The Kremlin's KoE battle report and army thread (including etc 2019!)

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  • ETC round 6, Sweden – Peter Sundberg, EoS, Secure Target – predicted 3 (9-11)

    Peter Sundberg - Empire of Sonnstahl
    375 - Prelate, General, Plate Armour, Shield, Impe-rial Seal, Witchfire Guard, Death Warrant (Hand Weapon)
    280 - Marshal, BSB, Shield, Willow's Ward, Alche-mist’s Alloy, Mantle of Ullor, Great Tactician
    460 - Wizard, Pyromancy/Alchemy, Essence of a Free mind, Binding Scroll, Wizard Master
    535 - 45x Heavy Infantry, Standard bearer, Musi-cian, Champion, Halberds, Flaming Standard
    305 - 20x Light Infantry, Musician, Standard Bearer
    285 - 20x Light Infantry, Musician
    290 - Arcane Engine, Arcane Shield
    290 - Arcane Engine, Foresight
    809 - 37x Imperial Guard, Standard bearer, Musi-cian, Champion, Great Weapons, Household Standard
    150 - 2 x 5x Reiters
    250 - Artillery, Cannon
    160 - 2 x 1x Artillery, Imperial Rocketeer

    In retrospect, I wonder if I was over optimistic in my prediction on this, though I’d still call it a high “2”. I can’t fight the Imperial Guard – even in close to ideal circumstances. However, the list has little way of forcing me to – unless I over commit. Equally, they can sweep over objectives, so I need to decide if I push at the non-IG elements round the IG, or hide and try to make late plays. I played quite a few times against our EoS player in practice, and had some bad experiences with shooting spikes removing my capacity to engage and hence forcing me to make a withdrawal under fire or lose big. Equally, his list is much harder to rush, having a tank, an extra combat unit, and the halberds being far more tooled up. The artillery and reiters in this build simply don’t scare me as much.

    Peter deployed quite wide, with the IG centre-right, halberds left of centre, and shooting in between. Reiters on each flank. I responded heavily offset, mitigating early shooting with distance by forcing him to move to get range, clustered around a building on the left – realms going left of it aiming to threaten halberds, questing (deployed 4 wide to get space to be out of range – a trick worth remembering for readers), and pegs behind building with Duke (intending to possibly, depending on his movement, bring the pegs out and leave duke behind in t1). I did have some weaknesses in my deployment though – most notably I wasn’t able to fully protect the chaff units on my right flank, due to insufficient space to get them all safely out of range and in leadership bubbles.

    Anyway, Peter vanguards then moves reiters round my right flank, taking potshots at aspirants, and moves wagon over that side to within 24 of some fastcav outside bubble for ice and fire. See my errors discussed above? I believe I lost a yeomen unit cheaply. Equally, he also brings reiters on the left around towards my realms and yeomen over that side, and doesn’t kill much – leaving him exposed to charge from my yeomen, who will be the only thing needing buffs in my turn, so I reckon I can clear an annoying unit for nearly free if it plays out.

    This does work out, and actually causes a panic check on the halberds in general ld9 but outside BSB… could be huge if this fails. Sadly, it didn’t, but opponent looked worried…

    From here, I pushed realms relatively hard round the left flank, figuring if he charged my realms with halberds he’d stick (if I got general and bsb in range) and face a counter charge and some uncomfortable Ld tests with little nearby support. As such, I moved peg duke out of peg unit round left of building, remaining shadowed from artillery, and able to charge the halberds if they went into realms and stuck. (Worth noting he was 13 away and out of order range, so needed 9 on dice). Questing came round other side to get leadership bubble, peg knights flew out a bit right, using central forest as cover from shooting and threatening a push round the IG if they advanced too far.

    Sadly, my Realms got shot and magicked up quite badly, losing I think 6 or so models, so the push down the left flank seemed less tempting. (In retrospect possibly I should have continued to go for it given how little support was available for the isolated halberds). Realms would pull back towards the building and end up coming round into the late game to shore up the RH side near my nearest objective (which was near the front right of the building – the other was further right near where the IG started).

    Basically from this stage of the game, we entered a very technical game stage that is hard to describe in any detail. My pegasi flew to threaten his shooting with mid-range charges, covered by the wood, he turned IG to face me so that if I failed charge he’d have an auto charge on me. I declined to go for it and flew over, satisfied with keeping him occupied and forcing the IG not to push on my main force. I was able to chaff and dodge round the IG, while getting pegs eventually into some xbows, was flanked by 2nd unit, took one off entirely and crippled the second before IG came in to rescue – and in the process, Peter gave up board control over the objectives. Was a shaky moment with halberds declaring a 10 on dice charge into Questing that could have gotten messy, but he failed. Pegs very nearly held up, but at point of resolution of final turn of combat we had like 2min to get results in so I just called them dead. Even with a conga reform the turn before while still in combat, he was unable to block me getting on the RH objective, drawing the LH one (had shots at both but his artillery finally woke up late game and removed 3 aspirants who were angling at it).

    Basically loads of tight cagey play – possibly I could have gone for it harder earlier and had a better chance though, especially in a tight final round hoping for a higher placing. If I’d taken halberds I think his line would have folded, but it’d have carried a degree of risk. He played very well with movement in protecting his wagons, despite me using pegs, a fast cav flank charge, and my solo general at various times to scare them.

    (On pushing: in mid to late game, t4 or 5 or so, his cannon misfired and lost ability to shoot, when trying to kill a single aspirant left of a unit that was in an annoying position. I contemplated bringing peg duke out to get more points from shooters and/or wagons – but decided against since risk is his wizard simply plucks it out of the air. Even stuck on the side of a unit, all it takes is lash and copper both allocating hits. In retrospect, I had less cause to fear the 635pt loss than I had reason to try to score points – could have brought it back to 12 or 13 fairly easily with a turn or two of him causing havoc. Ah well – I was in the mindset of a cautious game by then.)

    I feel like the matchup was a bit more against me than I thought, but deployment and early movement regained me the advantage, which I then didn’t risk pushing where perhaps I should have.

    One thing I *must* say – this game was one of the best rounds of 9th age I have ever had. Peter was an absolute gentleman on the table and really funny and friendly as well as a good player, his teammates kept dropping by to say hello, and generally the atmosphere was celebratory as both teams relaxed into what we knew would be a tough but fun round to finish off the ETC. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to the event, so a heartfelt thankyou to Team Sweden for being the best of opponents.

    For bonus fun, the round ended 79-81… with not a single result bigger than a 12-8 either way. And that with only one semi-agreed result! Such a tight, fun round.
  • falanor wrote:

    The Kremlin wrote:

    questing (deployed 4 wide to get space to be out of range – a trick worth remembering for readers
    Can you elaborate on that? I did not get it... thanks!

    Great BRs by the way!
    If you are for example 3/3/3/3 wide your middle point is exactly at 100mm.

    So if your enemy is 15inch away.

    Now you remove to for example 4/4/4 you loose 1rank. This means your whole unit moves 25mm back (one rank is 50mm and you have to be 25mm front and 25mm back)

    So now you are 15 inch and 25mm away =15.984inch.

    Combine that with a little shift in direction you can easily give the enemy a 17 inch charge instead of 15.

    +2 charge range is huge and more often the not enemy will fail instead of succeed



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  • Hey @The Kremlin,

    Thanks for the writeup on our game in Round 5, it was an interesting cat and mouse game which at times had the potential to swing violently either way as we both surmised at particular points in the game.

    To elaborate further on the report slightly and I suppose to give my thoughts on why I charged when I did. I'd commited the Gremlins to combat on your Realms the same turn as the Hellhounds on your Questing Knights for two reasons. One, your Damsel had left the small Aspiring Knight unit the turn before to rejoin the Realms and the Gremlins charging their flank were then generating a static 7 combat res prior to any dice rolled, meaning at worst I won the combat and pinned the Realms in place long enough for stronger forces to engage you in a later turn (a failed break check though and the points from the Realms, Damsel and probably gaining the scenario were well worth the investment)

    Two, the Hellhounds aimed for your Questing BSB, to give me a chance at breaking the Questing Knights easier, obviously a nice source of points from the BSB and to further aid the Gremlin combat should you have to take a Break test there. Thankfully as you say you were able to pass both break checks without too much of a sweat. For me it was a worthwhile gamble for two relatively cheap units punching above their weight and going for the knockout blow. Perhaps next time :) As always though a pleasure to play you again on the table.