Pinned DE LAB Tuesday Sneak Peaks & Teaser Roundup

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

The brand new army book for Infernal Dwarves is finally available, along with a small surprise! Remember that it is a beta version, and provide us your feedback!

  • DE LAB Tuesday Sneak Peaks & Teaser Roundup

    Lord Drakon wrote:

    Hello community, here is the public information about who we are in the 9th Age world. There is likely more to be found in the Scrolls, and this overview might expand over time. I am looking forward to fully exploring our DE society when our LAB comes out!

    Dread Elves, calling themselves Daeb, are living in the Republic of Dathen.

    The Daeb fought a war in Vetia against the human. It is said to have ended in 201 A.S. Shortly thereafter the Empire of Sonnstahl is founded. The Republic of Dathen lies in Silexia. There are two known cities in Dathen. The capital Rathaen and Caen Dracin.

    The Daeb are said to worship the Holy Trinities, also known as the Elven deities. Their worship has taken on a dark touch than that of other elves, and is said to involve blood sacrifices. Religion is said to play an important role in shaping the Dathen society. Their most powerful cults able to dominate both civilian and military life.

    There are cults in Dathen dedicated to:
    1. Nabh
    2. Yema
    3. Cadaron
    4. Olaron
    The slave trade is an important part of Dathen economy and culture. Slaves are used as workforce by the Dread Fleet and on farm around the land, but also as household servants to powerful Daeb. The Daeb are known for their strong naval presence around the world.

    Dathen is a republic. It is governed by the three Crimson Consuls from the Obsidian Thrones. The consuls embody the will of the Senate, which consist of 99 elected individuals. The Senate is found in the Tower of Gar Daecos in Rathaen. There are three main faction within Dathen politics: the Fatherland faction, the Motherland faction and the Slaver faction.

    The Fatherland faction strives to have the Daeb reclaim territories in Vetia. Presumably, the Fatherland faction was involved in the War against Dathen as it is called in Sonnsthal, upon the conclusion of which the Empire of Sonnstahl was founded. The Motherland faction seeks dominion over the Highborn Elves of Celeda Ablan. The Slaver faction focuses on Silexia and seeks to empower it through slave trade. It is popular among many younger Daeb.

    The military of the Dathen, known as the Dread Host, is known for its ruthless spirit. The ships of the Daeb are said bring terror around the world, possibly the most formidable naval force in the world. They take many captives to be used as slaves. At least some ships of the Dread Fleet are crewed by so called Corsairs. Dathen has a military acadamy. Those who graduate become either Repeater Auxiliaries or Dread Legionnaires, but are free to choose between a life as farmers, continuing in the military or even to enter polictis in Rathen. The most elite of them may be selected to become members of the Tower Guard. The menagerie has been described as perhaps the greatest weapon in the Daeb arsenal. It is a collection of monsters and beasts that the Dread Elves have bent to their will.

    The Daeb more than any of their brethren view magic as a military art. They are said to possess a natural affinity for magic, almost as able as the Arandai. They supposedly use their magic to augment their ability of manipulating emotions, fear most of all. They use it to appear and disappear out of fog or shadow.

    The magic users of the Daeb, known as Oracles, have access to the following paths:
    1. Alchemy
    2. Witchcraft
    3. Divination
    4. Cosmology
    5. Occultism

    Two characters Manslayer and Warlock were share in the march 9th Scroll which can be downloaded here and but relevant screenshot can be see below.

    msu117 wrote:

    Citizens of the Republic,

    The DE LAB would like to hear your ideas for our next Hereditary Spell. The importance of getting this signature feature correct is not lost on the team and we would like to see it from all angles. Obviously getting this to correctly match the fit of the army while not being privy to all the details of books major themes and intricacies will be difficult. We shall share what we can to provide some context and give some boundaries for what we might be looking for.

    Play Feel:
    DE generally wage battle with an aggressive stance, lightning attack raids, a desire to control when attacks occur by choosing the place and time; ensuring a decisive victory won by quickly breaching defenses and dealt by a blade to carotid

    Mechanically achieved by some yet to be made combination of general's cunning tactics/skills, trained troops and equipment, controlling the flow of battle to instill fear and confusion.

    Known info:

    -Alpha Strike -as previously mentioned this rule will most likely be +1 to wound in the first round of combat.
    -Guidelines suggest shooting will be short range but high volume and the book will favor a CC focus. Magic however need not necessarily have such limits.
    -Glass cannons are both a blessing and a curse. Suggestions to lessen features of that curse are unlikely to be considered.
    -It was previously suggested that elements of the book might have features that Close the Gap - whatever that might be

    Vague Hints:
    -Altars have been redesigned so that they are not mandatory for infantry based lists though we hope they are still widely chosen.
    -A universal spell might have ideal ramifications for reasons TBA.

    It must be stated upfront: A guaranteed winner, who get their work published, is not the goal. Ideas offered will mainly be used for inspiration only. Consideration will be given for publication if all aspects fit the bill for other unknowns not yet revealed, so we reserve the right to use any suggestion provided.

    What does all this mean?

    Something like this spell below might be interesting but is unlikely to pass inspection.

    24” Hex, Direct, Damage spell with 2D6 Str 2. If this spell causes any unsaved wounds the unit suffers a -1 to hit penalty for all ranged attacks.

    Maybe a similar damage spell could be developed that offers a different utility clause that does not directly increase shooting defense.

    Crippling Fatigue is certainly well known and tested. Some might see value in guaranteeing maximum carnage in CC with this spell in combination with Alpha Strike, while others might see it as overkill and a missed opportunity for broader utility. Where might you stand on keeping Crippling Fatigue?

    Perhaps the army needs more means to close the gap - perhaps it doesn't ?

    Something like this next one might fit the bill: - 18” Hex Permanent Failed Charge Range rolls against this unit must be rerolled.

    Or utility with a Universal spell similar to Savage Fury 18” Uni, 1T, Target gains Killer Instinct, Fearless and Frenzy.

    Or a Hex - The target gains Fearless, Frenzy, and automatically fails all March Tests.

    Might you have something completely out of the box that begs attention, what have we missed?

    Now is the time to speak up and share your ideas before the next meeting of the Senate and stones cast.

    msu117 wrote:

    I can tell you that Noir wants me to change my avatar to this

    though I can not confirm or deny that this has any relevance what so ever :)

    msu117 wrote:

    How does mostly glass cannon Daeb 25x50 Shock Cavalry look to you?
    Wild HuntRyma
    BoarBoysGrail Knights
    AspirantWarrior Knight
    LancersVampire Knights

    echoCTRL wrote:

    So as you know the team is taking turns sharing the lists we have been trying out. It is my turn to share and I hope this list s something that will generate great excitment for all of you.

    Army General on Foot (Captain)
    BSB on Foot (Captain)
    Warlock on Foot

    6 units of 10 Corsairs with Musician
    15 Elite Tower Guard with Full Command and Special Banner
    2 units of 5 Knights on Raptors with Full Command and Special Banner
    1 War Platform
    3 Hunting Chariots

    Giladis wrote:

    On the subject of how does the DE army look under initial playtesting I have an example of the list I entered more complex testing with. I also hear other members of the team might be inclined to share their lists over the coming weeks.

    Combat lord ("manslayer" concept) on foot - halberd
    Wizard master ("warlock" concept) on foot
    Cult character on foot - paired weapons

    block of cult associated infantry - paired weapons
    2 midi blocks of Auxiliaries - shields
    block of tower guard
    block of dread judges
    2 units of harpies
    2 bolt throwers

    The tested lists have been quite varied so do look forward to future reveals :)

    msu117 wrote:

    Here is a twofer.

    Beastmaster Gen - stuff
    "Cult Priest" bsb - the goods
    Warlock - magical meta

    30 Spears -alpha strikes
    15 spears - are amazing
    21 "blades"
    2x Hunting Chariots
    Dark Raiders
    2x Medusa
    2x Hydra


    Warlock Dragon
    "captain" manticore Gen
    Cult Priest bsb

    25 Blades - trained well
    15 spears
    15 spears
    15 spears

    5x fat Dread Knights
    14 "tower guard"
    14 "judges" - trained well

    2x Repeater BT+

    5x Raven Cloaks



    msu117 wrote:

    "Cult Priest"

    15 Auxiliaries,
    21 "Blades"
    20 Dread Legionnaires

    2 x 10 Tower Guard
    5 Dread Knights,
    5 "Dark Acolytes", Champion
    Divine Altar
    2 x 5 Raven Cloaks
    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

  • More of the teaser image revealed

    Updated Manslayer

    Updated Warlock

    Of course as with all updates and teasers material is subject to changes as continuous playtesting and ideas evolve.

    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

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  • Beastmaster, General, Dragon
    "Cult Priest", Adept Alchemy, BsB

    20 Temple Militants
    20 Temple Militants
    8 Dark Raiders
    20 Tower Guard
    3 medusa
    4 Thunder Herd
    Mist of Leviathan

    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

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  • Holy caws beckon and I answer the call,
    For I am the scales that weighs the world,
    My weapon is the gift of justice,
    My strike the caress of judgement.

    I am the instrument of the Queen of Blades,
    The crimson crow she sets upon the wicked,
    From the hearth of home to the hells beyond,
    I shall not waver, I shall not relent!

    For I am the prophet of peace,
    The right hand of righteous death,
    The anointed executioner of Nabh,
    Tremble and despair malefactors.

    For I am the Law!
    - The Judicator's Oath from The Black Prince by Liam Quiverpike

    Thunder Herd

    At dawn of the fourth day the fog was as thick as milk as we cautiously advanced upon the reported landing site of the elven raiders. The damp air and the stink of marshlands to our left doused our spirits but what made us uneasy was a constant distant tremor. Someone behind me said “giant?”, another voice replied “no, battle formations!”, yet both were wrong. The trot of cavalry beyond the horizon was unmistakable to an experienced soldier. I ordered the battalion to halt and form ranks as the rumble became deeper and faster indicating our foe moved to canter. Pickets rushed ahead to try and discern enemy location while the priest of Sunna led the prayer to steel our nerves.

    The sun rising in the east silhouetted a titanic shape drifting in the clouds above, an indescribable mass of pure horror which seemed to weave the mist like some ancient leviathan of legend. Men gasped and cursed along the line. Neither my commands nor the cold light of day had the chance to break the spell before a dark shape flew above us on batlike wings and a shrill whistle pierced the air. Whatever was coming at us picked up its pace breaking into a gallop. The soil began to dance beneath my feet and too late did I realise it was no cavalry coming our way.

    Panicked cries of pickets fixed my gaze to the edge of gloom and a bewildering wall of horn and hoof burst before us. The sound rolled ahead of them like a beat of an apoplectic drum and sickening thumps cut the screams of men short. On the sides of the beasts holding onto harnesses clung sable clad elves like oxpeckers, prodding and goading their charges into a maddening stampede. A heartbeat later they hit our lines with the force of a rolling earthquake, soldiers tossed aside like rag dolls died by the score. Then darkness took me and all I remember is viscous snorting, rending of flesh and thunder, endless thunder ringing in my head.

    Last testimony of Markgraf Gunter van Holtland - Tandemar 11th 914, Alfhaven

    One of @SmithF fast and broad table lists during the playtesting phase:

    Legion Legate - General, full kit
    Warlock Outcast, Witchcraft, Magical Heirloom, Scepter of Power

    10 Corsairs, Throwing Weapons
    2 x 8 Dark Riders
    15 Legion Auxiliaries, Musician
    18 Legionaries, Full Command


    2 x 5 Dread Knights
    3 Medusa
    2 x 8 Harpies
    2 x 10 Tower Guard, Champion
    5 Warlock Acolytes
    Divine Altar

    2 x Repeater Battery

    Weapon enchant
    Mastery of Slaughter (30 pts)
    Enchantment: Hand Weapon, Spear.
    Attacks made with this weapon become Magical Attacks, and the wielder must reroll natural to-wound rolls of ‘1’. In addition, the bearer loses Ruthless Efficiency if it had that Attack Attribute and gains Artistry of Death

    Ring of the 9th Legion (40 pts) - Legion Legates only.
    Models with Academy Training in the bearer’s unit gain Battle Focus in the First Round of Combat.

    Executioner’s Icon (60 pts)
    The bearer and R&F model parts with Ruthless Efficiency in the bearer’s unit replace Ruthless Efficiency with Artistry of Death.

    This week we will not spoil complete profiles entries but share some concept special rules as some units are still undergoing testing.

    1st up Mist leviathan. Considering a wall of text is undesirable the team has considered additional straight forward mechanics that require less limitations. This rule aims to provide utility and aids promotes an aggressive playstyle by aiding to close the gap. While other options were explored some ultimately strayed from maintaining a weakness to shooting. This particular build is being freshly delivered to internal PT today.

    Under the Cover of Mists: Universal Rule.
    A Dread Elves army that contains one or more Mist Leviathans can modify the roll for choosing Deployment Zones by +1 or -1.

    Additionally, all friendly Infantry units of Standard Height within 8" of one or more Mist Leviathans at the start of the owner's first Player Turn gain +4" March Rate until the end of the first Game Turn. Units moving more than their regular March Rate cannot shoot in the Shooting Phase with Shooting Weapons until the end of the first Game Turn.

    Beastmaster: for this entry very early on we wanted to remove special enchants that were sort of viewed as mandatory to play the unit so we sought to include those elements into the unit profile. Some of you may say, wait a minute, in the previous reveal you shared Beastmaster's Whistle and some might argue that item is mandatory and just created another enchant required for play contrary to desired starting goal. This has some truth in it, however one entry can only have some much complexity to it and this rule is rather beefy already. We believe entry needed fleshing out and that historical elements helped give this model depth and we believe this concept is robust enough to stand on its own while an enchant like Beastmaster's Whistle is just icing on the cake. Indeed Thunder Herd is greatly improved by Beastmaster's whistle and some might suggest this is also mandatory, but the team has also taken another look at the Thunder Herd entry and how we might improve it's function verse intended targets. Improvements ongoing. Stay tuned.

    Willbreaker’s Craft: Universal Rule.
    Discipline Tests from friendly Gigantic models within 12” of one or more models with Willbreaker’s Craft are subject to Minimised Roll.
    The roll for determining the number of hits from Stomp Attacks of friendly Gigantic models within 12" of one or more models with Willbreaker’s Craft is subject to Maximised Roll.
    The roll for determining the number of hits from Stomp Attacks of enemy Gigantic models within 12" of one or more models with Willbreaker’s Craft is subject to Minimised Roll.

    How did I lose my ear? I'll tell you, but you need to speak up on this side!

    My master once took me to serve her at the great arena of Caen Dracin. I spent the afternoon pouring wine while she conversed with her peers. As the great iron doors rumbled open for the final combat, I was awestruck. Out came a monstrosity I could only imagine in my wildest dreams! The thundering of the crowd was as intense as my horror. I assumed the beast was a dragon but for its lack of wings. It had a great serpentine head atop a thick neck and a long scaly tail. Most striking was its bright yellow eyes that portrayed an intelligence I would not have expected from a lizard. On the opposite side of the arena, another draconic beast emerged from a similar raised portcullis. This one was a little different. It had the body of a dragon but the torso and head of a gigantic human. It was held a humongous axe the size of a wardrobe in its right hand and I assumed this was one of the fabled Feldraks. Without any introduction both beasts were whipped and goaded towards each other. As they got closer, the whips and pikes of the Lashmasters’ drew black blood on the Lizards flanks. As the monster became more enraged, an additional head and neck sprouted out of its shoulders. The process was fascinating to watch, and I stood with an open mouth as one head became two heads and two heads became four, each with snapping jaws of razor-sharp teeth. This was the first time I saw a Hydra and by the gods, I'm glad it was the last.

    As the two monstrosities clashed in the centre of the sand, the excitement of the crowd escalated into a deafening howl. Amidst the cacophony of sounds, the bloodthirsty spectators were placing bets on which beast would devour the other; the Hydra spewing forth acidic bile or the Feldrak and the enormous axe that was now coming to grips with the numerous heads of the lizard. The Hydra sunk the teeth of one of its heads into the shoulder of the giant half breed. The pain was real on the Feldraks’ face. Its flesh boiled and bubbled around the wound as the acidic bile of the hydra worked its way into the skin. The Draconic giant in turn cast its axe in a mighty uppercut into the neck of the gripping head. It almost carved the whole way through, and the neck started erratically writhing and squirting out black blood, covering the arena sands with dark gore.

    The Hydra was undeterred. The arena audience screamed in delight when in place of its withered head, two more heads grew from its shoulders and threw themselves into the attack. The giant was furiously parrying the bites and thrusts coming its way from all angles. Blows to the many heads and slices in the necks were seemingly ignored and sometimes the open wounds knit back together in the blink of an eye. These additional heads were able to bite and distract their enemy, but they did not have the same gleaming intelligence exhibited by the first head and its yellow eyes. Nevertheless, there were simply too many heads to stop all at once. Pressing the advantage, the handlers of the hydra goaded it forwards.

    The overzealous assault allowed the Elder Feldrak to get in underneath the savage maws, and dropping the axe, it locked a clutch of coiling necks together with its powerful arms. The beasts became entangled and the fight turned into a wrestling match on the ground. The Feldrak trying to suffocate the life out of the Hydra, and the Hydras many heads, desperately landing poisonous lacerations to the unprotected skin of the Feldraks’ body and head.

    The muscular arms of the half-dragon were unrelenting and slowly, the hydra's heads were, one by one, falling to unconsciousness. The crowd slowly subsided as the many-headed lizard squirmed and was still. In the silence, the mountainous form of the Feldrak rose from the sand, covered in black blood and breathing heavily. As the dust settled, the slumped form of the Hydra and its many heads and necks could be seen, each a wilted and lifeless helix.

    Amongst the tangle, a yellow eye opened, glinting with malice. All of a sudden, the once still mass sprang to life as if a hundred snakes had all been angered in an instant. The crowd exploded with a roar. The speed and ferocity of the renewed assault took the Feldrak off guard. It made a last desperate parry before the head with the shining yellow eyes sunk its teeth into its neck for the fatal death blow. It was now the hydras turn to stand victorious amongst the cheering crowd. The many heads of the hydra began to wither and fall to the ground, until the Hydra was left with just one head; its gleaming yellow eyes calculating and cold. The Monster then proceeded to greedily consume the blackened husks it had just shed.

    It was at this point when I remembered where I was, all too late. I doubled over onto the floor from the fist that connected with my stomach. My master knelt over me and with a curved blade and she sliced off my ear. This was the price I paid for the spectacle of Caen Dracin when I should have been listening to my masters’ requests for more wine.

    Excerpt from Vincent Zundermann's: Tales of a Slave

    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

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  • Well the extra info on the Repeater Battery is very interesting, 8 Aim 3+ Str 5 Ap2 shot with move and fire (on a Adv 5 plaform) looks very nice at first glance. My first instinct is that with the 24inch range and the idea that you want the platform to be mobile is quick to fire a rule that should be experimented with (e.g. is without it is it too inaccurate to encourage the mobile shooting playstyle or on the other hand would adding it make the piece too powerful). The other option might be to play with the range (24 and thus a 12 inch short range feels a little too short, but 30 might be one again worth playtesting).

    I'm sure you've already considered those thoughts, but honestly as a design I love the Repeater, just sharing thoughts on the obvious areas to tweak it in playtesting.

    The change to the Manslayer (Deadly Riposte) is excellent and much more likely to have more of an impact (despite lower odds of it triggering, it not reliant on getting all the way through to the saving throws means I think it will proc more)

    Warlocks irresistible will rule is lovely. I love that it's not an option. It's always on.

    I'd love to know more about Blades of Doric now (you know just how leave something new hidden with each reveal).

    Really looking forward to be able to playtest the beta book.

    Keep up the excellent work.
  • Better move, but still no spear on manslayer (I wonder why), and the loss of the 5++ in melee is quite disappointing, as Darksky pointed it was a good addition for keeping him in an unit. And Dis 9 raise some question about his role, or the rules/characters of the army : will we have more than one character with Dis 10 ? have we a rule for increasing Dis (like +1 Dis first turn - being confident for first strike) ?

    The "Blades of Doraic" (interesting name as HBE have a "Dorac") weapon option on the warloc is intriging. For 10pts it's surely something not too strong, so which unit have also access to it ? :rolleyes:

    The ballista is OK. Glad there is no Quick to Fire.
    :DE: :UD_bw:

    Devastating Charge (Scout)

    Fortitude(2+,against Flaming)

    I hold no truth except mine. And I'm not sure about this last one.
  • Zyv wrote:

    Sorry, but that Wall of Text in the Mist Leviathan is a total Turn Off...didn't even read it to see whether its good or Not...
    It still feels like an awful lot of rules for something which at least for a combat unit feels marginal at best.
    Yes it allows a R3 5+ medium size block to avoid some shooting, but it still has a turn where is gets out and does nothing, and where it is heading has still been telegraphed to some extent.

    Maybe it works really well in putting repeater auxiliaries into a position where they can shoot the flanks of the enemy, putting pressure the turn they 'ambush' on through shooting and threatening flank charges on later turns in support of main combat units?

    However I conceded I maybe missing the point entirely.

    Perhaps what might be a good idea is to give examples of what this unit has allowed the DE player to do in some of your alpha playtest battles? What units and characters you've put inside etc.

    Using actual examples of how the rules team have used it on the field of battle might allow the rest of us a clearer insight into the unit.
    1. Really sad to see the Familiar on the Warlock go. Now the Warlock seems a lot more like a generic Wizard Master.
    2. The Irresistible Will rule looks very cool and exciting. I like that I can't estimate how good it will be.
    3. Manslayer got more generic: 200 pts special equipment instead of 150pts and built-in CC 5+ might actually be a great buff. But lost Dis 10. I wonder what his role will be in the end.
    4. Riposte is a better rule. Now triggered more often, but still not that often. Hard writing the "don't works on mounts" into the rule lacks a little elegance, but still gets the point across where you want him to be.
    5. War Machine: 24" is really, really low for a War Machine. It does not have good defenses like other ID war machines. But the power is undeniable. In an army with a lot of "pull" where you can afford to stand and let the enemy come to you, this might be ridiculously overpoewred. DE might have a harder time using it, by need of getting into CC before being shot to pieces. My WDG playing opponent will probably rage for hours when he sees it.
    Edit: Losing the single shot on war machine is a huge hit for versatility. Would open more design space for Hunting Chariot as designated single model killer. With the prevalence of the latter, this might just push out the Battery from lists.

    Tool Support Battle Scribe

    DE Community Support

    My blog with battle reports and painting gallery:

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  • Quick thoughts:

    Lore: Great start.
    Manslayer: Very cool concept. I love counter-attack models.
    Warlock: Less flavourful than the original attempt but... hm... item?
    Daeb reapers: Holy heck those are awesome.
    Mist Leviathan: Way, way too much text. Simplifying this would be optimal.

    Outstanding work, guys. Will dig out my DE when open beta starts!
    Goblin, Daemon Legions and Warriors of the Dark Gods Player and 9th Age Staffer
    Follow my journey through the world of 9th Age HERE
  • DarkSky wrote:

    Edit: Losing the single shot on war machine is a huge hit for versatility. Would open more design space for Hunting Chariot as designated single model killer. With the prevalence of the latter, this might just push out the Battery from lists.
    Battery at long range at a res 6 4+ model:
    8 shots, 4+ to hit -> 4 hits
    5+ to wound -> 1,32 wounds
    1,32 vs 6+ armor -> 1,14 roughly

    Long range single shot bolt thrower:
    1 shot on 4+ (0,5 hits)
    Wound on 4+ (0,25 wounds)
    No save, multiwound D3 0,25 * 2 = 0,5 wounds through.

    Now let's assume old single shot BT can shoot at short range with the enemy within 24" as the battery is out of range otherwise so old BT would deal infinitely more damage in comparison.
    Battery is the same, 1,14 wounds.

    Single shot BT:
    3+ to hit (0,66 hits)
    4+ to wound (0,33 wounds)
    No save, apply multiwound D3 so multiply by 2 -> 0,66 wounds through.

    Let's assume new battery moves into range therefore hitting on 5+.
    Single shot BT: 0,66 wounds.

    8 shots, 5+ to hit -> 2,64 hits
    wounding on 5+ -> 0,87 wounds
    6+ save -> 0,75 wounds through rounded up from 0,74.

    The new battery is better at any range or situation against a monster with resilience 6 and 4+ armour.
    I imagine once the battery starts hitting on 6+ the old BT pulls ahead. The old BT does more damage when it hits and wounds but it is less reliable while the battery chips enemies down slowly. 8 Shots is something not to be underestimated. I still think it should maybe not be on a round base as moving forward along with infantry makes it a very weak spot in the lines as the enemy can easily flank your units by just charging this thing instead. Also not having multiple wounds is a benefit against rock aurochs at least, don't know if there are other multiwound reducing targets.
    It's okay, it has frenzy.

    Just Flank It © KoE - Tactics 101
  • why presume it is suppose to keep pace with army. It is still warmachine with slight movement. With low range I would bet moveing once to get into firing range and or a better position, cover just out of reach of starting deployment, would be more the intention.

    Its lower range does mean it is closer to the battle line so in that context you might see understand design decisions to increase shot number to get the most bang for your buck but it is not meant to be a tank strolling through bocages.
    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

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