the target Forest. Itmay appear in any legal formation but must followthe Unit Spacing rule. The unit counts as having performed a March Move
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      Luxembourg HBE Player Novi Sad 2019

      Road to Luxembourg 2021
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      August 6th-8th: ETC
    • fair enough, good to know!

      falanor wrote:

      In my view of the rules it counts a march move therefore you can only do it if you would have been able to march during the phase.

      @Lagerlof might be able to help
      I asked on rules Q thread, lagerlof agrees with Wesser
      Take a look at my painted army so far. Feel free to share a pic of yours!

      Pics of my ever expanding warriors army

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2019

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2020
    • We played Secure Target/Counterthrust with me forfeiting 1st turn in order to get deployment advantage. There were things about WDG like Shadowchaser Vanguard and Spiked Shield I wasn’t aware of, so it was still a learning experience.

      Bladedancer Prince (General)395
      Sylvan Blades of the Titanic Might, Sacred Seeds

      Adept (Shamanism), Sylvan blades, Eagle King, P. Str.

      Bladedancer Chieftain330
      BsB, Hunter's Honour, Aether Icon

      Master (Druidism), Eagle King

      10 Heath Hunters375

      25 Forest Guard370
      Full Command

      12 Sylvan Archers321

      10 Heath Riders345



      11 Bladedancers419
      Champion, Standard, Flaming banner

      11 Bladedancers399
      Champion, Standard, Aether Icon

      His List was roughly:
      WDG Lord on War Dais with greatweapon with Blessed Inscriptions, 4++ and stuff
      Chief – Shadowchaser, Paired Symbols of Slaughter and 1+
      Alchemy Sorcerer on Battleshrine
      10 Warriors with Handweapon
      20 Greed Warriors
      10 Greed Knights
      Warrior Chariot
      2 Feldrak Elders


      Turn 1:
      He advanced slowly casting boosted Word of Iron on the right Feldrak, while putting the left in a nasty position on the hill.
      I moved my Treefather to block the right Feldrak and moved my Forest Guard out of range of the left. Swarm of Insects managed a wound on left Elder, but shooting did nothing.

      Turn 2:
      His right Feldrak charged my Treefather and did two wounds this turn while the Treefather missed with his Crush Attacks
      He moved the left Feldrak right up to the Forest Guard and both Chimera and Shadowchaser Chief moved to threaten Archers. His Warriors and Knights backed away from Bladedancers.
      In my turn the unengaged Treefather moved to block the Chimera and countercharge Shadowchaser Chief, and the Heath Riders backed away from the Chariot. The Forest Guard charged the Feldrak, but even with +3 Res they still lost 8 guys but hung in there. The Heath Hunters managed a wound on the Chariot and the Archers 2 on the Chimera.

      Turn 3:
      His Shadowchaser Chief charged and killed 6 Archers, and his Chimera backed away. The Chariot charged the engaged Treefather and managed nothing while the Feldrak did another wound and the Treefather missed again with Crush. The other Feldrak took two wounds and kept whittling down the Forest Guard.
      The Heath Riders charged and smashed the Chariot, and while several were lost to DT tests – (dumm DT(2) on cavalry… all those terrain rules are truly clunky) I managed to heal a few back. Sadly the Feldrak killed the Treefather which meant the Heath Riders were in trouble..
      On a brighter note the other Treefather charged the Shadowchaser Chief, and a Crush finally connected splattering the obnoxious fellow (he did killed 4 Archers more before though)

      Turn 4:
      His Feldrak charged the Heath Riders, who fled and were gobbled up. His knights and Warrior Combo-charged the Bladedancers with BsB. Not many wounds were caused on either side, and the Bladedancers hung in there. His WDG Lord charged the Treefather and inflicted 2 wounds… and in return a Crush attacked floored him immediately! Ha, that’ll teach him.
      On the left the other Feldrak broke and ran down the remaining Forest Guard.
      In my turn my Bladedancers with Prince had to get rid of the blocking Chimera which they promptly did. I lost a few Bladedancers in the large combat, but they held easily. The Treefather charged the Sorcerers unit. His Crush missed, but he stomped 4 Warriors flat. The Warriors broke, and unfortunately got away with 12 flee…

      Turn 5:
      His rallied unit of Warriors meant the Feldrak couldn’t charge and a lucky Silver Spike then killed the Treefather, while the Bladedancer combat dragged on with the Knight being disengaged. His Feldraks moved the trap Archers (last Scoring unit I had).
      In my turn I marched the Archers towards objective while clearing the charge arc of one of the Feldraks. The Bladedancers with Prince flanked the Warriors and I managed to heal back 7 Bladedancers off the other unit. The result was predictable as the Warriors were butchered.

      Turn 6:
      Disaster! His Feldrak charged the Archers – Good because they could then rally on the objective, bad because he rolled very high for his charged and I rolled very low on my flee meaning they were just caught.. argh.
      Nothing much happened as I again (as in every turn) dispelled HellFire leaving him to cause a meaningless wound on my Shamanism Druid with Silver Spike.
      In my turn the Heath Hunters killed 2 Warriors, which were enough that they were out of range of the objective, while a Swarm of Insects took the wounded Feldrak to its last wound…
      On the left the Prince and the BsB’s unit combo-charged the Warrior Knight and went through them like they weren’t there

      It ended 12-8 to Sylvan Elves with no objective being Scored:

      • Bladedancers are nasty, and I’m not sure why they went down in points. Word of Iron was up on the Greed Warriors, while I consistently failed to get spells off to boost them, which meant I had to dance defensively with the BsB’s unit until help arrived. Once that happened the hapless Warriors might as well have been goblins
      • I came up against a LOT of hard single models today, which are a real pain and in truth only the Treefather (the one who managed any to-hit rolls) managed to down any. The fact that SE are outmaneuvered by monsters like the Feldraks, which they also struggle to harm is a problem. If you can’t avoid or harm it – what do you do? Lucky that Treefathers were also reduced in price
      • Heath Riders were… alright with Druidism in support. The price decrease changes little, but I’m encouraged to try them again
      • The Forest Guard… well with Druidism they actually held for a while, which was nice. Their fate kinda showcased some of the issues SE have with tough opponents, but OTOH I did leave them kinda unsupported
    • Fleshbeast wrote:

      FDE taking 8 Forest guard with Res6! Massive! Your opponents dice must have been on fire!
      Quite. In fact Res6 didn't do a single thing as he rolled 4+ on 8/9 rolls that combat

      Oh and played against DL yesterday. Heath Riders with Healing Waters managing to bag a Miser and Omen, and only Wrath of the Gods could stand before the Bladedancers.

      The list does seem to have an issue with Scoring though...
    • New

      Played 5000 points of Multiple Objectives/Counterthrust against the notorious Clan Zilduur of @Izzilduuur

      I had:
      Forest Goblin Witchdoctor
      Master Witchcraft, Gargantula, Magical Heirloom

      Forest Goblin King (General)
      Crown of the Cavern King, Paired Shieldbreaker, Destinys Call

      Forest Goblin Chief
      Huntsman Spider, Light lance

      56 Cave Goblin Spearmen
      Standard,Musician, 3 Mad Gitz, Rending banner, spears

      55 Cave Goblin Spearmen
      Full Command, 3 Mad Gitz, Rending banner, spears

      20 Creepers
      Throwing weapons, spears/shields

      10 Gnasher Dashers

      24 Gnashers

      Gnasher Wrecking Team

      Gnasher Wrecking Team

      3 Wolf Chariots



      Great Green Idol

      Giant Club

      He had (very Roughly)
      Lugar Pyro Adept with Greatweapon
      Lugar Alchemy Adept with Greatweapon
      Overlord with Blazing Shield, Deathcheater
      Vizier BsB (not sure what his gear was)
      30-ish Immortals with Infernal weapons
      Giant with shield
      2 x 40ish Slaves with paired Weapons
      40 IW with greatweapons and blunderbusses
      24ish Disciples of Lugars with greatweapons
      Infernal Engine with Rock Crusher

      We rolled the following objectives:
      ID: Domination (Control center at the end of the game), Assassination (Kill enemy general) and Knowledge is power (Pyro Adept must survive)
      Goblins: Precious Cargo (55 Goblin unit must survive), Bring it down (kill the ID Giant), Magical Relic (protect a counter in my deployment zone)


      Cave Goblins with joined Huntsman spider vanguard forwards and ID takes first turn

      Turn 1:
      He advanced cautiously and let rip with blunderbusses on vanguarding Cave Goblins blasting apart 15 of their number. On the right flank he managed to cast Quicksilver Lash on GGI doing 1 HP and then used Alchemical Fire/Pyroclastic Flow to burn of 10 of the Forest Goblins ( I only later remembered Alchemical Fire is melee attacks only)

      In my turn I realized my blocks didn’t have a fighting chance against his blocks unless he decided to charge through my Mad Gitz and coupled with an irrational fear of his shooting against my Gargantula (which wasn’t needed had I remembered they do Areax2 attacks) my movement was timid. The exception was the Huntsman who flanked the central slaves, with the Slaves reforming to face him.
      My Wizard managed to cast Twisted Effigy on blunderbusses.

      Turn 2:
      In his turn the Slaves on my left flank charges and badly wound my Giant who barely holds his own, while the Huntsman grinds away at the central slaves. With magic he fails to wound Gargantula with Quicksilver Lash, but blast a wrecking team with Pyroclastic flow

      Giant keeps battling slaves. Cave Goblins charge and help the Huntsman beat the Slaves which are run down by Huntsman. I again manage Twisted effigy on Blunderbusses and a Skewerer manage 2 HP on Infernal Engine (they afterwards failed to hit or wound for the remainder of the game).

      Turn 3:
      Infernal Engine charges Generals unit, who fail their reroll able Terror test. Immortals fail to charge Huntsman spider and magic does 2 HP of damage to Gargantula.

      Generals unit rally. Giant breaks left Slaves (they eventually flee the field). GGI charges Infernal Engine and takes 4! HP of damage, but in reply his Crush Attack violently decommission the Infernal Engine. In other news shooting kill 3 Disciples and Wrecking Team chows through 7 Infernal Warriors (after this it bounces around doing nothing).

      Turn 4:
      Immortals destroy chaffing Huntsman and his magic kills 5 Dashers and GGI.

      I cast Wheel Turns on Disciples to hold them off. Central Cave Goblins must release Mad Gitz against Immortals, sadly they end up in all the wrong places and only kill 1 Dwarf. Looking at the objective my Giant, Chariots and Gnashers ineffectively try to corner his Giant...

      Turn 5 (no more time for pictures):
      Immortals charges the Cave Goblins who flees. They redirect to flank of Gnashers and wipe them out. His wizards charge my clumsily placed Dashers who breaks never to rally.

      In my turn the Cave Goblins flee the field….. Generals unit must release Mad Gitz and make a “minefield” for Disciples to charge through.

      Turn 6:
      Nothing much happens. Disciples and Cave Goblins stare at each other. His Alchemy Adept charge the skirmishing goblins and breaks them (takes 2 wounds though), but the forest goblins rally.

      In the end he managed Domination/Knowledge is power while I managed Magical Relic/Precious Cargo resulting in drawn objective
      so on points its 8-12 in favor of ID

      • I need to read up on ID. I didn’t realize that Immortal rule affected all attacks and not just CC. My GWTs and Mad Gitz were hopeless in that setting. I was overly scared of the blunderbusses after the first volley. Had I realized they are much less potent against single models I could have been more aggressive with my Gargantula
      • My Chariots, Giant and Gnashers spend a lot of time chasing his Giant. I should have been willing to sacrifice a unit to catch him (since he was an objective). I put this down to being rusty…
      • Game was kinda stand-offish as ID didn’t want/need to charge through the Mad Gitz and my blocks (magic or no) didn’t stand a chance without them doing just that. Think for this setup I need Forest Goblins
      • Creepers with Throwing weapons and spears were sort of cute and almost gave his Lugar Wizards a nasty surprise. Perhaps they’re easy points in a more competitive game packed with single models but may try it again.
      • Slaves with paired weapons and Battle Focus are fairly spiffy for their cost
      • Gargantula Wizard was interesting, but never got to make the combo-charges with him. Witchcraft was fairly good in this setup, but… lacking range damage I probably need cowboys… and Forest Goblins are probably a better block to benefit from the various spells
      • We’ve been talking a lot about ID shooting, but ID can really make some rough combat blocks. Ultimately I ended up backing too much away. Had I pushed properly on the flanks I could probably have taken Disciples between Spider and Generals unit freeing up the right flank
      • Immortals make a pretty hard unit, and I struggle to see what’s to be done about them unless I have a character capable of whacking the Overlord. I think we may see the usual problem of: Either the enemy has the setup to take them or he chaff them/avoids them all game, which will make them hard to evaluate
      • Not sure about Blunderbusses. I get they are an anti-infantry unit, but in the current meta they may unfortunately be driving things even more into single model territory. I thought Blunderbuss/greatweapon was an expensive purchase, but it makes sense to me lest they be prey to every cowboy out there. Still a unit of 40 seems unwieldy
    • New

      @Wesser Thanks for a fun game.
      Although nobody got really demolished, we drank a lot of cola and made the models dance around :)

      I tried a simple army of big blocks, and not a lot of shooting. It is nice to feel ones units are almost untouchable, but my next army will look a bit different - much more MMU/shooty.
      Still loving the ID book, and in our not so competitive mind set of army building, one can try many different funny builds, without getting punished too hard.

      In the end, the greenskins have been driven back into their caves. The outer regions surrounding Citadel Zildúr have been passified and the vassal states are again under firm control - after such a demonstration of power, no one will dare to rise up for at least a couple of years...