The Maidens

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  • The Maidens

    Dear noble Equitanians,

    You've likely got Dwarves in your mountains, in that range known among Humans as the Maidens. Bearded, in tartan, fighting Orcs & Goblins. This is just a geographical observation pertaining to the land of Equitaine and its soaring highlands in the north-west.

    May I be so bold as to ask what you proud Equitanians think about the Maidens, and what may exist up there, and how it relates to your fair Kingdom?

    Kind regards and yours sincerely,

    A Dwarf

  • Our Kingdoms have always had an understanding. We Noble who live in the north of our Kingdom of Equitaine know this. War is not far from the thoughts of neighbour's, indeed new dukes or lesser nobles as well as new leaders the dwarfs calls kings often feel the need to establish dominance over the other by war. These wars, if you can call these small campaigns that, is often about taking a border fortress but often end in a small battle and a new agreement, mind you these new agreements almost never change anything but the order of the written text.
    As for the Maidens itself, the name is a tribute to our beloved Lady. In the shade of the mountain range many damsels learn of the Lady's power.
    The mountain also harbours many a pegasus at the bottom and some Hippogryph as well although most of the latter seem to live closer to Crimson Peak.
    Don't let this fool you. The mountains are dangerous not only because of the height and stubborn dwarfs. Foul creatures live here. Orcs and especially goblins seem to thrive with all their gigantic spiders, wyvern and what not.
    The village of Maurisian, just below the mountains, was recently put to the torch without any trace of an enemy. All we now is that many seem to have died before the fire in their beds as of some decease as evident by the many rats also found dead.
    What of the dwarfs? I already told you. Oh well yes, the trade. You won't have to worry about that my young lord it will be handled by your treasurer but if you most know the dwarfs were allowed to build a road many hundred of years ago and are allowed to use it to get to Gasconne for trade. No armies, neither Ours or theirs are allowed upon it.
    Enough of that young lord. It's time for your riding lesson with Sir Gwendol. Yes you have to! It does not befit a noble of Equitaine to be afraid of horses!