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About Me
About Me
I am 46 years old and live in Southern Germany.

T9A is my main tabletop game for the last 4 years and I play regularly at least one time/month on base of a local league with 10 participants at the moment. Occasionally I join one day single tournaments in the region.
My main army was Vermin Swarm at first, then changed to Infernal Dwarfs and now to Kingdom of Equitaine and Warriors of the Dark Gods.
WHFB 8th Edition was one of my favorites but in my eyes T9A is much better ruleswise.Hobbywise there is also a 3rd Edition Realms of Chaos army in my collection, as well as some greenskins and dwarves.
I also like board games and pen and paper roleplaying games if possible.
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Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany
public servant
Games of all kinds, Basketball