Dwarven Holds of the Wrathful Mountains (T9A Inca)

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    • I've been thinking a bit about this. A bit rules oriented.

      If we say the QQuezcuz (using above mentioned name for the Inca dwarves) do not have fun powder, we should give them something else.

      What would a society that lived under saurian threat for the longest time specialize in? Ie what are saurians good at that needs to be countered and what is their weakness?

      Mastery of magic comes to mind thinking about cuatls. So the Quezcuz could be heavier anti magic that other DH.
      What should Quezcuz magic look like on the other hand? Same as DH? The totem system of beasts would also fit. Or even the totem animal mechanic of saurian warriors?

      As for runes, I think we should keep them, that's just so typically dwarven.

      Another saurian strength would be armour. So we could give the Quezcuz more AP base.

      I actually can't pinpoint any real weakness in SA as hoc, maybe someone else can enlighten me.

      Seekers could be re-modelled as dinosaur killers, removing eg yer comin with me with lethal strike.

      If we have the Quezcuz low tech in general, we could give them bows instead of crossbows, or throwing weapons of course. slings maybe as well?

      However keeping stone throwers and ballistas would be nice, to have at least some war machines in a dwarf army. But if they can build ballistas they can surely build crossbows, can't they?

      Poison would also be a fitting option for some of the army at least.

      Generic plate armour would be replaced by scale armour, which is the same except for some additional effect. Hard target maybe? Or what else could scales do?

      Can someone think of a themed buff wagon Inca style?