We want you as 3rd ID ACS

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    • We want you as 3rd ID ACS

      Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

      we are looking additional ACS for your army. Of course that job brings prestige, reading and writing access to several internal boards and so on, but what does the project want from you in return?
      We want you to be the voice of the community towards the project and the voice of the project towards the community. (You will transport and sort wishes and problems from the community towards the project and you will present the doings of the project to the community.
      We want you to be an advisor (among others)/ a voice of the community in Updates and the FAB process.
      We want you to start projects (fiction / painting contests, battlereport weeks, polls, stratigic/ tactic article series, tryouts of unused units, Brainstormings, …) in your board.
      We want you to help with entering the tourney armylists in your army board.
      We want you to take care your community is friendly towards each other and towards guests from other armies or even not yet players of T9A.
      If you are interested, please either apply through the application system or PN @IoRi78 and @Just_Flo

      Why now? Well, we belive that with the ongoing LAB process latest when the open beta will start, that your army will get quite an popularity boost and growing activity.

      Advisary Board Member

      Workfields: Tournament Analysis, Army Community Support, Playtesting, Community Engagement, Translation/ United Nations DE Blog: Inside TA. The biggest german Tabletop Board: tabletopwelt.de