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About Me
About Me
Hello, my name is Juho, a long time Fantasy strategy gamer from Finland. I am currently studying as an ICT Technician. My hobbies include playing guitar, doing computer stuff and gym. I have been playing Warhammer FB since 6th edition, altho I took a long break during 7th edition but got into playing again just before 8th edition was introduced. After the end times I continued playing 8th edition with my friends, but unfortunately they soon lost interest and that's when I discovered 9th Age. I have been playing 9th Age since 1.0 and I love it.

Vampire Covenant is my number one army, I started collecting them when I was 12 or so, yet my collection isn't nearly finished! Oh no! I also have EoS and WOTDG armies waiting to be assembled and painted.

Occasionally I play Bolt Action (US Marines) and Warhammer 40.000 (Death Guard), they are both great games. Nevertheless Fantasy setting is the one I love the most, no arguing about that.

Anyways, thanks for the 9th Age community for creating and keeping this awesome project alive!

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Jan 5th 1991 (28)
24800 Halikko, Finland