(WARBLADE) Miscast chart design ideas.

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    • (WARBLADE) Miscast chart design ideas.


      I currently work on WARBLADE, the Game of Fantasy Battles rulebook and i was thinking that miscast chart needs rework and i wanted to know how you would change it? Below is my current miscast chart and any ideas and so on are very welcome!

      Current miscast chart

      Miscast Table
      2D6 Result
      2-3: Power of the magic goes overheat and wizard´s body is filled too much of power. In result of this wizard is slain outright and is removed from play (no saves of any kind, not even ward saves or Regeneration!). If wizard had mount such as chariot, monstrous mount, monster mount etc., it is also removed from play as well. If the wizard was joined in the unit, then the unit he was joined suffers D6 automatic wounds with no saves of any kind (including ward save and Regeneration).
      4-6: The caster begin to shake and his body starts to break from the raw power of magic. He takes D3 automatic wounds with no saves of any kind (including ward save and Regeneration). If he was joined to unit then unit also is affected. Radiant of magic which freed from the wizard´s body burn others. The unit where wizard joined also suffers D3 automatic wounds with no saves of any kind (including ward save and Regeneration).
      7: Wizard accidentally cast enemy wizard´s spell instead of his own. So the opponent may choose one of his wizards in his army and this wizard may immediately cast one of his spells. This spell count as bound spell for this purpose and spell´s power level is that spell´s normal (non-boosted) casting value. Casting player may use his power dice to dispel this spell. Opponent´s spell cannot be cast with boosted version in this case. In addition, wizard who got this result cannot cast more spells in this magic phase.
      8-9: A massive vortex of power drains away the sorcerous energy. The caster suffers one strength 10 hit. In addition, all spells currently in play on the entire battlefield are automatically dispelled and the magic phase ends. All power and dispel dice stored in magic items are also lost.
      10-11: The caster used more than normally power for the spell. The caster loses all his own power dice and all from his army´s power pool.
      12: The caster mispronounces one of the secret words of power binding the power of the spell, triggered an anomaly. The spell he attempted to cast is successful and count as having been cast with irresistible force, but after this the caster forgets how to cast the spell and will not be able to cast it again for rest of the battle.