The bastard legion

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    • The bastard legion

      Hey all.
      So me and my buddy have started to pick up 9th finally. We always intended too and I've followed the project closely but it's never happened, well now it has.
      I traditionally play WOTDG or Dwarves but was building up an ogre army a year or so ago. However coming at 9th afresh I decided to do something totally different and pick an army I didn't fancy before and fitted with our own deep fluff. And soooo I've landed on KOE.

      These will be a force representing my GREAT IMPERIAL HERO (Read politician and general snake in the grass) Wolfgang Eisenstien. However fluff wise he's now take office, so wouldn't b taking to the field... So I had an idea of doing a mercenary army.

      I have a basic list structure down and some cool modelling ideas, which I'll mention now, and sometime I'll go through my first game from the other day n thoughts...
      I'll b going Perry for my 12 man realm block and am going to do loads of unit fillers that will b terrain, the basic idea is a scenic of nights thundering through a ruined temple. Ordered the models, it'll look cool... I have a cool fluff thing about this unit I'll share as I get the models

      I have a cool idea for my Req, it will b in the Forlorn (atm, in theory) but instead of a holey symbol they will have a wagon with gold full chests on and a pay master overseeing, the only thing that would make this unit of freed criminals fight harder. Suggestions of paymaster models welcome BTW.

      Final thing for now is the two sets I have in mind for my 6 man aspirants. One will be th Arab looking dudes from LOTR (haradrim raiders) from games workshop.

      The others will be warlord games test of honour daimos retinue.

      • Should make it look very dogs of war ☺. I want something for Yoman out riders that is a bit odd too. Looked for halfling ram rider type things but couldn't find anything I liked at all. Again, suggestions??

      To tie it all together they will all bear the mark of the Wolf and have a single spot colour, possibly just on a shoulder pad or something.

      Anyway, that'll do for now, I'll update with pics the second I get mah models through and will go over my thoughts about KOE and my wonderfully lucky first ever game of new 9th age!
      Cheers lads n lasses.
    • So a little update then,me and my buddy played a fun first game to get us going the other day.

      I proxid litterally EVERYTHING and played against my freinds dirty HB elves!
      I won't do a full battle report but just wanted to give a couple of my initial thoughts on KOE n mah list.

      Firstly I got pretty lucky in this game at times, including a snake eyes break test on a reroll (whoop!) and made some terrible choices at times but got away with them!
      Initial thoughts are-
      -This game plays so smoothly!
      -questing bus, goodness me they are good. I had a weird build with my mage hiding in it and the last charge banner,meaning I could lose a guy n still get max impact hits.
      Worked super well. My idea is to have three units, all of which are real targets n this was defo one. I also want these guys to hit hard AND grind well.
      Blew into a large swordmaster block and broke them, though got away with sending my Forlorns in too(why give them the combat res!). They also took a charge from a big wide seagaurd unit and broke them, much to my opponents shock. Bastard swords are immense and having so many ranks to break steadfast is class.

      -realm unit with general on horsey in was good. This unit took stalker standard and started off in some ruins for cover. Like the concept of that, though may have to look at it. The Lord in there with the reroll sheild, lethal strike and 5s5 hits was great as he really mitigates their charge reliance.
      It's a lot of points but fir now I like it, even though they died.

      -Forlorns I'm unconvinced on, they were great but I got quite lucky... We'll have to see how they go...

      -all my big blocks had some magic resistance, this was class as things like quick silver lash just ground down even an elven magic phase a little... Will keep doing that I think.

      -healing is aaaaace. Will try shamanism at some point but liked druids in this match up... Misread one of the spells, the one where you become "in a woods". Thought you could use it on your opponent to break their steadfast! Didn't impact this game but none the less, shame that! Lol.

      So far so good. Got a game against either OnG or Vamps next. Eek. Don't fancy the OnG minefield and warmachines of infinate accuracy but I'll have a go!

      My realm models come this week, I'll get some pics up as I do them!
    • Druug wrote:

      Misread one of the spells, the one where you become "in a woods". Thought you could use it on your opponent to break their steadfast! Didn't impact this game but none the less, shame that! Lol.
      If you already have oaken throne up, you can cast the woods onto an enemy unit to break their steadfast as the spell type becomes universal (text in green/yellow brackets applies when on throne)
      Take a look at my painted army so far. Feel free to share a pic of yours!

      Pics of my ever expanding warriors army

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2019

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2020
    • Hi all, a little update.
      So did a couple of my forlorn to see how they look, gotta say I like em. Not the BEST paint jobs just I litterally assembled n painted them tonight while fanning about doing stuff.
      They are perry foot knights, NOT the new Agincourt ones... I just like these guys weapons more?
      The king looking dude is from the command sprue, which is class. Love that guy! That spru has the coolest head, long flowing hair, super prickish, I 100% went for him first, but it's weirdly out of proportion? It's massive. Had to give up on it.
      Anyway, happy with them as a rough first couple.

      I have my realms and these dudes now but am just waiting on my bases (can't REALLY start my realms without them as I need em to figure out the unit fillers) and I'm also waiting on sheilds.
      I have 3 sets of the ones from Fireforge on their way but jesus they're going to take AGES (10 days!) so...
      Also waiting on my Duke. Got some funky ideas for that lad, I'll show you when I get there!!
      Cheers all.


    • Ooook so did some bits on my realms! Still have to get shields through and have another knight to make, also have to put my lord in there (just got him!!)

      Anyway the unit fillers are not set in place yet but you get the general idea of development.


      These are the agincourt ones from Perry, very cool models! Huge huge fan of them, not gunna lie.
      Tried to make them as dynamic as poss, will update as I go.
      Those damned shields need to get here!!
    • Druug wrote:

      Not the BEST paint jobs just I litterally assembled n painted them tonight while fanning about doing stuff.
      Still looks way better than the ones I concentrate on seriously xp
      favourite quote:
      Kruber wrote:
      Imperial Rangers burn the woods ---> Sylvan Elves go cry in the corner.

      My armies:
      :EoS: :O&G: :KoE: :OK:

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    • So a quick update then yall.
      Smashed through the painting of these knights, made loads of progress. STILL WAITING on the sheilds ... But I'm basically hammering through them and leaving a final touch up and the sheild to b done on each model.
      I think this is the quickest I've ever painted. Can't wait to do the bases and the details on the moment tray but u have a rare free weekend this BH, can't wait, going to try to blast this unit before a gaming night next week.
      Sorry the pics are side ways, I just can't b bothered messing with the fact the double in size when you rotate them today, they aren't great pics! Lol

    • Hi gang.
      OK so I have all but the front rank done now, need to base and add details, but here's the unit so far.


      A quick on my lord. So he's mounted, but I wanted him to be able to be used in a pegasus, so I had a cunning plan...
      As you can see below, his basing slots into a horsey base. It will b magnatised on.
      I will do a second, peg base, with "sides" for the stair case he's barraling down, affixed to the stairs will b wings that will line up with horsey when he's slotted in. Yey, two models on one