Ice Elves, keepers of the Sky-Tree

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    • Ice Elves, keepers of the Sky-Tree

      This whole concept was crafted by a very inspired @HKYUGOK, who got the cue from the idea of Frost Elves that was tossed about by @Karak Norn Clansman. The companion writes in French, and has been harassing me for months to translate his work into English, which I'm doing
      (KCN : prepare to be stunned ;) ).


      Light Elves (Lossequendi), Snow Elves, Ice Elves, White Elves (Calaquendi)… Their name comes from the colour of their hair and of their clothes, as well as their environment. Their skin is so white that it is almost transparent. Their fine and delicat features, unmoving, express both calm and dignity. That same calm is rather unsettling, for Snow Elves do not speak without good reason, and don't show their emotions in vain. The ice became their element ; just like the ice, the White Elves appear cold and unwelcoming.

      Another reason why they are called Light Elves or White Elves is for the object of their presence in that part of the world : to keep the Tava Valassë, the Sky-Tree. Noone really knows where they came from. Even their far-away kin don't know when and why those fays decided to live so far in the North, in utter cold. But probably the reason was the discovery of the tree.

      Whereas their cousins in Wyscan have become the keepers of the World-Tree, the Tava Ambar, who connects nature energy and life on the surface, the Northern fays watch the Sky-Tree that allows the cosmic energies to circulate freely between the Mortal and Immortal Realms. This tree is actually not organic, but made of crystal. Only rare initiates have the right to set eyes upon it, lest it became corrupt by Darkness – for the consequences for the world would be dire indeed.

      Lands of the Northern Fays

      Cemen Cala, the Realm of Light, is infused with magic and power, thanks to the presence of the Sky-Tree. Ethereal spirits, attracted by the tree, crossing the Veil freely it its vicinity, roam about. Cemen Cala is located far away North of Åskland, stretching as far as North-West Silexia. The land is ever covered in snow and ice. Only in the South a few scant plants manage to hold, where the toundra opens. East of this domain is the Helcatollë, a vast island of ice, on the border of the Snow Empire, disputed by the Dread Elves.

      On the border of those lands, huges statues of ice, carved in the effigy of noble fays of ages past, keep watch and warn trespassers of the dangers of the land beyond. Most adventurers take heed and turn about. The most stubborn ones quickly regret to have ignored them.

      The diverse fauna consists of sea birds and mammals such as seals and bears. Legend also speaks of frost dragons whose scales are white immaculate, buried in the remotest glaciers. In the snow plains and the toundra, reindeer, mooses, fox and hares abound, as well as the fearsome snow leopard and the majestuous white-tailed eagle, who perches high in the trees or the rocky outcrops.

      It is in the same difficult and hostile environment that the Snow Fay build their cities and produce their food. Their cities are almost invisible to the traveler who would lose their way in this far-away realm, for they are carved out of the mountains and the glaciers, blending perfectly. As if that wasn't enough, the snow layer that permanently covers those structures completes their camouflage. Inside, those citis are stunning by their beauty and their genious. The pillars, walls and stairs, carved in the ice, the numerous statues and other artwork crafted by the elf masters and their magic. Magic imbues the very structure all around, which is the reason why the unnatural warmth of the place doesn't melt the ice. So efficient is this ward, that even the breath of a dragon couldn't melt it.

      The unseen castles, the many wandering cosmic spirits, the huge statues that guard the border, result in humans calling the place the Phantom Land. Elves of course use this to their advantage, turning the humans's superstitious fears against them. All so to better protect the land.

      The Sky-Tree is located in the Northernmost point of Cemen Cala, where the glaciers are at the thickest. Its size is so incredible, that without the many spells woven about it by the elves, it would be visible from Åskland.

      Around it lies a huge ice and crystal fortress called Ulinassë Helca, warding the Tree against the forces of Ruin. From afar, the city is of stupefying beauty. Its high walls, towers and gates made of pure crystal, reflecting the many hues of the polar light. None can stand before it without being moved until the depths of their very soul.

      (to be followed : Inhabitants of the Realm ; the Five Cities of the Ice Elves ; the SKy-King and the Ice-Queen ; Army Model Rules ; Army Description)

      GHAÂAÂAÂARN ! — The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young
      First T9A player in West Africa
    • @Karak Norn Clansman, pondering on this magnificent, poetic and dreamy work by Hkyugok this evening as I was having my shower, I was wondering why I had never seen such creation in Warhammer. Was it because the style doesn't fit the grimdark ? Because of a fixed mythology that doesn't allow for creating too many additional factions ?
      And then I realized – No, it's just because the Warhammer World doesn't include the kind of North Pole we need ! How to fit any of these ice cultures of the Aurora, such as Inuit Dwarves and Ice Elves, if all our Northern region is just one big Chaos portal surrounded by strange barbarian and daemon land ?
      GHAÂAÂAÂARN ! — The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young
      First T9A player in West Africa
    • first test design about ice Elves.

      I invite those who know how to draw to help me if they wish. The ice Elves come predominantly from the Highborn elves and live in the Arctic environment. So the clothes are in reindeer skins or upholstered fabrics.
      Their armor is either in a resin that I'll describe lineup or metal.
      The luckiest or two-handed epeists have armor with magical ice.

      You will notice that there is on the armor and the helmet is the Tava Valassë, the celestial tree, or the polar star that the elves call the star of Amhair.

      Ice Eles Low 2.jpg

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    • Dopey wrote:

      Now these are the snow elves I've been waiting for!
      Thank you and you will discover many surprises and a magic fluf and complete. The snow elves have been called ice elves instead because they live in the arctic region, the celestial tree is at the north pole and they use a magic ice called the helcairina. You'll discover everything soon, @Ghiznuk is in the process of translating my fluff into French.
    • Hello everyone, I hope that this summer was pleasant for you and that your projects have progressed well. I put you in link the thread that I created on the world trees that I renamed Gods Trees. Here is the fluff that the Tava Ambar and Tava Valassë. This thread will be completed with each fluff text referring to these two trees.
      See you soon


      Gods trees of Wyscan and Cemen Cala. The Tava Ambar and Tava Valassë