Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age - Update ​announcements​

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

The brand new army book for Infernal Dwarves is finally available, along with a small surprise! Remember that it is a beta version, and provide us your feedback!

  • Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age - Update ​announcements​

    Dear 9th age supporters

    Thanks to the incredibly helpful community we have here, a large number of errors, imbalances, unclear rules and so on, have been reported to us. All of the reported errors have been corrected in what we call beta version 0.11.0, which can be found under the rules tab as usual.

    Did we miss something? We are very sorry, please report it again here (make sure you are reading the newest version);
    Error Report: BRB, Paths of Magic, Temporary Army Compendium (TAC)
    Error Report: spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Files uploaded:
    The 9th Age - Rules - v0.6.2:
    The 9th Age - Paths of Magic - v0.6.2:
    The 9th Age - Temporary Army Compendium- v0.6.4:
    The 9th Age - Beast Herds - v0.6.2

    Mainly language/spelling corrections. Some mistakes corrected, see change log at end of each document. No balance changes. Next balance update scheduled for Sept 25
  • Files uploaded:
    The 9th Age - Rules - v0.6.3:
    The 9th Age - Paths of Magic - v0.6.3:
    The 9th Age - Temporary Army Compendium- v0.6.5:
    The 9th Age - Beast Herds - v0.6.3

    All documents are updated. For the rulebook it is mostly clarifications, noteworthy are new rules for exactly what fleeing models are allowed to do, how to handle special rules for multipart models and a small update to cover rules.

    For the armybook compendium, note that this is not a balance update (next balance update scheduled for 25th of September, please try to point out balance issues before then). For this update a few entries was changed to work with updated rules for multipart models and we changed names for a few units.

    For exact list, see change log at the end of each document.
  • Balance patch 0.7 is out. Updates in all document, though the most significant changes are in the TAC file (see change log at the end of each document for list of changes). Unfortunately we had scheduled the update at a bad time, too soon after the new army support guys were chosen, which meant we did not have that much coherent feedback to go on in some cases. :(

    Now we will let this version be for some time (except fixing errors). No date set for next update yet, we will keep you posted when we have a decision on this. Work on choosing armybook committees, and their work on the full armybooks, will begin shortly.

    The 9th Age - Rules - v0.7.0
    The 9th Age - Paths - v0.7.0
    The 9th Age - TAC - v0.7.2
    Beast Herds - v0.7.1

    Head of Rules Team

    Advisory Board

    Assistant Head of Rules Clarity Team

    VS_LAB team

  • Balance patch 0.8
    This is a small update, since we are focusing on the armybooks. In short, rulebook has mostly rules clarifications. Temporary army compendium (TAC) has some urgent balance changes. Check the change log for the full list of changes.
    Link to rules

    Head of Rules Team

    Advisory Board

    Assistant Head of Rules Clarity Team

    VS_LAB team

  • BETA 0.9

    Finally, as promised, on the 2nd of November, here are 16 new armybooks.

    Are they are completely finished? No

    First, they are BETA version. Please remember this word: “beta”. This means everything and anything can be changed, and lots of changes will happen. But from now on, most changes will be a lot more feedback driven, especially play testing feedback. Even with these changes we expect the books to be fairly stable in the grand scheme of things for the upcoming months - the Army Book Committees did a fantastic job setting the cornerstones of this project.

    Secondly, as you will soon see, some books have a new sexy design, while others kept a design more similar to the alpha beast herds book. All books will get the new layout within the next few days (we just didn't have enough time to complete them all, and didn't want to hold back the release of the books for this reason).

    As for balance, the rules team has used the nerf bat extensively the last few days (armybook committees are not happy with us). Have we over-nerfed something? Did we miss something? Of course we have. We have both had to work on very limited time, and we lack needed play testing. Without play testing, true balance can and will never be achieved. And here we count on your help. Play some games and report back. What is underpowered? What is overpowered? Which armies are the best?

    If you are doing a tournament, please, please, report final results back. Basing our balance decisions on actual statistics is very important for us.

    Surely there are lots of minor mistakes in the current books. For this reason we plan on the first update already within a week. Some major balance issues can be implemented here as well if needed.

    Please hold on feedback until army support have had a chance to put up proper feedback threads.

    Planned Updates on(roughly):
    8th Nov
    21st Nov
    End December

    We are doing finale edits on the paths of magic document as I write this. It is not a 100% sure if it will be completed tonight. But even if it is not, we will upload a temporary, non-”rules team approved” version, because the game is not playable without this. The “final” version will be uploaded within a few days.

    Two changes in the rulebook from the sneak peak.
    1. Fireborn back to its old version
    2. Aided casting (and lost focus) changed slightly


    Unfortunately, I do not have the powers to upload books to the propoer "rules tab", Tiny will have to do that when he gets home. For now, please use the links below

    Head of Rules Team

    Advisory Board

    Assistant Head of Rules Clarity Team

    VS_LAB team

  • Beta 0.9.1

    Minor update. Only urgent balance issues, some spell-checking, typos, copy-paste errors etc. No major game design updates. These will have to wait at least a few weeks.

    Rules Tab
  • Dear 9th Age supporters

    We are happy to present to you what has been done over the past month. Our teams were hard at work improving many aspects of this project and here we present in few short lines the main points.

    Design and Layout Team; Background and Art Team
    In our quest not just to make a game but to create an overall product of high quality our team of designers continues to improve our documents. The newly created logo was added to the Rulebook and a simplified version to the other documents. The table of contents has also been improved for easier use as well as adding explanations how many models are hit by templates. To round up the introduction section we included a small segment explaining the scale of the game we are creating.

    The Army Rules documents have been further worked on to ensure easier use and improved visibility and we have started adding visual markers. You will also notice that in comparison to the previous document names of units and items have changed. That is the product of hard work of the Background Team which is creating the setting. The task of making good and consistent names is quite harder and more time consuming than we initially imagined it would be, so we hope you will enjoy what we have done. Not all of the documents have been updated yet and you can expect all the armies to brought up to date in the second release that will happen later this month.

    Rules Team; Army Book Committees
    Thanks to the community hundreds of games were played and results were analysed. This helped our ABC teams fine tune the armies they are working on and the Rules Team was provided with necessary data to make needed adjustments to the game. Numerous rules clarifications and tweaks have been done and you will be able to check those in the change log at the end of the Rulebook document. As far as changes go here are the major ones accompanied with clarifications by the RT:

    • Mount's protection removed from cavalry troop type, and added to all cavalry units,
    This was done in order to collect all armour save granting rules into the same place under the unit's profile. At the same time, natural armour was replaced by mount's protection (5+)

    • Spears now have armour piercing (1)
    Spears has proven to still be a seldom used weapon. If given the choice for other weapons players never took spears, and units that could not replace their spears are mostly under-performing. So, a small boost to spears to make the role of anti-armour more clear, while also making them more useful against more units than only cavalry.

    • Parry, no more distracting, instead "can only be hit on 4+"
    This change was done for several reasons. Hand weapon/shield has proven to be borderline broken on units with high WS (wasteborn warriors, dwarf greybeards etc). Here we could either up the cost of the shield to 3 points, or we could nerf the shield. There are two problems with upping the cost of shields. 1, we view hand weapon/shields as base equipment for standard core troopers. Form tha tperspecitve it makes little sense that shields would be a better weapon option than what we view more as elite troops equipment (great weapons, halberds). 2, it requires us to have two different costs for shileds, one for when it can be used for parry and another cost when it is used with another weapon and only used against ranged attacks (note that this had to be kept on dwarfs due to shieldwall). The change itself is made to nerf high-WS models using shields while keeping low WS troops pretty much unaffected.

    • Additional hand weapon, can now be used by mounted models
    We saw no reason to keep this restriction balance wise.

    • Cannons. Complete rewrite
    While cannons are pretty much where we want them to be in terms of power level, the rules for cannons are unnecessarily convoluted. They are hard to understand the first time reading them, and the scattering thing introduced unnecessary arguments between players, and punished monsters on large bases too much. Replaced with normal to-hit roll using BS.

    • Victory points table added
    Many tournaments use a finer scale for determining the winner of the game than the once given in the rulebook (massacre, major win, minor win, draw), and instead diving 10 or 20 points between the players depending on the VP-difference. We have added a such a table. Still we keep the old way of determining the winner, because we find this easier to use for new players or in one-off battles.

    • Importance of secondary objectives
    We noticed that in many games, the secondary objective is ignored. We wanted to make this more important, since it both encourages a more strategic game, and discourages very one-sided lists (gun line, flying circus etc) since they often have a hard time to claim secondary objective.In games using the "massacre, major win, minor win, draw" system, the number of VPs you get from secondary objectives are doubled.In games using the new VP-table, winning the secondary objective automatically gives you +2 points, and you cannot score maximum win without winning the secondary objective.

    In the Army Rules documents there were two main sources of changes:

    One was the continuation of the design process which is in the second half of its second phase. The ABC-s based on community feedback are working to tweak the armies in such a way it doesn't interfere with the balance while staying within the game mechanics and design rules of The 9th Age. This is easier said than done and many changes could not be finalised for this release. So, even if something that the community is not happy with has not changed, this might just mean that we have not found the perfect solution yet and are still working on it.

    The second source of changes was balancing. Here we are much more focused on reducing the power the over-performers rather than buffing under performed (which was have hardly done at all). The lower half is closer to our intended power level. Also, a too strong build brakes the game, a too weak build simply does not get played. While we intend to work on balance from both ends of the power level spectrum, the over performers are a more urgent problem that has to get fixed as soon as possible. Do note that being below average does not mean that certain units in the army cannot be weakened, it might just be that the powerful builds take some time to be found.

    The overall power level is being tuned down across most books. We are slowly trying to reset the power creep that happened in the early stages of the project while we were still getting the hang on how things should be done properly. Bear this in mind when reading the changes done to your army, before expressing your opinion on the forums about how "unplayable" the army has become. We still have one update to release before Christmas in this year.

    For those of you who might have missed we include a link to tournament results we have analysed and invite all tournament organisers to send feedback from their events to help us make a better game.
    Version 0.10 Sneak Peek #2 and tournament data

    Finally I would like to say thank you on all the contribution you as members of the community have provided us.

    The 9th Age Team

    The Rules Tab
  • Some smaller bugs, found and fixed...

    Saurian Anccients 0.10.1
    Names changes for a couple of forgotten units
    Alpha Pteradon mount's protection (typo)
    Carnosaur mount's protection (copy-paste error)
    Skink Braves Combined Strength (update to be compatible with update in rulebook)

    The vermin swarm 0.10.1
    Warpcannon bounce distances added
    Quick reference sheet

    Warriros of the dark gods 0.10.1
    crushers, Mount’s Protection (6+) (typo)
  • Smaller fixes on
    Magic Path 0.10.1
    Dread Elves 0.10.1
    Empire of Sonnstahl 0.10.1
    Sylvan Elves 0.10.1
    Warriors of the Dark Gods 0.10.2
    Vampire Convenant 0.10.1

    Those are all minor fixes, since the next itermediate release is already planed to be in 11 days from today...
  • Dear 9th Age supporters

    We are happy to present to you what has been done since the release of beta version 0.10. Our teams were hard at work, improving many aspects of this project and here we present in few short lines the main points.

    Design and Layout Team; Background and Art Team
    In our quest not just to make a game but to create an overall product of high quality our team of designers continues to improve our documents. All armies are now fully updated with new names for units, items and rules. These names are final and will not be changed. Furthermore all army books now also have icons indicating units category (character, core, special etc). While the actual background material is far from finished we hope you enjoy what have been made so far.

    Armybook Committees and Rules Team
    In each armybook there are a number of changes, which could not be finished for the 0.10.0 release and are now included with this 0.11.0 release.

    The biggest change however is a major change in the magic system: The mandatory LVL4 was somewhat mitigated with the introduction to aided casting / dispelling making armies with hero level caster as viable. After careful consideration the RT came to the conclusion to tackles the basic problem at its core - the big difference of casting bonuses - instead of covering up this problem with the (rather complex) "aided" mechanic.

    We are of the opinion that the main bonus of a high LVL wizard should be to generate more spells alongside the bigger magic item allowance (additionally: in many cases improved mount options) and not an overly increased casting bonus.

    With this change an army with no-wizards but the new dispelling standard would have the same bonus to dispel as an army with a LVL4 which we see as desirable, the difference between LVL1/2 and LVL3/4 offensively would be mitigated as well which allows us to find better casting values for both categories of casters. These days complexities are usually determined with a +4 casting modifier in mind forcing low level wizards to either choose less powerful spells or use more dice on average. This forces people to either play multiple low level wizards to have access to aided casting or to take a high level wizard. Less rules text needed (removal of aided casting and dispelling) - easier system, streamlined rules.

    In detail following changes have been made:
    1. Reduce casting and dispelling modifiers.
    - Level 3-4 wizards gets +2 to cast. These are called "wizard masters"
    - Level 1-2 wizards gets +1 to cast. These are called "wizard apprentices"
    This we hope will both decrease the power level between no or little magic and armies with lots of points invested in magic

    2. Reduce casting values of all spells with 1.
    We are here only decreasing casting values with 1 instead of 2, because magic overall is too strong. Games are often won or lost due to magic, and playing without magic is extremely crippling. So small nerf to overall strength of magic

    3. Add +1 when dispelling bound spells. No change to their power levels
    Bound spells got a huge boost as a result of these changes, so to counteract this a little we are adding a global +1 to dispel them. They are still stronger than before when facing someone with a level 4 wizard, and due to this some bound spells are nerfed (e.g. totems)

    4. Remove aided casting and aided dispelling
    No longer needed, we can remove this rather complex rule

    5. Make the Aether Icon (magic banner of dispelling): "counts as Wizard Master for dispelling"

    6. Dispel scroll can be taken by armies with no wizards
    To further improve armies that focus less on magic

    7. Repricing and streamlining of all wizards and wizard levels.

    8. Many race specific magic items, abilities etc had to be tweaked a bit to fit into this new system (casting bonus are overall reduced). Many were probably missed. Please point these out to us.

    As always you can find the updated files on our Rules-Tab:

    We hope you like what we have done and wish you all the best for your Christmas holidays.

    The 9th Age Team
  • Name changes in Core book
    Winds of Magic > Magic Flux
    Blurry > Hard Target
    Slow to Fire > Cumbersome
    First in Rank > Front Rank
    ETC 2006 #2 (LM), ETC 2007 #4 (Brets), ETC 2008 #12 (LM), ETC 2009 #3 (DoC), ETC 2010 #1 (VC), ETC 2011 #2 (WoC & AR member), ETC 2012 #4 (Ogre & AR member), ETC 2013 #3 (Ogre, AR member & FAQ member), ETC 2014 #5 (Skaven & AR member), ETC 2015 #7 (DoC), ETC 2016 #4 (Coach), ETC 2017 #4 (Coach), ETC 2018 #5 (Media).

    "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Founding Member"
  • Hello,

    today we like to share with you the latest rulebook update with the version 0.11.9. This is - as the version tag indicates - a bigger update already very close to what we plan to release as the next version 0.12. This next 0.12 version update however will not be before March, since we are currently still reviewing/rebalancing all armybooks.

    As you can probably image reviewing two books a week is a very tough schedule and we are therefore not really ready to commit any more detailed release date before we have finished the process. However we have created a new 9th Age Mailing list informing you about releases, so that you do not need to miss upcoming changes, even if you do not follow our Twitter feed.

    To subscribe send a mail to:

    To unsubscribe send a mail to:

    fjugin wrote:

    We release the rulebook version 0.11.9 earlier than the updated armybooks, because a couple of problems with v0.11 have been found, and we don't want to hold back on these fixes.
    - Situations with no rules at all (see updated building rules)
    - Unintended rules changes during proof reading (see move charges)
    - Non intuitive rules (see scoring units)

    Some changes for balance reasons also.
    - Cannons: Under-performing after the latest change (using to-hit rolls with BS). Given a +1 to hit against large target, in order to make them better at doing what they are supposed to do; kill large monsters.
    - Skirmishers. Mounted characters joining skirmishing units in order to benefit from the -1 to hit has proven to be a problem, for this reason you can now only join skirmishing units if you have the same troop type.
    - War machines. Fleeing from charges (charge reaction) was an oversight and was never intended for these models. It makes them too easy to protect against war machine hunters. War machines can no longer choose charge reaction flee.

    As always, the full list of changes can be found in the change log at the end of the document, and all changes are colour coded in green.

    New updated Rulesbook:
    The 9th Age - Rules - v0.11.9