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    • Lady and gentlemen!

      We have winners for the Sidequest II:

      @HKYUGOK for the best Story! Congratulations for five extra points!


      @Riddles for the funniest story! Congratulations for five extra points.

      Thanks everyone for taking part, i really liked all your stories and i think it was a really close finish in the voting.

      So here is what happened afterwards :

      Display Spoiler


      it seems like the Saurian Ancients have decided to support Fontaine and his basterds. Our allied Dwarves reported that they had some minor skirmishes with the Infernal Dwarves which were supported by some skinks and saurian warriors.

      The Dwarves furthermore reported that they had to retreat and the skinks started to shout out "Snikrit, Snikrit!", which is maybe the name of their warchief.

      We should now focus on convincing the orcish community of Avras to join our side.

      We'll keep you informed."

      Intercepted letter written by the sonnstahlian Ambassador Saalfeld.

      (it was planned when we made up this sidequest that the faction with the funniest story of this sidequest will be joined by the Saurian Ancients. No one can know how and why the saurians make their decisions... :) )
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      Stretch Goal reached!

      The Sylvan Elves join the Unpredictable Threads faction!

      Here is the introduction, thanks to @HKYUGOK!

      HKYUGOK wrote:

      Sylvan elves :SE: :

      Chapter 1

      Creation in danger at Avras

      Display Spoiler

      The Tava Ambar flinched so loudly that golden leaves on top and silvered on the underside fell dancing in the air and went to rest at the feet of a splendid winged creature. Surprised, Queen Sylve of Wyscan, the avatar of the Mother Goddess of the Elves, looked up at the forest's God Tree. She knew that only an upheaval in the weft could shake it up.

      - You too have felt it my queen?
      - Tiradelesgal, I'm delighted with your presence, she said in her divine, enchanting voice.
      If the Tava Ambar wakes up, it means that dark forces are at work!
      - Maybe we should ask an Oracle to the spirits of the tree? Tiradelesgal the prophetess seemed worried too.
      - You are right, accompany me in his tree trunk to receive their light.

      The mystical tree was not like his descendants since his heart was only change. The latter delivered his secrets as he saw fit and as he deemed useful, like a God. So the queen and her companion had no idea what they would discover.
      They thus plunged into dark galleries, between roots, passing through rooms always unknown and moving. Whenever the queen had entered this surprising field, she discovered new pieces, each with a utility of its own.

      Time did not have the same logic in this labyrinth as outside and they did not know how long they were cautiously walking in the faint light of strange little minerals. Maybe they had been walking for days or just for a few minutes?
      They paced calmly along the long corridors, the grave and determined expression. Suddenly, a room presented itself to them. It was oval and a table of the same shape, structured with branches or intertwined roots, sat in the center of the room. No chairs seemed to have formed to allow the guests to sit down. In the middle of the cabinet, an emerald-colored crystal floated like suspended by an invisible thread. It was the only source of light in this place, creating a fairy and forest atmosphere.
      Instinctively, the two accomplices held out their hands together towards the sparkling mineral. The stone glistened so much that they were dazzled and had to close their eyes.
      A form of energy came to invade them and tingling up their arms and their hair began to waver towards the ceiling. It was powerful and she caught herself breathing faster and faster. Suddenly everything went white.

      Wyscan's World Tree had agreed to deliver some of his memory.

      At the dawn of time, during the war of liberation that opposed the armies of ancients Saurians to other races, a city that belonged to the strange reptilian humanoids was in flames. In this backdrop, the queen and her prophetess saw in their first vision of former slaves fall by the hundreds face the disciplined hordes of saurian, but they did not back down and continued to stand proudly against their former masters. Everywhere the different peoples fought for their precarious survival and this mad quest for freedom. Legends were born of this time and peoples won historical victories that upset the fate of the world.

      In this chaotic tumult, a wild-eyed Elf druid was see the battle. His slender body, covered with tattoo, dripped with sweat and shuddered with barely contained anger. At his side a terrifying warrior, all in elegant muscles, was clutching his stone sword and whiten his knuckles. Behind them was a gigantic tree rising like a titan to the sky. This plant giant was a God Tree like the Tava Ambar of Wyscan. One of those many living gods, father of all the trees that then covered the world before being destroyed by the madness experienced in the 9 ages.

      Matharim the mage opened his mouth in a language long lost:

      - This war is more devastating than we had predicted. Other peoples in their precipitation have destroyed as many trees as lizards. We must protect him and spirits lives in the tree at the risk of our lives.
      - Perhaps these spirits should also take part in the fight instead of relying on the only race who care about them.
      - This is my intention Maethor. Join your warriors and protect me while I wake them up.

      These two fighters disappeared at the sight of the two fae of Wyscan, and were replaced by the image of a gigantic tree in flame, then of battles opposing giant rats and a coalition of men, dwarves and elves. A dazzling avatar was at their side and faced an immense and powerful rat. It must have been Sunna. Then the visions were still troubled to reveal then a great and powerful city cut in two by a river with dark waters. The sylvan queen recognized the distant city of Avras, seat of the Sonnstahl sword.
      On the largest bank, almost in the middle of the city, a strange, tall building spewed waves of dark energy toward the sky. Where did this magic come from and who was at the origin? The shadow of a vampire appeared to them succinctly, as well as servants of the dark gods and even humanoid rats. They wanted to push the search further but everything became blurred again. The tree refused them this information to show them something else.

      Like birds, the visions made them fly over the mediocre vestiges of the forests of yesteryear. Humans had, for their grain crops, buildings and other needs, frantically cut trees around the city. The two sylvan elves did not understand this need to destroy when the world had been created to offer everything the living people needed! While raising their hands to gather food, they cut trees and scratch the earth our Mother to grow what was already there!
      While magic allows trees to build safe and comfortable homes, they shave everything to build buildings.
      By breaking the harmony and balance of nature, other races greatly weaken and damage the world. Sylvans elves peoples will never understand other races and their lack of respect for life.

      The queen and the prophetess were lost in their grudges and their indignations when a wood attracted their attention. It was busier than the others and big of hundreds of hectares. They flew to his center and landed in a beautiful, ruled clearing crowned with majestic trees with golden and silver leaves. They saw old and terrible minds sleeping deep in their bosom. Only the sylvan elves had kept the ability to see spirits of the forest like hearts beating.
      That's where the Tava Ambar wanted to take them. No doubt they were watching the offspring of the God Tree that once reigned in the region.

      Now everything became clear to their minds! The black magic flowing from Avras risks covering the region and threatening this wood full of life and magic. The sylvan elves have the sacred duty to protect these vestiges of ancient age, even forming alliances with other backward species such as men, dwarves or their cousins of the sea.

      Once again everything became white and dazzling and a feeling of falling invaded them.

      The two women elves awoke to this memory shared by the God Tree in which they were. Connected to all forms of life, that's what he had seen and felt.
      The Queen and her counselor came out caring about the ancient tree, greeted by many murmurs. At the foot of the tree wen gathered druids and maidens briars. They too had felt the shudder of the tree.

      The queen then addressed her subjects.

      - Find the king my sisters and brothers. My husband must be warned of a new attack on creation!

      King Cadaron was an avatar of Amhair but in his aspect of the hunter. He had long deer antlers and a powerful, gnarled stature. He embodied the physical aspect of nature and ruled over every form of life in Wyscan.
      He was tracking a monster infiltrated into his land with wild huntmen when envoys of the queen burst in.
      Unhappy to be disturbed in full stalking, the king turned his terrible emerald eyes towards the disruptive ones. Genoa and frightened, they quickly informed him of the convocation of his beloved.
      In the name of his lady, without any hesitation, he immediately set off for the Tava Ambar.
      The queen was waiting for her, seated on a chair made of flowering lianas, her gaze full of love and admiration for the eternal elect of her heart.

      - My queen ! To see you is a divine enchantment. Cadaron's gaze was one of a thousand-year-old love. No one on earth could love so intensely as at this moment.
      - My love, your words warm my heart but I summoned you for troubling news.
      - What can a king do for his queen?
      - Find heroes and an army to protect nobles and olds spirits.
      - It will be done so my lady, I swear.

      It was thus that Cadaron, the king-hunter of Wyscan, was commissioned to find heroes worthy of his queen.


      And the little music that goes with it. She is from Lind Erebros.
      One can very well imagine that instead of the prophecy of Melian in the Silmarillon it is that of the Queen of Wyscan.

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      So next stretch goals are:

      Pro Status Quo :

      350 IP: Unleash the Beasts and unlock the Beast Herds.

      Contra Status Quo :

      350 IP: Bring in the Greentide and unlock the Orcs and Goblins

      Unpredictable Threats :

      350 IP: Out of the dust. Unlock the Undying Dynasties

      Go for it!
    • New

      oh yeah! well done everybody!

      the SE unlocking shows that QS battle reports are like lucky charms... good to know that LittleJoe and FourCartridge are trying to have a UD vs OnG game this weekend, then ; )

      there will be blood!
      (or blackgreen blood and bone powder, i guess)

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      am i allowed to be sort of a joker, and bring points to the faction in need?
      i so love that now all three factions have to unlock the 350pts goal, without one faction leading or lagging...

      so if that's at all possible, i would love to have the EoS-SE report count for Unpredictable Threats.
      in the same vein, i'll probably ask to have the OnG-UD report count for Unpredictable Threats too.

      is this acceptable? can i be the cooling saucer of the campaign?

      click the logo and reach the KickStarter page!