Tutorial - How to paint Dwarf Clan Warriors

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    • Tutorial - How to paint Dwarf Clan Warriors


      This is my second tutorial for 9th Age, quickly showing you how to paint Dwarf Clan Warriors.
      It's not a comprehensive tutorial but if you have any questions please ask!

      9th Age inspired me to paint a big block of 40 models - max allowed in v.0.11 Dwarf book.
      I've used Clan Skullpass Dwarfs from GW, which I bought back when that company still supported Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

      I am using Citadel paints and supplies but you are free to choose any equivalent.
      Here is a nice Paint Comparison Table that might help you match colors Paint Range Compatibility Chart

      First prime the models - I've used Citadel Black Primer, but I can also recommend Army Painter Plate Mail Metal primer to speed up the work (or any of their color primers if it matches your chosen color scheme).

      For these core troops I've done double basecoat, shade, layer and highlight as shown below:

      First BasecoatSecond BasecoatShadeLayerHighlight
      Faces and HandsBugmans Glow
      Bugmans Glow
      Reikland Fleshshade
      Cadian Fleshtone
      Kislev Flesh
      Brown Beards
      Rhinox Hide
      Rhinox Hide
      Agrax Earthshade
      Doombull Brown
      Ginger/Orange Beards
      Jokaero Orange
      Jokaero Orange
      Seraphim Sepia
      Troll Slayer Orange
      Black Beards
      Abaddon Black
      Eshin Grey
      Nuln Oil
      Eshin Grey
      Blonde Beards
      XV-88XV-88Casandora Yellow
      Balor Brown
      Dark Grey Beards
      Mechanicus Standard Grey
      Mechanicus Standard Grey
      Nuln Oil
      Cloth and Shields interior
      Caliban Green
      Caliban Green
      Biel-Tan Green
      Warpstone Glow
      Moot Green
      Axe Handles
      Rhinox Hide
      Rhinox Hide
      Agrax Earthshade
      Skrag Brown
      Leather pieces (boots and gloves)
      Rhinox Hide
      Rhinox Hide
      Agrax Earthshade
      Doombull Brown
      Zandri Dust
      Zandri Dust

      Ushabti Bone
      Screaming Skull
      Armour, helmets and rim of the shields
      LeadbelcherLeadbelcherNuln Oil
      IronbreakerRunefang Steel
      Hair bands, bags and pouches
      Mephiston Red
      Mephiston Red
      Carroburg Crimson
      Mephiston Red
      Golden elements/ornaments
      XV-88Gehenna's Gold
      Agrax Earthshade
      Gehenna's Gold
      Auric Armour Gold
      Armour rim
      Balthasar Gold
      Balthasar Gold
      Agrax Earthshade
      Hashut Copper

      First paint all models with the first basecoat - if you want faster job you could leave it at that, but I recommend doing second basecoat - models will look way nicer.
      When basecoating remember about eyebrows and beards on the interior side of shields.

      After both basecoats are done use wash/shade paints.
      At this point you can do the eyes - after basecoats and shading are done paint eyesockets with Dawnstone, then add tiny black dot.

      Next proceed to layer colors and finish with highlights where needed.
      After models are done I spray them with Citadel Purity Seal varnish.

      Here are some pictures:

      Primed models with first basecoat of Bugmans Glow
      Styczeń 2016 007 1mb.jpg

      Basecoated beards
      Styczeń 2016 041 1mb.jpg

      All basecolors applied (first time)
      Styczeń 2016 148 1mb.jpg Styczeń 2016 150 1mb.jpg

      All basecolors applied twice
      Luty 2016 009 1mb.jpg

      Shading is done
      Luty 2016 010 1mb.jpg Luty 2016 019 1mb.jpg

      Finished fruit of 2 months labour
      Luty 2016 032 1mb.jpg Luty 2016 040 1mb.jpg Luty 2016 053 1mb.jpg

      *please not that command group is a little different, since I've done them earlier than the unit

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