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  • Name T9A Mascot Poll!

    What should T9A mascot & sidekicks name be? 233
      Klepa and Fleabag (53) 23%
      Forzale and Nofozale (50) 21%
      Nilbog and Flow (40) 17%
      Oswald and Graf Von Wolfungzen (39) 17%
      Rufus and Doofus (33) 14%
      Karz the Junk seller and Trukz (18) 8%
    Hello Community!,

    Hopefully you have seen our news article here

    So, T9A needs help naming its lovable mascot and its sidekick! His picture is below!

    We have a selection of names (along with a story for each) for you, the community to decide upon!

    How do we need to call the Goblin mascot and his pet?

    Fozale and Nofozale

    "The little goblin didn't seem to speak much of any civilised tongue. He introduced himself and his wares with a sweeping gesture and the garbled pidgin 'Fozale', and the only other verbal communication I managed to extract from him was that his pet wolf was 'Nofozale'. Functionally illiterate and mute, I was forced to communicate in utterly ridiculous charades as well as opening up and practically emptying out my coin pouch to indicate values. Still, I bargained him down hard anyway."

    "I'm sorry, do you think it's a coincidence that you had your pouch pick-pocketed later that day? Elias, he has an accent, but he speaks seven languages when he's not setting a mark up to be fleeced. You only saw one wolf, but take it from me - there were two..."

    Karz the Junk Seller and Trukz

    The City Market of Avras is a tremendous maze of shops, stalls, and every kind of seller who can find a patch of earth to show their wares.
    Ignored by wealthy and aloof patrons passing by on either side, a peculiar creature sits behind a rugged mat. It is difficult to say whether the fellow himself or the items he purveys are more disturbing. Rain or shine, he is always grinning, and stroking his drooping moustache or his flea-bitten hound with equal glee. Nothing makes him happier than the rare occasions when someone approaches his stall, as I discovered for myself last week.

    "Greetings, noble customer, and what can Karz do for you today?" he croaked in a strange, throaty voice, his eyes twinkling, his outrageous smile growing broader by the minute. I eyed his colourful garb, and the produce on the mat. The wolf was looking at me with undisguised hunger. But I was determined to assuage my curiosity. "It seems you have some rather extraordinary items for sale here," I began. "Karz is the seller of junk, ask anyone! Ask Trukz!" he finished, merrily slapping the wolf on its rump.

    "Indeed?" I replied, my eyes narrowing. "I have to say, the craftsmanship on this Tsuandanese dragonscale blade looks quite superb..." So began the haggle. The longer I tried to persuade him of its worth, the more the price crept up, all while he protested its counterfeit nature. In the end I parted with 200 coins. A good price, yet I believe I started at 50. It's all a blur now, still, I am sure I got a good deal.

    Klepa and Fleabag

    Announcement left on the Bulletin Board outside the entrance of the Bristly Boar's Inn.

    Dear bystanders,

    if you need any special, rare or even curious item, or information (in case it's your first visit to Avras) you can ask the old client and partner of the Inn, the often drunk and mumbling green figure stumbling around the room and the garden. Please ensure he is sober before asking anything, and always remember to haggle the price. You can eventually find him wandering and trading at the central market with his mangy old wolf, Fleabag.

    If you find anything of yours being sold by the goblin... well, that's why we call him Klepa.

    Nilbog and Flow

    ‘Nilbog! I want to talk to you!’ Footsteps, loud in the close confines of the shop, and then into view a figure. Flamboyant, feathered cap perched at a jaunty angle. Buckles glimmer in the half light. The confidence of the aristocrat oozes from every indignant gesture. ‘This pet grotling that you sold me.’ A haughty finger points towards a laced shoulder on which is a crumpled heap of what was, presumably, once a grotling. ‘It’s dead.’

    The goblin Nilbog begins to move. Slowly unfolding to stand behind the desk. Motion complete, Nilbog stands unmoving and a silence fills the room. The dust motes dance their dance.

    ‘No it's not. It’s sleeping.’ Without uttering a word the aristocrat seems to detonate an incredulity bomb which washes over the room like honey.

    ‘I know a dead Grotling when I see one Nilbog. I want my money back.’

    ‘No, no, no, not dead. Sleeping. Very sleepy your average grotling, and with him being a Tephian Blue, especially so.’

    ‘Really? But he hasn’t moved in hours. Are you sure? People are laughing at me!’

    Nilbog smiles. ‘Nilbog do you a favour. Good customer. Nilbog send Flow with you. No one laugh then.’ At the mention of his name, Flow, the Steppe Wolfhound, opens an eye and slowly adopts a vertical position. In a non-sleeping state he is really quite intimidating. Still smelly though.

    ‘Fine, but I’m not paying extra!’ Snorts the walking eyesore and spins on a jewelled heel and clatters from the shop in a less than dignified stumble. At a nod from Nilbog, Flow paces after him.

    Nilbog slowly folds himself back down behind his desk. The golden coins recommence their circulation. ‘One born every minute.’ Then a sound which might be a chuckle but not like any chuckle you’ve ever heard before. Or probably would want to hear again.

    Oswald and Graf von Wolfungzen

    "Greetings and salivations, ladies and gentlemens. Welcome to Oswald's Bizarre!

    "Graf von Wolfungzen will take your cloaks. No Graf! Down, stop chewing, no eating the clothes!

    "As you can see, we cater to all needs. Need a bottle of fine elfy wine? I can do that. Need a one of a kind protection charm? I've got three!

    "Major-dojo to the great and the bad, I've supplied all the finest people. I got Count Dragomir Lupescu his Long Time Gem, helped Marshall Matthäus Stamm get a gen-you-wine Sunny Locket, and I personally helped wrap Pharaoh Ra-en-sesur in her new concentrated bandages.

    "Wait, what's that? Dead? All of them? Hmmmm...

    "Great news people, I just had some space open up for new customers! Special rates, anything you need.

    "Now, who wants a good deal?"

    Rufus and Doofus

    Those who know him rarely speak of it. Those who need him cannot find him. Yet he waits, casually leaning, tinted glasses on his nose, cigar in hand. A casual flick of the wrist and his wares are displayed. The precise items of the hearts desire are displayed. Under his inscrutable gaze, buyers find themselves parting with gold more readily than to their own children. Then turn away for a moment, and he is gone once more, in a cloud of acrid blue smoke.

    Yet find him in a good mood and you may see another side, petting a lolling mangy wolf, whose eyes are devoid of his kind's usual sharp cunning. A loveable stray, without malice or threat - unless a hand is raised against his master. An odd pair they make - yet Rufus maintains his name as the acquirer of all needs, and a goblin of discretion. Perhaps you will need his services soon?

    See you on the Battlefield!

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    It's also the root of the english word 'kleptomania', which is a mental disorder characterized by a compulsion to steal things.
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