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About Me
About Me
Name: Erik Aronson

How old are you? Born 1985 (I will not update this once a year)

Where are you from? Sweden

Since when are you in the Hobby? 1998, with some periods of less active involvement in the game

How did you get into the Hobby? I had friends whom started playing. I tried it and enjoyed both the playing and hobby aspect of the game. I've always liked the competitive aspects of games, so playing at tournament was a natural step for me. When 8th edition was released we had a large drop of top players here in Sweden, giving me an opportunity to participate in ETC, which made me focus WH over other games.

Which armies do you play? I own and play the Vermin swarm, Empire of Sonnstahl, Ogre Khans, Infernal Dwarfs, Beast Herds, Undying Dynasties, and have many unfinished projects which might turn into new armies eventually (DH, KoE, VC, OnG, HE, SE). I try to stick with my own armies at tournaments, I don't like being limited by what models other people have available.
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Uppsala, Sweden