Call to arms-The fight for Avras

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  • Call to arms-The fight for Avras

    Fellow dukes! You might have already heard about thr community campaign: The Fight for Avras.

    The Kingdom is in need for brave crusaders to take back whats rightfully ours: the city of Avras. It is indeed a grand and therfore not easy task, so I'm asking for your assistance.

    Our glorious kingdom will join the campaign a bit later perhaps as a '' strech goal unlock'', but it would be an honor to have more great dukes beside me.

    You can earn points for a faction by painting, writing background info, and of course playing. There is nothing to lose, this could be a great inspiration opportunity for your new fancy unit to get a nice paint job, or perhaps you could write an epic tale of battles and triumph from your point of view.

    If you are interested head over to the subforum and take up arms, and raise your banners!

    The Fight for Avras - a fun campaign!