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About Me
About Me
A bit about myself:

My name is Henrik Thorsen, im 31, im married and I have a son who is almost 1 year old. I live in Denmark, in a city called Odense.
I´ve been working the last 7+ years for IKEA.

I´ve basically been in the fantasy universe since 7-8 years old, growing up with "the Hobbit" and "lord of the rings" as bedtime stories and I started very young with warhammer, back then it was 40k.

I had a looong break from about the age 15 to 25 and really got back into fantasy ever since.

With the end of 8th eddition and GW´s complete abandonment it has been a breath of fresh air to see fans pick up the gauntlet and make an even better game. The much needed balancing, restrictions and just trying to remove most powerplay and the spirit that could from time to time kill the soul of the game has made 9th. age my personal favourite of the edditions so far.

Most of my spare time goes with designing, kitbashing and creating new and unique models not seen before. Wheiter it be exicting poses, bulking a human in a massive armour or just creating dynamic scenes overall. it is truely my passion to create something new and exciting from almost pre-determined models.
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Oct 4th 1984 (35)
9th age, Tennis,