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About Me
About Me
I am a demonic overlord of little renown bored with supernal dominion who's recently found entertainment in humans and their wargames.

Oh wait... you mean things about my human shell? When I choose to walk the earth I take up a fragile form that lives in the desert wastes in the United States. I began exploring T9A last year and expeditiously mastered 1.3 right in time for the 2.0 Beta to come along and shake up my world.

I have a mid-sized, but dedicated playgroup that I've enslaved to my whims and we play as competitively as possible for our meager frames when we aren't doing weird game-play exercises. I enjoy game mechanic theory crafting and spend more time tinkering with army list building than I do actual playing and I play regularly every week so take from that what you will. Despite my eons of experience in other things, I'll concede that I am still learning much about hurts to be humble ;)

In the last year I have explored the following armies and begun collecting miniature enslaved-beings for them:

Beast Herds (I love Minotaurs--Best slaves ever!)
Demon Legion (Started with them and began building a glorious Wrath+Change Poly army, but I'm now waiting on FAB)
Dread Elves (Mostly borrow a friend's armies when I feel like destroying things with pointy ears)
Empire of Sonnstahl (I first learnt how to play against them and transitioned from loving to kill them to just loving them)
Ogre Khans (I have so many large Minotaur miniature slaves that I needed a 40mm based army--Ogres did not disappoint)
Sylvan Elves (See Dread Elves. My friend has enslaved many pointy ears that he lends to the highest bidder...which I always am)
Warriors of the Dark Gods (I have a lot of old LoTR miniatures that I easily converted into a beautiful WDG army)