Returning to the fold!

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  • Returning to the fold!

    Hello everyone!
    Achaian here from glorious Greece!
    After many years and having wandered through a lot of miniature games after the Fall of WFB, my friends talked me into getting back to the original square base wargaming!
    I have owned several different armies while playing WFB in the past but only 2 have left me aching for my eventual return. Bretonnia and Tomb Kings.
    Since having commited into trying out T9A, it was only logical that i would consider either KoE or UD for my first army.
    The thing is i let go of almost all my old minis in order to fund my new projects at the time, and in light of the lack of plastic new UD minis available, the choice was rather obvious for me.
    So KoE it is!
    And i mentioned plastic since i really hate metal/resin models so my new foray will be with a range that will be represented fully with plastic minis.
    For my new KoE army i am considering using my ASOIAF minis, which u am VERY fond of aesthetically speaking.
    Thing is i am not really sure that i can fit them on the 20x20/25-50 bases that are required to play the game.
    I will give them a try though.
    For representation of the unit entries i am thinking of using the following:

    Knights Aspirant: Lannister Knights of Casterly Rock
    Knights of the Realm: Tully Cavaliers
    Questing Knights: Stark Outriders
    Yeomen Outriders: Nights Watch Cavalry
    Knights of the Grail: Boltons Flayed Men
    Knights Forlorn : The Mountains Men
    Green Knight: The Mountain that Rides

    rest of the infantry will be covered by the various Asoiaf infantry minis.

    These are my first thoughts and i would greatly appreciate any feedback!

  • Welcome.

    There are many easy ways to get new KoE armies these days.

    Song and ice and fire (little big but can work)

    There are many choices and I think you will do fine.

    If your models are a little bit to big I would just use some unit fillers so they don't block each other.
    Shouldn't be a problem at all.



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  • Aslong as the models fit on their required bases and you are happy with their representation of the army you are cool beans.
    "In the end rules are just the groundwork for 2 players to have an agreement on how the game is played. If you friends/gaming group is fine with it you can do what ever you want with the game." - Smart Guy on the T9A forum

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  • Bases are the only thing really important in 9th age.
    You can use bigger bases like unit filler.

    For example if you have 4x 20*20 figures? You can use like a 40*40 base with only one infantry model on it.

    Using 25*25 for 20*20 is worst case really.

    I would try to fit them on 20*20 and glue them to the side and use like just some filler bases in between to make them right.



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    Why are the strongest characters all bad.......