Eternal politics and the threat of ID

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  • Eternal politics and the threat of ID

    Just a little light hearted humor Please take no offense. If you have 5 minutes to kill feel free to read on.

    commentary and excerpts from: THE EPIC OF GIBBERISH

    ..It is the 6th year of the 9th age of our game. Infernal dwarves has just been unleashed upon the population. Some bat-reps claim it is just a game. Others KNEW BETTER.

    With cluster munitions and kadims they came. Brandishing spears and pistols and dark taurukh rituals.

    Needing no further information the elf lords leaped into action. Contemplating.

    Dwarven holds hunkered down. Hunkering.

    While somewhere in the native lands of new mexico, a beer was brewing..

    Could this be called extreme?
    but how can anyone know for certain the best time of day for a good beer?

    As word of the infernal threat spread concerns grew that this was not simply some act of good nature, and clearly not just a beta. NO! Obviously something faaar more sinister.
    A blatant power creep? Or was it something much more.. gobal?
    It was immediately declared a gamedemic.

    And all of the while infernal overlords schemed. From their bastions and seats of authority they dreamed. Brandishing incendiary themes and gunnery teams with rockets and mortars and infernal memes!

    Once again the elf lords leaped into action. Contemplating.

    Dwarven holds hunkered down. And this time it was personal.

    While somewhere in the native lands of new mexico, another beer was brewing..

    And as the panic spread forums shut down. Dice quit falling. Armies sat idle. And the game ran aground.

    This time it was the dwarves who were first to react. Declaring all dwarves must have an aegis, but no hat.

    Then at last the elf lords emerged from their places with a proposal to hear something great something wonderful for each and all races!
    And all Elfs stood tall and the elf throng cheered! For they knew they had done it! an answer! A cure!

    +1 to all rules free for all races
    (must be an elf to qualify)

    While somewhere in the native lands of new mexico, just when hope was lost, two players came together, risking EVERYTHING.. but at what cost?

    Lists were made and armies grown, voices were raised and dice were thrown. Clearly this wasn't an even match its not even fair how could it be with so much complexity there?
    And our friends gathered round til the last dice was thrown and the last beer was drowned. And the room grew quite as the the loudest went home. Until finally the dust settled with the last model down and both players reflected on what they had found.
    A TIE! A Draw a perfect 10-10. "I guess the books ok after all." "yea lets do it again."

    And so it was the dwarven holds re-opened their borders eager for their own LAB day. While the elves all voted unanimously that the stimulus package should stay.
    In the end it turns out theres a few things to nix but nothing so bad it couldn't be fixed.

    -THE END-
    "Realistically (unless you're DanT or some other genius) you need characters.." -Sir_Sully

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    Great story !

    As someone else pointed out somewhere else, the new book is full of great units and incredible combos, but it's quite difficult to take everything together in the same army. You really have to make a choice on which combo to focus on and then you have not much more room for the rest.

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