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  • from Pamelstraat 118, 9400 Ninove, Belgium
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About Me
About Me
Kristof Bayens
Age 34
Belgium, Ninove
Lead Programmer @ Government Finances, NBB
In the hobby since 2002
Got into it because of snowy weather -> warm GW store -> bought something to try it out.
I play Entombed Dynasties, Vampire Covenant, Dwarf Holds and Elves of Nature.
I support 9th Age because it represents wargaming with a heart for the players, instead of the wallet.
I am the creator of the new BattlePlanner tool.
Personal Details
Apr 11th 1981 (38)
Pamelstraat 118, 9400 Ninove, Belgium
Wargames, boardgames, larp, playing with my daughters