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About Me
About Me
Name: Nick Volm

Age: 23

Location and Occupation: I live in Minnesota and I throw cards at people at night. Aka, I give out bj's. Aka, I am a black jack dealer. There is nothing wrong with anything I said there.

How long I've been part of the hobby: While I bought some models a while back (... to play custom Heroscape units), I have been in the actual hobby for only ~3 years, and all but 1 of my games have been based in T9A. I also claim to play Hordes, if only so I have an excuse to buy those sexy, horrifying Legion of Everblight models...

Why am I in the hobby? I joined the hobby because I've always been interested in turn-based tactical games of all varieties. Since most of video games of that style aren't exactly multi-player, the hobby is a way for me to enjoy those games with friends.

What have I done in the hobby: Well for starters, I've been using it as an excuse to make creative projects in the form of both armies/ unit suggestions and . I'm a monster, and I appologize for that. If I said it's because I'm trying to design my own game (for friends to play), would that make it better?

I have collected 2 1/2 armies for T9A (DE and VC being full armies, while I gave started perusing SE as well), worked on and completed a special character creator, finished 2 homebrew armies, and finally (after much coercion) joined the HAT department.

What armies do I play? Well as said above, I play DE and VC, with a bias towards the elves. I have started collecting a SE army as well, now that I'm getting used to playing some MSU lists.

My VC will never be fully painted. I refuse.

Why do I support the project? Because it's a game that has inspired a lot of ideas for me, and I want to make sure it's around for a good long while so that other people can enjoy it.

What is my personal role in T9A project? Homebrew reviewer, Tournament advisor (for the UB tournaments being planned and plotted currently), and just trying to be a liason between the community and T9A staff in general.
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Mar 1st 1994 (25)
873 Sarazin street, Shakopee, MN 55379, USA
Soulless black jack dealer
Money grubbin' and ork stompin'