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About Me
About Me
Started the hobby playing Warhammer Fantasy when I was 12 but I stopped when I went to university. I then restarted playing in 2014 when I moved to Melbourne. When I moved to the UAE in 2015 my gaming stopped but hobby continued. I did get along to ETC 2016 and 2017 . Coming back to Melbourne in 2017 and now I’m loving the Melbourne T9A community.

DH are my first and true love. I also have DE and DL as my better painted hobby projects and KoE and EoS as play around armies and WoDG and VS on the painting list.

I support the T9A project because I believe in the solid base of the rule set and the great community, particularly in Melbourne and Australia.

I’m a member of the Community Engagement team and co presenter on the Battle Focus Podcast.
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Mar 1st 1986 (34)
Melbourne, Australia
Project Manager