Foxens UD Battle Reports

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    • Foxens UD Battle Reports

      My first attempt to write a proper battle report on the 9th age forum :) . Hopefully I will have time to write more in the future.

      Hope you guys enjoy :) !

      The list:
      Core Shabtis is the name of the game!! Initial impression is that this is awesome and a lot of fun so I had to try it out.

      Below is a clip of me and most of the other guys and gals in UD forums celebrating core Shabtis. I´m the first guy with the glasses but you can see @nicreap, @Palmu and few of the other guys and gals in the background as well.

      Tomb Architect, Master Mason, General
      Lvl2 Sand, Hierophant, Tome of arcane lore
      Lvl2 Sand, dispel scroll
      Lvl2 light, pathmaster
      10 Shabtis, halberd, Full command, flaming standard
      2x5 Skeleton cav
      15 Skeleton warriors
      3x2 Vultures
      6 Tomb Cataphracts
      2x10 Necropolis Guard, AHW
      Colossus, bow
      2 Charnel Catapult
      Casket of Phatep

      @Raptor, KoE
      Duke on horse, 1+re-roll, S7?, Virtue of audacity, general
      BSB on horse, 1+re-roll, lance
      Lvl2 Light
      Lvl2 Light
      Lvl1 Light
      57 Peasant Levy, halberd, FC
      10 Bowmen, skirmish
      12 Knights of the Realm, FC
      9 Knights of the Realm, musician
      3x5 Outstriders, throwing weapons
      9 Knights of the Grail
      3 Knights of the Grail
      2 Catapults (I will call them trebs in the report)

      UD Spells: Desert Wind, Smiting, Desiccation, Desert Wind, Shifting sands, Shield of Protection, Blinding speed

      KoE Spells: Blinding speed, Time Warp, Net of Light, Banishment, Burning Brightness (Shems in the report)

      I choose halberd on the Shabtis because I felt that I needed some heavy hitters. I would love to use bows but I do not think that 10 S5 shots each turn are worth S4 in combat. They would just get overrun.

      Tomb Cataphracts are in the list to try and ambush, hopefully around turn 3 to shake things up a bit.

      I also went with dual Catapults and a casket to have some range presence. I haven’t had the time to try the new versions yet. Catapult seems interesting but I´m not sure about the casket.

      Rest of my list is basically chaff and a support colossus.

      KoE drops 1 unit of Yeomen outstriders on his far right then I proceed to drop my whole list in my right corner to get first turn. I deploy tight formations so that most of my stuff is within 12” of general and bubble spells. I (faulty) thought that he would deploy across the table on front of me with some flanking action – but he didn´t. He deployed center so that I can´t reach with spells or the casket (trebuchets) but close enough that he can have a decent first turn if I change my mind after he prays.

      UD T1: KoE prays but I opt to go first anyways.
      I shuffle forward some.
      Magic: 6+3+(active channel)0+(passive)0. I fail to cast Dwind on Shabtis with 2 dice, smiting on colossus is dispelled, 3 dice bubble protection goes through.
      Shooting: Casket kills one knight, CC1 hit the peasant horde of Doom (PHoD) 35 hits equals 10 kills, they pass the panic check.

      KoE T1: He push everything forward.
      Magic: 1+1+1+1. 3 dice banishment kills SC1.
      Shooting: Treb 1 miss fire and take a wound. Treb 2 hit and kill one of my catapults..

      KoE advances toward the lines of the undead!

      UD T2: Snake surfers have better things to do and decide not to show up.
      Turn 2 sees me doing what TK players have mastered over the years – move backward.
      Magic: 2+1+1+0. I throw all 4 dice at bubbled protection but manage to roll a grand total of 5..
      Shooting: Casket kills another knight, CC manage to hit PHoD again after a small scatter (hit 30, kill 6). They pass panic.

      KoE T2: Both units of KotR tries to charge NG but only the small unit makes it. Didn´t really see that one charge from the small unit coming and it wasn´t even that long of a charge.. I´m not to worried since NG are basically chaff and colossus should be able to handle himself. Outstriders charge casket, the other unit block Shabtis everything else moves forward.
      Magic: 3+2+0+0. 5 dice Blinding speed on knights is scrolled - I was delusional and thought that NG could hold so that I could counter charge in the flank if he got no buffs through..
      Shooting: Both trebs misses.
      Combat: Casket put up a good fight and manage to draw combat after killing 3!! Outstriders. NG manage to kill 3 knights which isn’t bad but still gets a good beating and crumbles to dust. Knights overrun into the flank of the colossus.

      UD 3: Shabtis charge Outstriders which flees – not much to redirect to.
      After some carefully and precise measurement it is clear that my remaining NG are 1mm short to be able to charge knights in the flank.. Doh!
      Magic: 2+2+0+1. Protection goes on the colossus and I fail Dwind on 2 dice.
      Shooting: CC fires at the lone knight hoping to get lucky.
      Combat: Casket kills another Outstrider but they hold. Colossus smash knights like no tomorrow, killing 4 and taking no wounds back. Colossus pursue when knights break but end up 1 inch short.

      KoE 3: Both the buss and the Knights of the Grail charge the colossus – poor poor colossus..
      The last Outstriders fail to reach the casket. Both the fleeing knights and outstriders fail to rally and keep running. Treb 1 moves up on the hill to get a better view.
      Magic: 6+4+0+0. Shems on vultures fails. Banishment kills one unit of vultures and blinding speed goes through on the KotG. Net on Shabtis is dispelled.
      Shooting: Treb miss.
      Combat: Just when combat starts I remember that I have forgotten to use 5+ regen from my general (I even have the master mason upgrade..) even once this game. Not that it would matter anyways when all those knights comes crashing down on the poor colossus. Casket draw combat.

      UD 4: Snakes finally arrive to save the day!
      TG charge KotG in the flank – If I can manage to get 1 lousy spell through they should be fine (little did I Know). Shabtis charge the lone knight.
      Magic: 4+1+0+0. Blinding speed on NG is dispelled. Shifting sands goes through on the buss.
      Shooting: CC aim to hit both bowmen and PHoD – a hit is scored again since my catapult is on fire in more than one way this game!! Killing 3 Bowmen and 7 peasants – both pass panic.
      Combat: 505pts Shabtis barely kills the lone knight since he warded 4/5 wounds on 5+ :rolleyes: ..
      KotG absolutely brutalize NG with their WS5, S4, I5, A2 statline.. Dafuq? In my fairy land they only had 1 attack each with S3.. I know nothing. 1 NG is left standing after crumble. Casket kills the last Outstrider :evil: .

      Snakes (Scorpion riders) arrive to save the day!

      KoE 4: Some stuff rally. Lvl1 with Shems move to get LoS on vultures. Buss and PHoD reforms to face Cataphracts and Outstriders move to block the snake surfers just in case.
      Magic: 5+2+0+0. 2 dice Shems kills vultures. I fail to dispel 5 dice boosted Banishment on TC which results in 14 hits which equals 10 wounds after saves…
      Shooting: One treb hit and did 2 wounds on the remaining TC which leaves them badly hurt with only 2 guys left.
      Combat: Knights kill the last NG.

      My reaction to my Cataphracts dying:

      Tomb Cataphracts were suppose to be the chosen one and bring balance to the board :( ..

      UD 5:
      Neutered NK charge YO3 to try and get some points back before they are destroyed. The picture does not show it very well but my own units SC2 and vultures successfully block Shabtis making either knight unit impossible to charge – like a baws..
      Magic: 3+2+0+0. Blinding on Shabtis is dispelled but protection goes through on the same unit.
      Shooting: CC hit both knight units in a desperate attempt to force some panic checks but fails to break through armor and wards. Casket fails to hit.
      Combat: TC get a serious beating by the KoE PEASANT CHAFF and trades 1 snake for 3 Outstriders, they hold.

      KoE 5: Peasants proceed to charge the lone TC and KotG charge Shabtis. Stuff moves around.
      Magic: 6+5+0+1. I dispel 5 dice time warp on the knights with my 7 dice. Blinding goes through on the knights and net hits my mage bunker. (We forget to roll this test in my turn).
      Shooting: One treb misfire other miss.
      Combat: Apparently one lone TC is scary because both units in contact fails fear but that does not matter and he easily crumbles. Shabtis kill 2 knights and take 4 wounds for the trouble. Knights win by 3.

      UD 6: Not much moves.
      Magic: 4+1+1+1. I fricking fail blinding speed on Shabtis with 3 dice and smiting is dispelled. My mediocre, sad excuse for a magic phase throughout the game started to really get on my nerve by this point.
      Shooting: Casket kills the last Outstrider causing PHoD to panic 8) . CC scatter and put one wound on my Shabtis..
      Combat: Shabtis lay down some hurt on the knights and kill 3 of them, the remaining breaks and run away. The following pursue takes Shabtis into the buss denying them the charge.

      KoE 6: Everything that can, charge my Shabtis – because reasons.
      Peasants and knights continue to run, securing me some points.
      Magic: 5+3+0+1. TW is dispelled but blinding goes through on the buss.
      Shooting: Nothing
      Combat: Surprisingly (or not..) knights with BSB and general slaughter my Shabtis – only one remaining after crumble.

      KoE wins 1373 vs 702.

      I didn´t play very well and Raptor is an excellent player but I didn´t feel that my list were that strong. The cost is high to get core Shabtis. Loss of lord level characters is rough.
      My magic was HORRIBLE, below average magic phases really kills UD and a few bad phases in a row is devastating.
      Path of sand is too hard to cast to be worth it after 0.11 IMO. In all my phases I found myself trying to cast either blinding speed or protection instead of any Sand spells. If I would have the dice I could have tried some sand spells but those aren´t good enough when you only have dice to cast 1-2 spells. In my future lists I will try to move away from sand and focus more on light and maybe try a play style similar to what Raptor used – 5 dice that one spell that matters the most and then if there are dice left try to get some secondary spell through.
      More playtesting will tell what works best but I fear that the classic UD/TK magic style (many spells cast on 2 dice) is not possible anymore (which hurts when you need magic to keep your army “alive”). It was really disheartening to get one bad magic phase after another.

      were kinda cool. They are quite expensive at 130pts and I´m not sure they are worth it - but it sure is fun when you score a hit on a infantry unit :) .
      Casket on the other hand is soo fricking matchup dependent it´s not even funny. And when most armies can get a decent LD on their general its even less reliable. I did not have any useful target this game since Raptor places his catapults 36.5” away from it and casket suck when it comes to kill multiple 1w models in units.
      I probably wont use bow on Colossus anytime soon – it´s an expensive model that hit 2 times every game on average IF he shoots all game which isn´t what he wants to do anyways.

      was disappointing – for starters I should have placed them somewhere else but secondly it is a lot of points that don’t do anything if they arrive late. I will try 2 smaller units in the future with ambush and see what happens. Im thinking 2 units of 4.
      Shabtis were cool but even thou they hit hard they still need support either in magic or other units to shine. If I tweak my list to better support the Shabtis it should perform better.

      Sorry for the wall of text :rolleyes:

      UD, WDG and O&G
    • One suggestion would be to use the Tome of Arcane Power on the lvl2 Hiero, so you can get that Master-level dispel and casting - it's only 35p on a little wizard after all!

      And ambushing a unit of 6 cataphracts really IS insanely risky, that's a lot of points that might not even arrive :D. Two units of three or four is more trustworthy and can do more than a unit of 6, even if the ambush becomes more expensive.

      I hope we'll be able to add a standard or something that helps with UA at some point.
      Life is hard when you're a skeleton
    • Foxen wrote:

      After some carefully and precise measurement it is clear that my remaining NG are 1mm short to be able to charge knights in the flank.. Doh!
      Hahaha, precise measurement in this game? :p

      Anyway, nice review. I wonder why you kept your Shabits away from combat so long? (Oh wait I see, you where held up :P) And btw you could move the casket just like he did with his trebuchet, then you would be within 36" and hit the !@#$%^&* basterd!
    • Nice report foxen! :)

      Shabtis were kept away from combat due to Deployment and chaff.
      My plan was to multi-charge them turn 5 or 6, but I fucked up :P
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    • 2500pts vs SA

      My List:
      Lvl2 Light, Tome of Arcane Lore
      Lvl2 Light
      Lvl2 Sand, Dispel scroll
      Tomb Architect, General, Mason´s Menagerie
      10 Shabtis, FC, Halberd, Flame banner
      2x5 Skeleton Cav
      10 Skeleton Warriors
      Battle Sphinx
      3x2 Great Vulture
      2 Sand Scorpion
      4 Tomb Cataphracts, Standard, Underground Ambush
      2 Caskets
      2 Colossus, AHW

      Saurian Ancients: @Life
      Cuatl Lord, Path of white, Totem of Mixoatl
      Saurian Veteran, Raptor, 1+ AS, 4++
      Saurian Veteran, Raptor, 1+ re-roll?
      Skink Captain, Alpha Pteradon? Serpent Bow
      4x10 Skink Hunters, Skirmish
      2x25 Skink Braves
      22 ish Temple Guard, FC, Razorbanner?
      6 Caimans, Musician
      3 Spearback

      UD Spells: Burning Brightness, Net of light, Banishment, Burning Brightness, Blinding Speed, Desert Wind, Desiccation.
      SA: Luminous Bolts, Guiding Hand, BoAmhar, Cataclysm

      SA gets to deploy first and deploy everything to get first turn. Pretty straightforward deployment on my part. I was contemplating whether or not to deploy on my left side to try and push since his TG was far away and would take some time to get there but in the end I chose the right side to avoid his shooting. I also didn’t want him to be able to sneak up on me with his characters using house and hill to block LOS from my caskets.

      SA Turn 1:
      Everything moves forward.
      Magic: 5+1+0+1. I dispel Bolts trying to target some chaff. I Fail to dispel Blessing on TG (shield counter on skink captain), Guiding Hand and accompanying shield counter goes through on TG.
      Shooting: Skink Captain miss something.

      UD 1:
      I shuffle some bones trying to get LOS with magic and caskets.
      Magic: 5+4+0+0. BB kills 2 skinks, second BB fail with 2 dice.. DW on Captain is dispelled. I fail to cast Net on Captain (Didn’t want to take any chances with this guy).
      Shooting: Casket nr 1 fry Captain (Morgan?) after a failed LD test. Casket nr 2 hit and does one wound on the Raptor veteran in the TG unit (rolled 2 resulting in 2 wounds but counter saves him).

      I´m off to a good start with my shooting.

      SA 2:
      The wounded Veteran ran to the hills, ran for his life trying to avoid the vengeful spirits of the caskets. Everything else moves forward. One unit of skinks blocking the path of the Shabtis.
      Magic: 3+1+1+1. Bolts kill 2 skeleton cav. I dispel Guiding hand (BS) on skinks.
      Shooting: Skinks put one wound on the Sphinx. The rest of his skinks choke on their pipes and hit nothing.

      UD 2:
      Colossus nr 1 terror charge skinks off the board. Shabtis charge skinks in front of them hopefully clearing a path to the leader of the lizards. Cataphracts and 1 scorpion arrives to lend a hand. Everything else tries to get a better position for coming turns.
      Magic: 5+1+0+1. BB goes through on skins killing 2. Net on TG is dispelled and a second BB fails.
      Shooting: Every LD-test is passed and the spirits are confined to their casket.
      Combat: Shabtis have no trouble slaying every last skink before reforming to face one Giant toad and his retinue.

      Always a nice feeling when UA units arrive . :)

      SA 3:
      Saurian Veteran on the left flank fails stupidity and stubbles forward (the angle is a bit of on the picture sry). Most everything in close proximity to the scorpion reforms to get a good shoot at him. Hunters and Caimans advance while TG and toad reform and back up trying to avoid cataphracts in flank and shabtis in front.
      Magic: 5+1+1+1. I let temple guards have 5+ ward and dispel boosted Guiding hand. If my shabits make it into combat I want to swing first.
      Shooting: Skinks put 2 wounds on the sphinx (sphinxes made of stone really really dislike poisoned darts..) Skinks and spearbacks gang up and brutalize the poor scorpion.
      Combat: None

      This is how I imagine the mighty Toad lord explaining his retreat to his superiors in some toad council after the fight:

      UD 3:
      Sphinx charge some skinks who opt to flee. Shabtis charge and make it into the front of the temple guards. And the rest of the army advance.
      Magic: 2+1+1+0. I manage to roll a grand total of 10 on 4 dice trying to cast blinding speed on shabtis and of course he rolls double 6s and dispel it…
      Shooting: Casket nr1 hit the Saurian veteran on the left flank but he wards it. The other casket fails to hit caimans.
      Combat: I was somewhat confident that my shabtis would not disappoint vs TG since they wound on 2+ and strike first. I manage to hit with 13ish attacks which results in 7 wounds after ward saves which isn’t terrible but not amazing either. TG hit back and brutalize a few shabtis.. It turns out that re-rolling 1s and 2s in combat is pretty good especially if you only pay 35pts for it.. Shabtis barley win combat by one but TG easily holds.

      SA 4:
      Veteran charges some chaff. Caimans reform and move to a better position.
      Magic: 6+4+0+1. He cast 5++ on TG which I use all my 7 dice on saving scroll for Guiding hand. He then cast Cataclysm on my bunker which I´m not to worried about now when flammable rule is changed. My general and one mage take one wound each and 2 skeletons die. He then tries to cast Guiding hand on TG with the one remaining die but fails.
      Shooting: Skinks line up and play darts with my sphinx killing it easily.
      Combat: Saurian veteran murder my chaff and overrun but fails to reach the next unit by 3mm. Shabtis step up and stomp the sh*t out of TG leaving 1 model left after stomps which means that they still are stubborn. Shabtis take 2 wounds for their trouble and the lone TG with the toad lord sticks due to stubborn and BSB re-roll.

      I think my opponent should have saved one more dice to cast Guiding hand to be able to strike first or draw my scroll.

      UD 4:
      Both my colossus charge and make it into caimans. Rest move up some.
      Magic: 6+3+0+0. Boosted Desert wind goes through and put 1 wound on the lone veteran, 3 wounds on caimans ^^ and killing the remaining TG leaving toadman behind to fight of 8 shabtis. I then dispel Cataclysm.
      Shooting: Does nothing.
      Combat: Shabtis kill the supreme leader of the Saurians and reform. Since ciamans have great weapons both my colossus strike first and murder 3 caimans and taking 3 wounds in return. Caimans break and run away, colossus fail to catch.
      We then call it a game due to time.

      Few units in the game can take 2 colossuses to the face and survive (maybe except DL core.. those things are broken as fu*k, see my upcoming BR).

      Tough life being a caiman today.

      How it looked in the end.

      UD wins 1526 vs 455

      Good fun game even though we didn’t have time to finish. I thought that it was a fairly balanced game that could have ended differently if my opponent had deployed and played a little bit different. It isn’t always a good thing to deploy everything too early. His spearbacks and salamander were out of the game more or less due to deployment.
      I also do not think that white magic is that great vs my list, 5++ is meh, cataclysm is also meh.. Luminous bolts are pretty nice but I have so much chaff that it hardly matters and guiding hand is the go to choice to dispel when things get serious in combat.

      TG with (under priced ?) Totem of Mixoatl could be a really sweet unit with the right size and the right magic support.

      MVP in my list: Probably caskets because they neutralized two big threats in my first turn. They didn’t do sh*t after turn one due to no targets of value but one can´t get everything in life ^^.
      LVP: I´m undecided between sphinx and scorpions (last scorp didn´t even arrive). But I probably go with the sphinx, he does not like small poisonous darts.

      I´m very sad about the nerf to scouting because our skeleton cav is soo much worse because of it. I don’t necessarily think that the change is bad overall but it leaves UD with one go to choice when it comes to chaff. Before the change I would say horsemen were a close match to vultures.

      UD, WDG and O&G
    • Great report!

      I would have to admit i did not make the best decicions during this game, shouldnt have pushed TG up so far with no blockers closer to Shabtis for instance and was abit taken aback when yout TC popped up turn 2, had forgotten about how they deploy.. my bad!
      The fact that the Raptor hero failed stupidity and then his overrun was underwhelming aswell, but hey it can't always go as you want it to I guess.

      Still abit fresh with SA in Ninth and playing around with lists, altough i doubt i will go for white magic again (have some nice spells, but to quote you above its kind of "meh".

      Fun Game overall, thanks Foxen.
    • 2500pts vs DL

      My List:
      Lvl2 Light, Tome of Arcane Lore
      Lvl2 Light
      Lvl2 Sand, Dispel scroll
      Tomb Architect, General, Mason´s Menagerie
      10 Shabtis, FC, Halberd, Flame banner
      2x5 Skeleton Cav
      10 Skeleton Warriors
      Battle Sphinx
      3x2 Great Vulture
      2 Sand Scorpion
      4 Tomb Cataphracts, Standard, Underground Ambush
      2 Caskets
      2 Colossus, AHW

      Prince of lust, Black ord, soul bound staff, lightning reflexes, Lash of lust
      Harbringer of Lust, Blissful Bindings, Dance of Death, Lvl2 lust
      Harbringer of Wrath, BSB, Armor piercing banner, Eternal Fury
      30 Sirens, FC, Banner of speed, Clawed Caress? AHW?
      30 Slaughterers, FC, Hell Blades
      3 Sky serpents
      3 Sky serpents
      5 Mounted sirens, Barbed Claws
      5 Mounted sirens, Barbed Claws
      Carnal Chariot

      UD Spells: Burning brightness, Blinding speed, Time warp, Shield of protection, Banishment, Desert winds, Shifting sands
      DL: Miasma, Glimpse of the end, Devouring darkness, Mind razor, Wicked Lash, Frenzied hysteria

      UL before deployment

      I deploy a Scorpion on the left behind impass and then he deploys more or less his whole army to get first turn. I put the rest of my army in the middle hoping to avoid his Slaughterers for as long possible.

      DL Turn 1:
      Pretty straight forward movement phase, everything moves up.
      Magic: 3+1+0+1. I fail to dispel Devouring darkness on casket which dies horribly.

      Sirens with banner of speed are crazy with movement 7!

      UD 1:
      Skeleton cav moves up to block the advancing Sirens. I move my Sphinx in between of Mounted sirens and Casket feeling confident that he can protect the Casket from Demonic legion chaff. Rest of my army moves up to get a better position.
      Magic: 6+2+1+0. 5 dice Banishment is dispelled. I fail Desert wind with 2 dice on his prince.
      Shooting: Casket hit his general but he wards it.

      DL 2:
      Sirens charge my skeleton cav and his Mounted sirens feeling brave and charge my Sphinx. Sky serpents slash my Scorpion doing 1 wound. Rest move up some.
      Magic: 2+1+1+0. Four dice Darkness scatters of my second Casket and Skeleton cav.
      Shooting: Shabtis get a good whipping by the Prince and lose 5 wounds.
      Combat: My skeleton cav easily dies. His 95pts Mounted sirens/chaff gives my 220pts Sphinx a good beating killing it outright. I don’t even get to strike back.. He then overruns in to Casket.

      Jeeezus, Mounted sirens with claws are nasty.

      UD 2:
      I´m feeling corned and his whole army is closing in so I go balls to the wall and charge with everything that matters into his Sirens. One of my Colossus fail but rest of my stuff makes it.
      Magic: 4+3+1+0. Five dice Banishment is dispelled. And I fail to cast Speed of light with 3 dice..
      Combat: I have 200ish pts more invested in this combat + charge so I felt that I had the odds on my side. Little did I know.. Sirens and Harbringer together put 10 wound into my Shabtis. My remaining 6 Shabtis, Scorpion, Colossus and various stomps manage 8 wounds after saves. And since he has ranks he wins combat by 2 and I crumble a little. His chaff easily kills my Casket.

      I have been playing TK for a few years now and I should have known better than to expect a fair fight when I “only” had 200ish points more invested in that combat with a core unit.

      Me going all in!

      DL 3:
      His general charge my Scorpion and his Chariot goes into my Colossus. His second unit of Mounted sirens on my left flank makes a 21” charge into my bunker.
      Magic: 6+2+1+0. I let Glimpse go through on Shabtis lovering their toughness by 1. He then fail to cast frenzy and I dispel mind razor on Sirens.
      Combat: His chaff kills a few skeleton warriors and win by 3. In the big fight his Prins brutalize my Scorpion, Sirens put a wound in Colossus and 8 in Shabtis. I manage to kill his Harbringer with stomps before everything on my side crumbles away.. I then concede because I have nothing but chaff and a few mages left and he haven’t lost even one unit.

      One of maybe two times I have conceded this early.

      How it looked when i Conceded.

      This game did go much worse than I expected ^^. Felt pretty good early on when he deployed his Slaughterers on the far right side thinking that I could overpower him center if I could put a few wounds on his prince with caskets turn 1 or 2.
      I clearly underestimated pretty much his whole army but I was especially surprised to see his Mounted sirens (chaff in my mind) humiliate my Sphinx like they did. My Sphinx was hardly a speed bump. UD could use a few of those and a Lash of lust (doom)

      MVP in my list: Lol
      LVP: Sphinx

      UD, WDG and O&G