Polish Master Series: Tentacles of War 21-22.09.2019

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    • Polish Master Series: Tentacles of War 21-22.09.2019

      As member of Ośmiornica Łódzka (Octopus) club and co-organiser I'd like to invite you for Polish Master Series tournament.

      We hold this event as a club since 2007, always gathering about 70-80 players. It always have specific rules for 2vs2. Its one of a kind event because usually its off-season regarding ETC/PTC preparations. Everyone is there to have fun with friends, getting drunk playing weird allied lists. Most players get here on Friday evening to have more time socializing.
      I invite you all to join us and take part in this post-ETC-fever, cathartic event and play with some of polish finest in this original setup. Talk with any polish wargaming friend you know and he will confirm that this event is one of a kind in country.

      For this forum best would be to write in this thread, contact me directly or write mail here: osmiornicalodzka@gmail.com

      Hotel Dobieszkow
      Dobieszków 70
      95-010 Stryków
      N51° 50' 58.1737"
      E19° 35' 12.435"

      End of registration 10.09
      Roster submission till 16.09
      Sorry for late notice. Next year I'll try to announce details much earlier :)

      Entry: 35 Euro per Pair
      Hotel (2 nights, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast) - 55 Euro per person
      Hotel (1 night, lunch, dinner, breakfast) - 36 Euro per person

      Some other selected prices:
      Beer at venue ~1.5Euro
      Vodka at venue ~9Euro
      prices in shops can be easily googled but honestly there is no shop in immediate vicinity of the venue.

      08:00-9:00 breakfast
      20:45 - ... Party !

      3200 + 2000
      small army uses Warband rules
      Armies cannot be duplicated
      Armies act on the table as allied forces (I will elaborate on that point later - I have to translate that)
      In short - you cannot attack your ally but it is still not friendly unit for purpose of characters joining units, casting augment spells and similar effects.

      I'll update this post later with exact description of rules, some photos, more details about food, hotel and so on later on.