Battle report Orcs vs warriors of Chaos first campaign battle

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    • Battle report Orcs vs warriors of Chaos first campaign battle

      Been wanting to do a campaign about the Everchosens dark crusade and all the events that surround it. Thought it would be fun to start with a small-scale battle to kick it off. Several notes these battles use the early 9E lists with the 8th edition rules also the lists are chosen more for flavour than optimal performance. Hope you enjoy it

      Orcs vs warriors of chaos 1000 points

      Orcs list 997

      Gholug orc boss with glitter scales add hand weapon potion of foolhardeness 97

      Gholug’s boyz 30 orc boyz w spear and shield +full command 240

      The loud boyz 20 orc boyz w shield +boss + musician 160

      Shooty boyz 10 arrer boyz 70

      Gobbo riders 2x 5 wolf riders w spears+ shields 120

      Gobbo charioteers 2 wolf chariots 100

      Da skewerer spear chucka w bully 45

      Da flinger rock lobber w bully 95

      Da droolers 2 trolls 70

      An orc boss leading a decent sized unit of boyz backed up with another gave a solid centre to the force the 2 wolf rider units would prevent any flanking attempts whilst impact hits from the chariots could help to break any combat deadlocks. The arrer boyz spear chucker and rock lobber gave some shooting support to whittle down the enemy. Finally, the unit of trolls gave me a tough unit to combat any tough units the enemy might have.

      Warriors of chaos list 998

      Thorod Asketillsson Marauder Chieftain w spear on Chariot 133 (General)

      Sven Asketillsson Marauder Chieftain mark of Khorne w biting blade and unholy strike 95

      Ospak Asketillsson Level 1 sorcerer Lore of Slaanesh visage tentacle 135 Spell lash of Slaanesh

      Sven’s lads 25 Marauders of Khorne w flails and full command 230

      Thorod’s tribesman 15 marauders w war leader 85

      Thorod’s trappers 10 hunters w hunt master 70

      Trappers pets 5 war hounds 30

      Ospak’s brethren 10 forsaken w mark of Slaanesh skirmish 170

      The abomination spawn w mark of Nurgle 50

      With a general on a chariot able to quickly react to threats and a big scary unit of Khorne berserkers was feeling confident I could handle those orcs. The lore of Slaanesh has some nasty spells and the forsaken will discourage any assassination attempts on my wizard. The rest of the army was picked with 3 diversionary units to draw the enemy’s attention and a spawn who’s poison attacks could be useful vs the orcs high toughness.

      Battle report prologue

      The winds of Chaos were blowing strong, there were reports that a new Everchosen of Chaos had arisen and that the time was coming for the end of the empire. Warriors from all over the Chaos wastes were flocking to his banner in the search for glory. The Everchosen was only interested in the strongest of warriors to join his quest and so gave any who would seek to join him a task to accomplish to show they were worthy of accompanying him. Therefore, Thorod Asketillsson had led his army here to do battle with and claim the head of Gholug an orc who had been causing issues for nearby tribes. With him were his two sons, Sven the eldest was a prime example of Norse stock a strong and hardy lad who pledged himself to Khorne. His other son Ospak was a startling contrast a disfigured runt who as spared only due to his meagre magic potential. Still thought Thorod his eldest son should win his tribe much glory in this battle and with a shout he gave the order to charge. Gholug watched with delight as the enemy approached. Gork and Mork would be pleased this day.

      Turn 1

      The Two marauder units in the centre advanced towards the main orc regiment led by Gholug. Thorod Asketillsson bade his charioter to ride towards the enemys chariots eager to bring them to battle. Opsak and his Forsaken moved towards the loud boyz eager to silence their music. The Spawn perhaps seeing something in common with the enemy’s trolls surged towards them with the trolls looking blankly at it in return. Meanwhile the trappers could not control their hounds who charged one the wolf rider units. In the magic phase lash of Slaanesh was casted on da loud boyz killing one and preventing them from marching in their turn. The war hounds fared poorly killing one wolf rider but losing 3 of their number in the process fleeing and being caught by the goblins who smashed into the huntsman. The loud boyz feeling the sting of the lash failed to move as quickly as the rest of the army save the war machines who lined up their shots and the trolls who drooled a bit and went blankly forwards towards their new friend despite the orders of Gholug. The shooting phase started dismally as the arrer boyz failed to kill any of Thorods tribesman’s and the spear chucker missed Thorod himself by miles. The bully seeing this whipped the gobbos who hastily fired the lobber landing on svens lads and killing 6 of them though the berserkers ignored with losses. In the combat the goblins brought down 2 hunters but lost 2 of their own in response. This was too much for them and they ran far outdistancing their pursuers.

      Turn 2

      With a shout Sven charged his lads in the main orc regiment bellowing a challenge with Gholug accepted readying his weapons. The tribesman tried to accompany them but fell short whilst the trappers having lost their charges and pets meandered. The forsaken continued to edge towards the loud boyz Opsak eager to deal more damage to the orcs. Thorod smiled, things were going well saved from the spawn which had decided it dint like the trolls on closer inspection and oozed slowly away. His mood further soured when the enemy chariots fled rather than taking him on bellowing curses at them as they ran. Once again Opsak cast his lash this time killing two boyz and slowing them again. In the main combat Sven and Gholug faced off, the orc moving swiftly and wounded the young lad. This injury combined with the orcs shimmering armour prevented him from landing any hits in return. The marauders killed 10 orcs in return for only 6 losses, but the orcs easily held. The fleeing wolf riders decided they were no longer needed here and left the battle as did their chariot compatriots whilst the other unit of wolf riders decided now was a good time to squabble. The trolls seeing the Chieftain on his Chariot and rubbed their bellies moving towards him murderous intent. Sven though wounded and enraged saw another unit of orcs pile into combat and roared. Whilst the loud ones joined in the arrer boyz used the huntsman as practice killing two of them though the remainder refused to flee. The spear chucker once again targeted the chieftain and once again missed. The rock lobber meanwhile under the orcs lash hit the other unit of Marauders in a devasting strike 10 of the unit was killed with the survivors only sticking around due to Thorods bellows. The marauders fought furiously but though they were able to kill 2 orcs from both units they were nearly annihilated in return taking 11 casualties in return including the unit champion. Sven exhausted by fatigue and blood loss could not even raise his weapon to defend himself as the orc cleaved off his head. For the remaining two marauders this was too much and whilst the standard died protecting his banner the musician was able to get away as the orcs reformed to face the other remaining enemies.

      Turn 3

      Thorod screamed in anguish as his favoured sons head hit the floor. On top of that his army was in tatters and a couple of trolls were storming towards him. With a bellow he charged into the trolls who drooled as he approached. The musician continued to flee as fast as he could not noticing the dark forest, he had run into being impaled on a branch as Khorne punished his cowardly minion. The 5 remaining marauders with little left to lose charged into the Loud boyz whilst the huntsman’s charged the arrer boyz losing one on the way to a lucky shot. The wolf riders looking at all this laughed unaware that the spawn was bearing down on them and were stunned as it crashed into them. Ospak looking at all this laughed, his hated brother was dead, and his father was in a deadly fight vs the vicious trolls. All he had to do was kill Gholug and his place in the Everchosens army was assured. He marched towards Gholugs unit but his attempts to cast the lash were half-hearted and dispelled easily. The wolf riders shocked by the spawn’s approach fluffed their attacks and were all slain in return. The marauders fared more poorly and though the huntsman were able to kill an arrer boyz both units lost 3 men and were run down as they tried to flee. Thorods charge hurt one of the trolls as the chariot plunged into it and his spear further pained the foul creature however its strength remained, and the two trolls smashed the chariot to pieces leaving Thorod alone to face the foul beasts. Gholug smiled, there was little left of the enemy and there was a new victim of his to play with and drove his boyz into the forsaken. The arrer boyz with no one left to fight decided to hit each other about the head whilst both the gobbo war machines missed the spawn despite the lashes of the orcs. Gholug bellowed a challenge which the enemy sorcerer accepted Gholug easily withstanding the feeble wizards attacks and wounding him deeply in return. As he raised his choppa to deal the final blow the wizards tentacle grabbed his arm throwing of its course. Around them 7 orcs died for only 2 forsaken though Gholugs bellows kept the reminder present. Thorod slashed out with his spear killing one of the remaining trolls and wounding the other who smashed a wound of him in return. Things were looking bad for the Chaos forces.

      Turn 4

      Thorod breathed heavily, his army was all but gone his favourite son had died and he was in a battle to the death with this foul creature. Reading his spear he resolved to fight on. The spawn in contrast decided to wriggle away from the fast things flying towards it moving behind a forest. In combat Opsak was able to grapple one of Gholugs arms with his tentacle but watched in horror as the other clever severed this tentacle then the orc headbutted him the green forehead of Gholug being Opsaks last sight. Both the orcs and the forsaken lost 3 further soldiers but with thee death of their leader they fled and were run down the orcs. Seeing his other son dead Thorod fought with renewed vigour and slew the last troll before it could vomit its deadly insides on him. With the spawn in hiding only one target for the gobbo artillery was left and Thorods chest burst open as the spear founds it mark. Gholug chuckled they would feast hearty on man flesh tonight.


      Warriors of chaos Nurgle spawn

      Orcs Gholug 8 of his lads 14 loud boyz 9 arrer boyz spear chucker and rock lobber

      Unit of the game Orc rock lobber killing 6 of the Khorne marauders helped to save the big unit of orcs and crushing 10 of the other unit removed it as a threat


      The game was decided when the second unit of marauders failed to get into combat alongside their buddies as well as the orcs passing their steadfast left the big block and their attendant chieftain in trouble. The chaos forces had some successes with several of the goblin units being destroyed or fleeing but were unable to destroy the main orc units or stop the devasting rock lobber.

      Still maybe the spawn will get revenge next time or maybe it will just join the orcs in the feast.

      I hope you enjoined this report let me know if you want more