Slayerarmy of Karak Kadrin

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    • Slayerarmy of Karak Kadrin

      Hello everybody,

      I really liked the look of a whole slayer army, looking for their doom.
      Nothing is as stylish as „Look Snorri Trolls“ and the fearless small dwarfs running to their enemy.

      So I had the idea of a fun army with the old style implemented in the 9th age rules.

      A stole existing units and put them together for the book.

      So I have a few more ideas and hope I get Feedback for units, rules, point adjustments and so on.

      In exchange I will write battlereports, cause there will be a small tournament (4 Games with 3000 points) that allows homebrew armys with original modells ;)
      • Seeker Army of DARAK DARKIN

      Army Wide Rules:

      Hewn out of Mountains
      As long as at least one friendly model from a Seeker army is on the Battlefield, all spells cast by enemy models have their Casting Values increased by +1.

      Ancient Grudge
      Seeker armies have a number of Ancient Grudges which confer a bonus when attacking specific enemies. The total number of Grudges held by a Seeker army is calculated in the following manner:
      One Grudge for a General with Ancestral Memory. One Grudge for each Demon Slayer in the army.
      Right before the battle (during step 7 of the Deployment Phase Sequence), you must choose a single unit from the opponent's Army List for each Grudge in your army (this may also be a Character). The models of this unit are considered 'marked'. All models in the Seekers army gain Hatred against marked models, and against models joined to units with more than half of their models marked.

      “Look Snorri, Trolls!”: When surrounded by their fellows, Seekers find it hard to resist the urge to close with the enemy as soon as they can.
      After all deployment, before the first player’s turn, the Slayer army surges forward. Each unit and character moves directly ahead 2D6". Units may only make a single wheel during this movement, and only if it is necessary to avoid terrain or another unit. This special move ignores terrain modifiers (except impassable terrain).
      In addition, the Slayer player may roll an additional D6 when determining who gets the first turn, discarding the lowest roll.

      Army Model rules:

      Ancestral Memory
      A General with Ancestral Memory affects the number of Grudges held by a Seekers army (see Ancient Grudge).

      The bigger they are...
      When rolling for Charge Range, if the Charged unit contains at least one Large or Gigantic model, models with this Attack Attribute gain Swiftstride for this Charge Range roll (this does not apply to Pursuit and Overrun Moves).

      Wards of Gimnir:
      Some Seeker are covered in protective tattoos that ward away enemy magic. They have Magic Resistance (1), which can also be used on any spell cast by a wizard within 6" or targetted within 6" of the model. Gimnir tattoos doesn‘t stack with other Gimnir tattoos, but with Magic Resistance from other sources.

      Attack Attributes:

      Sturdy: Close Combat.
      The model gains Devastating Charge (+1 Str, +1 AP) and it does not suffer from negative to-hit modifiers from a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction.

      Yer comin’ with me!: Close Combat.
      Close Combat Attacks made by models with this Attack Attribute can never wound on worse than 4+. In addition, when a model with this Attack Attribute is removed as a casualty during the Melee Phase due to a Melee Attack, it must immediately, before removal, make a single Close Combat Attack that is always resolved with Strength 5 and Armour Penetration 2, which must be allocated either towards the model that caused the casualty or its unit (in this case, the hits are distributed onto the unit). This Attack Attribute cannot be used against casualties caused by Impact Hits. In order to use this Attack Attribute, the unit must be at least as wide as it is deep at the start of the Round of Combat.

      Dwarven Runes
      Seeker armies cannot pick from the list of Common Special Items except Common Banner Enchantments, but instead create their own Special Items using Dwarven Runes. The resulting objects, called Runic Items, follow the normal rules for Special Items of their respective type: Runic Weapons are enchanted weapons, Runic Armour is enchanted armour, and Runic Talismans are Artefacts. Each Rune combination forms a unique Special Item which cannot be duplicated within the army.

      Weapon Runes
      Any Hand Weapon or Paired Weapons may be engraved with up to 3 Weapon Runes. All weapons engraved with Weapon Runes gain Magical Attacks.

      Rune of Destruction (80 pts)
      0-1 per Army.
      Attacks made with a weapon engraved with this Rune gain Multiple Wounds (D3).

      Rune of Smashing (55 pts) - Models on foot only.
      0-1 per Army.
      Attacks made with a weapon engraved with this Rune that are allocated towards a model with Resilience 5 or more have their Strength set to 10 and Armour Penetration set to 10.

      Rune of Penetration (45 pts)
      Attacks made with a weapon engraved with one or more Runes of Penetrating gain +3 Armour Penetration.

      Rune of Might (40 pts)
      For each Rune of Might engraved on a weapon, attacks made with it gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration.

      Rune of Precision (40 pts)
      The wielder of a weapon engraved with this Rune gains Lightning Reflexes.

      Rune of Craftsmanship (40 pts)
      0-1 per Army.
      A weapon engraved with this Rune becomes a Great Weapon (this does not prevent the weapon from being engraved with additional Runes).

      Rune of Quickening (35 pts)
      For each Rune of Quickening engraved on a weapon, the wielder gains +3 Agility when using it.

      Rune of Fury (30 pts)
      For each Rune of Fury engraved on a weapon, the wielder gains +1 Attack Value when using it.

      Rune of Lightning (30 pts)
      0-3 per Army.
      If the wielder scores at least one successful hit with a weapon engraved with one or more Runes of Lightning (consider each set of simultaneous attacks separately), each enemy unit that was hit suffers an additional D3 hits for each instance of this Rune. The hits are considered Special Attacks and are resolved with Strength 4, Armour Penetration 1, and Magical Attacks.

      Rune of Returning (15 pts)
      A weapon engraved with this Rune can be used as a Shooting Weapon with Aim 2+ and the following profile: Range 8”, Shots 1, Str as user, AP as user, Quick to Fire, Accurate, Reload!.
      Shooting Attacks with this weapon are affected by all Weapon Runes on the engraved weapon (even if the effects are normally restricted to Close Combat Attacks).

      Rune of Fire (15 pts)
      At the start of any phase or Round of Combat, this Rune may be activated. If so, attacks made with a weapon engraved with this Rune become Flaming Attacks until the end of the phase.

      Talismanic Runes
      Up to 3 Runes from this set may be taken as a single Talisman. A model cannot have more than one Talisman, and not more than one Dominant Rune.

      Rune of Denial (90 pts) - Dominant.
      0-1 per Army.
      One use only. The player may choose to use this Rune instead of making a Dispel Attempt. The spell is automatically dispelled.

      Rune of Devouring (70 pts) - Runic Smiths only. Dominant.
      0-1 per Army.
      One use only. The player may choose to use this Rune instead of making a Dispel Attempt. The spell is cast as normal but is afterwards lost and the Caster may not cast it again for the rest of the game. Attribute Spells are not affected.

      Rune of Harnessing (55 pts)
      Enemy models within 24” of the Runic Seeker have their Channel value (the value within brackets) reduced by 1.

      Rune of Courage (55 pts)
      One use only. May be activated at the start of any Round of Combat. For the duration of the phase, the bearer gains Stubborn.

      Rune of Dragon’s Breath (55 pts)
      0-3 per Army.
      The bearer gains Breath Attack (Str 4, AP 1, Flaming Attacks, Magical Attacks). A single friendly Rune of Dragon’s Breath may be used per Round of Combat.

      Rune of Grounding (50 pts) - Runic Seeker only.
      0-1 per Army.
      One use only. May be activated at the start of any Melee Phase. All spells with duration One Turn that affect any of the following units come to an end:
      ● The bearer’s unit
      ● Enemy units in base contact with the bearer

      Rune of Readiness (40 pts)
      One use only. May be activated at the end of the Charge Phase, directly after all Charge Moves have been resolved. If the bearer’s unit was successfully Charged during this phase, it may perform a Combat Reform (following the normal rules for Combat Reforms).
      Rune of Storms (35 pts)
      0-2 per Army.
      One use only. Effects last one Player Turn. May be activated at the start of the opponent’s Player Turn. Choose a single enemy unit within 24” of the bearer. All models with Fly in that unit have their Advance Rate and March Rate (both for Ground and Fly Movement) halved, rounding fractions up.

      Rune of Shielding (30 pts)
      The bearer gains Aegis (+1, max 4+). The Aegis from this Rune only stacks with itself .

      Rune of Mastery (25 pts)
      One use only. May be activated just before the bearer casts a Bound Spell. Add (+2/+2) to the Power Level of this Bound Spell for this casting attempt.
      Rune of Mining (20 pts)
      After Determining Deployment Zones (at the end of step 6 of the The Pre-Game Sequence), choose a Terrain Feature on the Battlefield. As long a the bearer is on the Battlefield, all friendly models may treat this as Open Terrain when making Advance Moves or March Moves, but must still follow the Unit Spacing rule at the end of their movement.

      Runic Standards
      Seeker armies may use Banner Enchantments from the list of Common Banner Enchantments as well as the Runic Standards listed below (so any Standard Bearer that may take a Runic Standard may take a Banner Enchantment instead). A Battle Standard Bearer may take up to two Banner Enchantments or up to two Runic Standards or a combination of a single Banner Enchantment and a single Runic Standard.

      Runic Standard of Shielding (80 pts)
      0-1 per Army.
      All friendly units within 12“ of the bearer gain Aegis (5+, against Ranged Attacks).

      Runic Standard of Dismay (45 pts)
      0-1 per Army.
      Units Charging the bearer’s unit suffer -2" Advance Rate for their Charge

      Runic Standard of the Anvil (35 pts)
      0-3 per Army.
      Friendly units Charging enemy units Engaged in Combat with the bearer’s unit must reroll failed Charge Range rolls.

      Runic Standard of Wisdom (35 pts)
      0-1 per Army.
      The bearer may select a single Battle Rune during Spell Selection. This Battle Rune can be cast by the bearer and has range Caster’s Unit.

      CHARACTERS (max 40%)

      Demon Slayer ??

      Dragon Seeker 210 pts
      single model
      Height: Standard
      Type: Infantry
      Base: 20x20mm
      Unbreakable, Fearless, Vanguard, Ward of Gimnir, The bigger they are...
      Aegis(6+), Great Weapon, Sturdy, Weapon Master, Lethal Strike, Paired Weapons, Yer comin’ with me!

      May take Weapon Runes Up to 150
      If General, may take Ancestral Memory 45
      May take (one choice only):
      Monster Seeker 60
      Grim Resolve 80

      Monster Seeker: Attack Attribute - Close Combat.
      The model gains Multiple Wounds (2, against Large, Gigantic).
      Grim Resolve: Attack Attribute - Close Combat. The model gains +1 Attack Value for each enemy model in base contact with it (including the model it is fighting a Duel with if applicable

      Runic Seeker 170 pts
      single model
      Height: Standard
      Type: Infantry
      Base: 20x20mm
      Unbreakable, Fearless, Vanguard, Ward of Gimnir, The bigger they are...
      Aegis(6+), Great Weapon, Sturdy, Weapon Master, Lethal Strike, Paired Weapons, Yer comin’ with me!, Channel (1), Magic Resistance (1), Rune Craft Mastery, Sturdy

      May take Runic Items up to 200
      If General, may take Ancestral Memory 45

      RunicSmith Rune Craft Mastery: Universal Rule.
      All model parts in the same unit as one or more models with Rune Craft Mastery gain +1 Armour Penetration on their Close Combat Attacks.
      Each Runic Seeker may select up to three different Battle Runes during Spell Selection, provided it paid for them.
      May take up to 3 different Battle Runes
      20 / Rune

      Gatrik and Foolix ??
      Single Unit, can‘t Be joined By characters
      Buffs nearby units

      CORE (at least 25%)

      Seekers 110 pts
      5 models, may add up to 20 additional models for 21 pts/model
      Height: Standard
      Type: Infantry Base: 20x20mm
      Unbreakable, Fearless, The bigger they are...
      Aegis(6+), Great Weapon, Paired Weapons, Sturdy, Weapon Master, Yer comin’ with me!

      May gain Brothers of Vengeance 2 points/ model
      May upgrade one model to each of the following:
      Champion 20
      Musician 20
      Standard Bearer 20

      Brothers of Vengeance: Universal Rule.
      0-1 Units per Army and 0-15 Models per Unit. The model gains Skirmisher, Light Troops, and Hard Target (1).

      Vengeance Seeker 130 pts
      single model
      Height: Standard
      Type: Infantry
      Base: 20x20mm
      Max. 2 Units Vengeance Seeker for every single unit Seeker

      Model Rules
      Unbreakable, Fearless, The bigger they are..., Ward of Gimnir
      Aegis (6+), Distracting, Hard Target (1)
      Yer comin’ with me!, Whirling Chains of Doom
      Attacks made with this weapon gain +1 Strength, +1 Armour Penetration, and always strike at Initiative Step 10
      (regardless of the wielder’s Agility). A model with this weapon cannot be joined by Characters.

      5 models, may add up to 20 additional models for 30 pts/model
      Height: Standard
      Type: Infantry
      Base: 20x20mm
      Unbreakable, Fearless, The bigger they are..., Ward of Gimnir
      Aegis(6+), Great Weapon, Paired Weapons, Sturdy, Weapon Master, Yer comin’ with me!

      10 models, may add up to 15 additional models for 30
      Unbreakable, Fearless, The bigger they are..., Aegis(6+), Yer comin’ with me!
      Festooned with Pistols: counts as additional handweapon in close Combat and as two pistols (4+) for ranged attacks, all of the pirates attacks are considered to be Strength 4, with Armour Piercing 2.

      0-1 GOBLIN-HEWER ...................130pts
      Height: Standard
      Type: Construct
      Base: 60mm round
      Unbreakable, Fearless, The bigger they are..., Aegis(6+), Move or fire
      Choose one

      Flame Cannon (150)
      Flamethrower Artillery Weapon: Range 24", Shots 1, Str 4{5}, AP 1{2}, {Multiple Wounds (D3)}, Flaming Attacks.

      Organ Gun (4+) (270 pts)
      Volley Gun Artillery Weapon: Range 30", Shots 2D6*2, Str 5

      Slave Giant[/lexicon] 260 pts
      single model
      Model Rules
      0–2 Units/Army
      Height Gigantic
      Type Infantry
      Base 50×75 mm

      Giant See, Giant Do
      Big Brother 35
      One choice only:
      Giant Club 30
      Whirling Chains of Doom 40
      Big Brother: Universal Rule.
      The model’s Health Points are set to 8, and its base size is changed to 75×100 mm. The roll for the number of hits from its Stomp Attacks is subject to Maximised Roll.
      Giant Club: Close Combat Weapon.
      Attacks with a Giant Club gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration
      Whirling Chains of Doom
      Attacks made with this weapon gain +1 Strength, +1 Armour Penetration, and always strike at Initiative Step 10
      (regardless of the wielder’s Agility).

      Seeker Deathroller ??

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    • a lot of Open Questions:

      Dwarfen Runemagic is more defensiv, should I use more offensiv spells, like the bound ones from the beastman armybook?

      The Brotherhood of Grimmnir needs a Special rule. I like the rule from the old Slayerbook:

      A Glorious Death: The Slayer army is set on a course of self-destruction, determined to fight the largest, toughest enemies it can face. There is no dishonour in falling against such a foe, and in fact such deaths actually hearten the rest of the army.
      Keep a note of the number of models slain in close combat by enemies with a Strength and/or Toughness of 5 or more (before modifications). Each Slayer killed by such a worthy enemy adds 10 Victory Points to the Slayer army’s total.
      This includes impact hits from chariots or monsters with similar attacks, but not to the crew or riders of chariots or monsters unless they themselves are Strength or Toughness 5 or more.

      Ideas wanted for the Demon Seeker and the Seeker Deathroller. :)

      I am looking forward for your opinions.
    • An Interesting army, I am willing that with the FAB we can do something similar or at least make a auxilliary book.

      I love the names you give to that dwarf and his human companion, it's a good wink hahaha.
      I see that the blacksmith has MR1 and has +1 for a total of MR2 for tattoos, I guess you're aware.
      Have you thought that the army lacks scoring units? Maybe you could do like the ID disciples when they have BSB, that while inside they are scoring or you could do that the special unit has it or just that A glorious death is their only means of earning additional VP, maybe if they are close to a target.
      Why not change the snorri rule to vanguard(2d6)? is simpler.
      Have you ever thought that maybe a general seeker could ride on a throne o shieldbearers? It would look impressive.
      I love the giant, something tells me it's wrong for the old Lore but I like it, especially with the chains.
      For the other seekers you are looking for you could give an option to the seeker character of divine attacks and for trollslayer make a better champion, like WDG.
      You could also add Grudge Buster with the endowment with seeker rules.
      Add BSB option

      I hope you do well in the tournament! It's nice that they allow things like that, as they do so as not to break the game if someone has an army of their own very OP?
    • Behind the scenes:

      I wrote the first entrys all via mobile phone, so there have been a few mistakes and I forgot a few points as well.
      Thanks for showing me and for your feedback.

      1. The Runic Seeker should have only the tattoos
      2. Special Units = Scoring Units
      3. Dragon Slayer could be a BSB (I like the Idea that the BSB can make a Core Rank and File Unit scoring)
      4. Snorri simmplify rule to vanguard (2d6) sounds nice
      5. Divine attacks for the Deamon Seeker later ;)
      6. Mount options for chars after the rest is playable
      7. I personally don't like the idea of the grudgebuster, i like the idea from a modell like the bloodbowl deathroller, but thats a point, which is discussable

      The tournament will be at the 13.10. (4 games - 3k), we don`t allow level 4 and the big fighting chars. Only one gigantic modell and all units (including chars) max. one choice. Only chore units can be played doppel.

      So my idea was, to make it in a first step as easy as possible.

      Dragon seeker(like in the DH armybook).
      Runic seeker (like the runic smith, but with the slayer rules, tattoo instead MR, 6++ instead of armour).

      Seeker (like the entry in the DH armybook)
      Vengeance seeker, max 2 for every chore rank and file unit (like the entry in the DH armybook with the options for tattoos for 5 points)

      Special (scoring units):
      same stats like normal seeker, easyer for points adjustment, but special rules or special weapons

      Brotherhood of Gimnir: seeker profile, but with tattoos and the old "A glorius death" special rule
      Seeker pirates: seeker profile but other weapon rules (2 pistols everytime)

      Rare 0-4:
      Army playstyle specialisation

      0-2 Slave giant, giant profile, with all slayer special rules, weapon option for giant club and whirling chains of doom.
      0-2 Goblin Hewer, currently flamethrower option or organ gun, but without the runic upgrades. At the start I though about the rules from boltthrower (elves). Whats better?

      Second step, ideas new units, new seeker magic, work in progress ideas wanted...
      1. Deamon seeker, even tougher than a dragon seeker, 5++, divine attacks... to be continued..
      2. Gatrick and Foolix, T5, 4 LP, 4++,than they lose their last LP, at the end of the phase they get one LP back and a 2++. can't join units and buffs a friendly unit in 12". May be +1 to wound or +1 ward.
      3. Seeker deathroller, chariot..
      4. New seeker runelore
    • Other ideas I've come up with.The blacksmith is the hardest thing for me to see. We have to think that it's a support model, with T4 and 3W, usually it's super armored because its spells are short-range and the advantages it gives to the unit are CC. It has few attacks and low S, although that is compensated by the seeker rules but the fact is that having T4 is very weak, it will die too fast unless you do it very cheaply. You have to give it a thought.It might be interesting that some models could take TW or halberds. Maybe reroll 6++ could be BSB's job since it doesn't have a bubble in the army except to carry an enchantment.
    • Runic Seeker (Smith): he has the option to upgrade his ward save via runes to 4++.
      I agree that he need a better defense, let‘s start with T5.

      I make a testgame tomorrow evening, including one smith, I will give a feedback.

      BSB bubble for reroll 6++, sounds very strong, my opinion, it could be an upgrade for the BSB you pay for. I really liked the idea, that the BSB makes a Core unit scoring.

      Weaponmaster with other weapons (spear, helbard, ...) could be a nice Special rule for the Brotherhood, or a new unit in the special section. ;)

      I will include the rules we talked about in the Next days. Hopefully the Game tomorrow, gives me a new insight.
    • Testgame today 3000 points vs. ID


      Dragon Seeker (210), Rune of Destrucrion (80), Rune of Smashing (55), Ancient Grudge (40)= 385
      Runic Seeker (150 Profile from Runic Smith but T5) 3 Battle Runes (60), 2x Rune of Shielding (60)=270

      15 Brothers of Vengeance (350)
      2x Vengeance Seeker with tattoos (2x 135=270)

      17 Brotherhood (27 per Modell) CMS (60) Standard of Wisdom (35) (554)
      17 Pirates (27 per Modell) CMS (60), Standard of Gimnir (5++ against ranged in 12“ 75) (594)

      Goblin Hewer (Organ gun 270)
      Slave Giant with Whirling Chains of Doom (300)
    • Good Game, most of the units are in a good place.

      150 Runic Seeker, Runic Smith profile with T5 and the option to pimp his 6++ to a 4++ with the runes. With no armour he lost a lot of his tankiness. I think he is ok like this.

      Brotherhood and Pirates, both 27 points each modell.
      Brotherhood with tattoos and glorius death Special rule.
      Pirates with the pistols and special weapon rule, every normal attack always S4 AP2.
      May be the Brotherhood could be a point cheaper.

      Slave Giant, here I‘m a bit dissatisfied how to handle it.
      The idea was, that after a battle the seekers find a giant junior. They didn‘t kill it, cause not all seekers are trained Fighters at the start and so they train with it with blunt weapons everyday.
      1. the giant becomes a really big seeker, with all it special rules (6++), yeah come with me, unbreakable and so on.
      Or 2. cause of the beatings everyday, the giant fears the seekers, has a normal profile and tries to escape if there is no seekers unit in 12“ at the start of the movement phase. The giant gets random movement (2 D6) into a random Direktion. If it hits a unit it stopps 1“ before but make 3 D3 impact hits S5.

      Which do you like more, or a mix of both :D
      Or do you have better ideas.
      And what is a good price for everything??

      Opinions always welcome.
    • After the Next round of testgames, we had a few ideas which we would like to discuss later:

      Demon Seeker special rule, choose (and pay for) divine attacks or that his duells always have to be accepted.

      A new Hero char with the pirates background and waepons.

      A new weapon option for the giant, a small ship canon, so that he can go as a pirate as well.

      The next days I will write together and post all the current rules in the first spot here and update it in a regular base.
      And after the tournament in 2 weeks we will close the open points. :)