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, Reading thread Time to feast (on data); Please help your ACS and TA on doing tourneylist analysis

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About Me
About Me
Name: Florian

How old are you? 37

Where are you from and where do you live right now? I am from Germany from Bavaria to be exact and that is also the Region I live at the Moment.

What do you do for living? I work as a teacher at a private primary school.

Since when are you in the Hobby? For over halve my life (Since the campaign Bretonia vs Lizardmen from Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition. I think that was around 1998)

How did you get into the Hobby and what have you done since then? I got to know Warhammer 40K on a language vacation to France and got stuck with Warhammer Fantasy Battle Edition 5.) Since then I have played, painted, coorganized and organized quite a lot in the field of fantasy. In Scfi I only play a tourney every second or third Edition.
I have a Youtube Channel and act as owner and admin for tabletopwelt.de

Which armies do you play? My Vermin Swarm hasn't hit the Battlefield yet and till today I don't own Infernal Dwarfs. So I guess till the end of 2019 or latest middle 2020 I Play all armies. (Main Army is at the moment SA).

Why do you support the 9th Age project?
I want it to thrive. In my Country the end of WHFB 8th Edition divieded the playing tabletop scenes. AoS and KoW and a lot of other games are also good and I enjoy to play some of them, but I belive T9A has the biggest chances to unite, bring back most Players and recruit new ones for rank and file games..

What is your personal role in the 9th Age project team? I am a member of the Translation Team for Germany and I am a member of the Tournament Support Team. I used to stalk the Saurian Ancient board as a quite lurker. Then, one of my minis spoke to me.

Giant Frog: "You shall make your first post in the Saurian Ancient Board soon."
Me: "What shall this postbe about?
A lot of minis: "About us!"

So I applied to ACS für Saurian Ancients and started to talk about them …
Then my other armies asked me to either do something for them, too or to sell them. So I played and tested them as a playtester. That was not enough for them, so I applied to and became Assistant Head of Army Community Support.

Nowadays I am preparing (=reading a lot of Top Management stuff and writing internal FaQs for ACS and soon TA) and help as a Advisory Board Member since the 1st of January 2019.
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Jul 7th 1982 (37)
primary school teacher
T9A, AoS, Pen and Paper Roleplaying
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