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  • from Rijksstraatweg 75, 1115 AJ Duivendrecht, Netherlands
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About Me
About Me
Hi all,

I used to play warhammer Fantasy very much when I was 16-24. Then When the hobby kinda died my models were stored in the attic for more than ten years. Beginning 2018 I wanted to do something other than pc gaming and decided to re-start painting models again. I really like the fact that there are tutorials on Youtube and I have the long term ambition to become a really good painter. While searching for inspiration on colors and styles I came upon the 9th age. I Did not knew it existed before. Now the old battle enthusiasm is back and with three friends I form a group that frequents toernaments in the Netherlands. I have a large Undying Dynsasties army and a large Beastmen army. But my main focus at the moment is on my latest addition, the warriors of the Dark Gods. I enjoy painting them and battling it out with these followers of sin.
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Oct 7th 1982 (37)
Rijksstraatweg 75, 1115 AJ Duivendrecht, Netherlands
9th age