Dueling Facing and DH Shieldwall

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  • Same answer as in the other thread ;) :

    Eisenheinrich wrote:

    Izzetmaster wrote:

    Hello, wise ones.

    Just had some discussion going in our group chat about Duels and Facings.

    In the Duel section of the Melee Phase part of the rules I don’t see anything about mentioning facing during the duel. All it says is they are treated as if in base contact.

    Does this mean that if my unit is in the rear of another’s and my unit champion enters a duel, that he would be counted as in the enemy’s rear for purposes of facing (for Shield Wall and other such effects that give you bonuses against front facing combat attacks)? Or since they have challenged each other are they assumed to be facing each other since a challenge was just issued and they turned to face the challenger?
    This is covered in the errata:
    15.E.c Fighting a Duel (page 70)
    Add the bold text and remove the crossed out text:
    • The two models count as being in base contact with each other (even if their bases are not physically touching
    each other) , in the Facings that their units are Engaged in with each other.
    The two models and must allocate all their Close Combat Attacks towards each other.