3d printing bases

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    • 3d printing bases

      So I know what I want, i think it should be a thing, but is it?

      3d printing is the next sliced bread. Printing crappy dreadnoughts etc.

      I want interesting bases, nothing pristine mind, maybe some crumbling ruins, cobbled streets etc.

      So there should files on some shared site, that i could download, email to joes-3d-printing.com, she posts me 50, i glue to my existing bases, paint, win prizes yadda yadda yadda.

      Is this true? How? Who? Where? Or am i just a visionary?
    • Visionary? Quite the contrary actually. :D ;)

      There are already plenty of printable bases on thingiverse. Basic ones, muss, slotted/unslotted, self-designable, structured and even data to print your own base roller.
      Just search and you will find them.

      Then either spent a lot (too much imho) money in print companies or search in your club/town/city/ whatever for printers.

      Oooor just buy one by yourself and experience the world of printing yourself. Costs about 90 Dollars for a cheap one and you learn a lot during the first weeks.

      Regarding the crappy dreadnoughts, there is a lot going on lately and the newer models (especially vehicles) are hard to differentiate from the GW ones. And for only around 10-15% of the price...
    • Here's a link for you.

      If you're in the mood and have some time to spare, I'd recommend picking up a 3D-modeling software. I've spent maybe a workday's worth in Zbrush and I'm doing decently making models from scratch. Nothing worth printing but still. I imagine I'll be able to download and edit models to suit me in the future which will be of immense help for things like making custom bases.

      I'm also gonna shill my own 3D printing thread here on the forums if you're curious.