WDG and DL feedback thread

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  • WDG and DL feedback thread


    We are now gathering data on the WDG and the DL books. Of anyone of you have already met the newest books in battle, place share your thoughts in what was right and proper and what was too weak/too powerfull/not well designed (if any).

    Thanks! :)
    Northern Dwarfs Armybook in the Homebrew Section.

    Northern Dwarfs ADT

    The King in the North

    Furthermore, I consider that Carthage Norther Dwarfs Armybook must be destroyed made official!
  • DL.
    Flies are surreal.
    Omen still quite good even with the price rise.
    Imps are too cheap for str5 shooting and 3+ aegis vs shooting and Firestarter.
    Myrmidons just became the best core unit in the game, on par or better than many special, and for 20-24ppm. Heh.
    Brazen beasts are really good, but that's the power level I could accept, they also have big weaknesses and their damage output is conditional.
    Serpents are cool idea also, but probably too cheap.
    Magic is amazing but feel like it's OK for them.

    Best book in-game currently.
    One of the best disciplines in the game now, and not conditioned by bubble.
    All their characters became amazing or super cost efficient.
    That they can spend just 900 points in core gives them so much freedom and 2000 in characters, and it's not like their core is weak.
    Please no more of cheap redirectors also filling up core if taking them in units of 8. Also with 22 March range, stupid they become one of the best redirectors in game, why an army this good in cc also has great chaff? And 90 points for 5 wounds?
    Chimera for 200 is really cheap and going to be easily auto include, for that price it comes into chaff wars and slaps everyone like nothing. Also 20' March.
    Feldrak elder is getting way too cheap for how good he is. Probably the best monster currently with 6hp r6 3+ unburnt hatred VS fly, dis9, 16march str6 ap3 and possibility to get weapons. Also elite os and ds, and all that for 430 points.

    In my opinion both books a have access to really good lists, also really hard to deal with because of their high mobility, good discipline, and amazing cc capability, together with possibility of getting most army in R5-6 and some of the best redirectors in the game. WDG in particular feels like waaaaaay over the current power level of most things. Might be a problem if all the other books have to wait to get adjusted to that level. Nowadays 1/2 of players are either DL or WDG.
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