ETC 2020 - Team Scotland Applications

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    • ETC 2020 - Team Scotland Applications

      Bloodied and battered, but never broken. Now is our time to form again, to return to the fray once more.

      Team Scotland is now launching its applications for the European Team Championship (ETC) 2020 in Luxembourg.
      Following last year’s success in focusing the team in Scotland and on the Scottish community, we intend to continue that progress. We will once again seek to strengthen and inspire the 9th Age community in Scotland, while reaching out to players who are not Scottish, but want to form part of a positive team culture and contribute to the development of the community in Scotland.

      We will seek to improve on our placement from last year, and build a team which is pushing to be in the top half of the leaderboard. We also want to encourage players to set personal development goals and emphasise the sharing of knowledge and skills among team members to achieve this.

      This year we will be looking to take a more interesting approach to list building as a team, so we will need applicants to be willing to experiment and contribute to developing the team’s tactic.
      Finally, but most importantly, we want the Team to reflect a positive culture, to compete for Best Sports at the ETC, and to represent Scotland well at all events attended.

      Team Scotland is looking for 5 players and two experienced non-playing coaches who would be able to carry out time out chats with the team and generally support us at the ETC. We will also be looking for 2 reserve players, who will take part in the team preparations, such as subbing in for practice events, developing lists and contributing to team calls.
      Minimum Requirements – There are certain things all potential applicants must be willing to agree to:
      • Take 7 days off in early August 2020 for the ETC in Luxembourg.
      • Must be willing to put in the time for regular calls, attending practice weekends, completing pairing matrices (particularly in the lead up to the ETC) and generally being an active member of the team.
      • Must originate, work/live in, or have a family connection to Scotland in order to qualify for a Scottish position on the team (i.e. a non-mercenary position).
      • Must endeavour to attend as many Scottish events or events where Team Scotland are represented as possible, including Strivelyn Siege (December 2019), The Scottish Championship (March 2020), the Six Nations (June/July 2020).
      • Must have experience of tournament play, or be willing to attend tournaments as part of personal development.
      • Must be willing to financially support themselves as a member of the Scottish Team – e.g. pay for travel, team shirts, dice etc (subject to any sponsorship or fundraising). This will include an initial deposit payment of £100 into the team account to fund team materials. The costs of attending the ETC are not small between travel, accommodation, t-shirts etc, plus the cost of attending other tournaments during the year, so please be prepared for this.
      • Must be willing to look amazing in a kilt (no exceptions this year!).
      All applications should include the following information:
      • Name
      • Confirmation that you are over 18
      • Nationality and country of residence
      • Relationship to Scotland
      • Are you primarily applying as a player or non-playing coach? Would you be willing to be considered for coach or reserve if not selected in a starting position?
      • Are you a member of any gaming clubs? Do you use Universal Battle?
      • Can you confirm that you are willing to meet the requirements set out in the previous section?
      • Roughly how many games of 9th Age did you play in the last year?
      • What armies do you have access to; for practise and the event?
      • Do you have any preferred armies or builds?
      • Do you have a play style? (E.g. aggressive, conservative, gunline, magic heavy)
      • Would you be willing to play an army that you do not own or have not played before?
      • Why do you want to be part of Team Scotland?
      • Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the team?
      • What would your personal goal be for yourself?
      • How much do you love unicorns?
      • Please recap your most memorable game in the past year - what did you enjoy about it, what made it a good game?
      • Can you play the bagpipes? Free luggage if you can pipe the team!
      All applications should be sent to as an attached Word or Google Doc document.

      Team Timeline
      Applications open: 22 August 2019
      Applications close: 20 September 2019
      Team Announcement: By 1st October 2019
      Scottish Championship: March 2020
      Lists finalised for ETC: July 2020
      ETC Luxembourg 2020: August 2020
      Team Practice Weekends: dates TBC over the course of the year

      We look forward to hearing from you!
      Edward Murdoch – Captain
      Fraser Campbell – Vice Captain
      Tim Bohknecht – Player-Adviser

      Executive Board

      Head of Background Team

      Team Scotland ETC 2019 Captain

      "I think of the Abyss as being a pretty good catch all term."