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About Me
About Me
I've started collecting Warhammer a long time ago, probably about eight years or something. I started with the at that time newly released Vampire Counts. Throughout the years the hobby was kinda on off for me and I switched my army mutliple times, as well as the system I was playing. Sadly I have to admit it always stayed at planning to play since I didn't find anyone interested enough to play the game. So I've been involved with the hobby for such a long time but never played an actual game (sad face).

After my last breake where I was collecting Wh40k since I hated the AoS changes I randomly stumbled over T9A. Today I'm gathering some friend trying to build a gaming community so yeah wish me luck :D

Factionswise I'm pretty bad at setteling with one faction but so far I'm quite happy with Ogre Khans and Lizards right now. Possible other factions in the future might be Elves. I generally prefere smaller armies so I can put more work into each individual model whilest not drowning in the model count. Besides that I like armys that have some cool big eye catchers which is why I for example couldn't play EoS, despite loving the atmosphere they are bringing to the table.
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Apr 27th 1998 (21)
Kapellenstraße 1, 53547 Breitscheid, Germany
Warhammer, gaming, writing