New Vizier (ACS) in the citadel

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    • New Vizier (ACS) in the citadel

      Hello everybody,

      I've got the honour to introduce myself as new ACS for ID next to @Tyranno and @WhammeWhamme, both of which who are doing a great job.
      You might have seen my name rambling around in several threads in the ID subforum, or gathering data for the upcoming balance patch.

      I just want to introduce myself shortly (you can skip the next couple of parts and just read the bottom paragraph).
      I am a german guy and have been introduced to wargaming through my father, although he tried to keep me away to not waste money on those expensive plastic figures back end of the 90s/early 2000. Didn't work out for him and thus I started to get into Warhammer, 6th edition back then, with a couple of friends. Also dipped in 40k for some months. We played on and off for the next couple of years, having a break for most of 7th edition and coming back in 8th.
      In that time I've never been to any tournaments nor played any games against not those couple of friends (and my wife whom I introduced Warhammer to). I pretty much sold and rebought all kind of armys as I kinda got bored with next to any army after a couple of games. Expections Vampires (which I was no longer allowed to play after my wife claimed them) and then finally Chaos Dwarves in 8th edition.

      End of last year my wife and I decided that we both want to play a lot more, one reason spending more and more money on it, and decided to pick up tournaments, thats how we stumpled across T9A and got hooked immediatly. In the last 10 months we've been playing more games than we had in several years before combined.

      I decided to devot some time to the project as a way of saying thanks for making this great game, which brings me to you know as the new ACS.
      With the upcoming LAB I'm going to help the other ACS out in gathering your opinions and concerns about the design.

      Feel free to contact or link me in any discussion. Share your ideas, what you like and what you dislike. While I won't promise that everything you want will be done, I'll make sure that you'll be heard and the LAB and the game overall will be the best it can be so we can all enjoy it more (and have a beer and the next tournament!).