Homebrew Sylvan Elves

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    • Homebrew Sylvan Elves

      Hi everyone, this is a homebrew version of Sylvan Elves which have been thinking about and working on for a while now.

      While I have made some substantial changes, I have stopped short of things like removing lightning reflexes, largely because I believe that the core rules of the game need to change somewhat before that it is practical to remove LR without having to replace it with some other band-aid rule.

      My aim here is not to produce a fully functioning book to act as a FAB, but more to show the kind of directions I think can be taken in SE to solve some of the problems the army suffers from, some of which I believe are inherent to the nature of SE.

      I have made some decisions which are likely to be somewhat controversial or at least which some people will want to know why I made them. This is my attempt to explain some of these briefly:

      • Removing Divination and Forest Spirit casters. We have had discussions going backward and forward for the last couple of years now about giving SE access to Witchcraft again. During our now-aborted experiment with having partial access to Divination AND witchcraft, something which struck me was that very few SE players showed any particular attachment to Divination. People wanted the two magic missiles, which gave a much needed and very effective tool against the many big, fast, hard-hitting, nigh-unkillable single models around, such as daemon princes, many of the tougher cowboys, some monster riding combat lords and so on, but hardly anyone seemed really attached to the path itself, especially on a background/lore level. Since background requires any daemon or similar entity to have Divination if they have any spellcasting other than the army hereditary spell, removing Divination required removing spellcasting capabilities from the Forest spirits. I have tried to compensate this by creating an upgrade for the druid which effectively turns them into a forest spirit and lets them join Dryad units, which also allowed me to move Druidism access entirely to this upgrade, keeping the base druid with only 3 paths. I have also tried to compensate the loss of the divination missiles by creating a pair of bound spells which should help fill that need. I believe other changes in the book have reduced the need for dedicated spells to deal with these kind of targets anyway.
      • Pathfinders and the Shooty-Avoidy split. Pathfinders have received a notable boost to their firepower, allowing them to really threaten big, dangerous targets which small arms don’t usually threaten unless in vast quantities. In exchange, they can’t march without losing their enhanced shooting. This is part of an intentional strategy to split our “shooty Avoidance” units into “Shooty” units, and “Avoidy” units. Pathfinders and Briar Maidens become genuine shooting threats, while Sentinels and the new Kestrel Scouts are much less cost efficient as shooters, but have tricky abilities which can contribute to helping the SE player disrupt enemy movement.
      • Ditching Kindreds and adding new character entries. I felt that the existing system was limiting, and was stifling chieftains, so I have created a few new entries, replacing kindreds with new single tier characters representing the kindreds, and allowing me to simplify things for the Chieftain and Prince, including giving them options not all the characters have, and hopefully making sure there are reasons to use all the characters. This is one of the parts of the book I’m least sure about though, and I expect not everyone will like it.
      I do also want to say that I’m not entirely satisfied with the Kestrel Scouts rule, but it’s the best I have at the moment, and it at least illustrates the kind of thing I was trying to go for.

      Find Version 2.1.1 of my book HERE. Please do give feedback,also, please not that all prices should be taken with a pinch of salt, so don't worry to much about telling me which unit is 1point per model too cheap or whatever, I'm more interested in hearing your thoughts on the actual design.

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    • Calisson wrote:

      CariadocThorne wrote:

      Version 1.1
      Misleading.Naming should reflect that you're up to date with 2nd edition of the rules.
      Good point, should probably be 2.1.1 as it's based on 2.1.

      Edit: uploaded new version, changed version number to 2.1.1

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