Player Map Google API

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    • Player Map Google API

      Hey guys! I noticed that the player map uses the Google Maps API, for which Google dropped open public support, which is why it screams FOR DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES ONLY at users.

      Luckily, there are some opensource and free solutions (much more in the spirit of T9A!). A blog like…le-maps-to-openstreetmap/ provides a basic script that could be used to update the system to Leaflet/OpenStreetMaps. I am guessing that the person that made the current map in the first place would know how to use this to create a new version with Leaflet!

      Leaflet is pretty cool, you could even add map layers and use historical maps or make a layer of the fictional T9A map (which would end up pretty distorted when you try to georeference it to the real world map), which is of course pretty useless but cool nonetheless.