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About Me
About Me
Im 25 and happily married. I have full roster armies in both the Dread Elves and the Saurians. I first got into modeling when I was 5 or 6. My older brother went on a vacation to Florida and naturally spent a day inside a games workshop store modeling and playing the Lord of the Rings miniatures game. He brought home the Last Alliance set and I had never seen anything cooler. We bought a heroes of the fellowship set together and I ended up getting Legolas. My fascination with elves has always been there. My favorite heroes of might and magic 3 faction was the rampart. My favorite book series was anything with drizzt do’orden. In every RPG from baldurs gate to D&D I played as an elf. It was a natural fit for me in warhammer 7th edition to choose the dark elves. As any dread elf player knows, when you assemble your first dread knights you immediately go look at the saurian ancients because dinosaurs are cool.

Starcraft and Age of Empires esports are the only sports I religiously watch though I am a fan of playing football.

T9A is important to me because it is a unifying hobby between all my brothers. We all grew up modeling and playing tabletop. You may see me posting around sometimes. If I ever offend or come across as arrogant let me know and I’ll do my best rephrasing whatever it is I might have said.
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New Mexico, USA
Research Scientist Intern, Physics
T9A, Starcraft 2, Outdoor Camping, Xbox, AoE2