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    • I’ve been curious about this new GW skirmish game since I got a newsletter a while back. Been reading up a bit on it, including the groundrules, and I think it seems like a solid game with solid simple basic rules but that remain tactically challenging thanks to the simple initiative/ability mechanic.

      However, I thought the exact same thing about WH 40k 8th edition when it was released. As soon as army books dropped, power creep began.

      Does anybody have any experiance with the balance in warcry? Poor balance is a gamebreaker for me and I would like to know before I invest too heavily.
    • Hello. I have played just one game so far ( and I am about to play my second game today)

      On thing I can say that warcry most definately has much more luck factor than most other GW games. Especially since the core mechanic of attacks is quite different compared to more traditional GW design. Basicly there is only one attack roll, ( so no to hit, to wound and armor save)

      And core mechanic introduces critical hit which means that attack roll of natural 6 is critical and most attacks in the game has something like 1 / 4 - 2 / 5 damage profiles. First number is the damage done by normal hits (which very from 3+ to 5+) and second is for critical strikes. Thus having couple lucky 6 rolls even with some normal rabble can turn the game immediately upside down.

      For the balance between warbands, (well i cannot say too much about that) but they seem to have quite good balance, but sas said I have only one game so far with my cypher lords and opponents untamed beasts.

      The regular games uses random deployment zones, random objective and twist cards which can definately turn the game to one player favor. (i haven't and don't intend to play the "matched game" setup) as we are going to play the campaign setting.


      TLDR: My impression so far is that the game has bigger luck factor than Necromunda / Warhammer fantasy battle / 40k etc. Thus if you prefer playing game which is highly skill orientated I would suggest something else.

      PS: Its a great simple quick game, i really liked it though :D