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About Me
About Me
Got back into Warhammer when 8th ed came out, saw it through to the death.
Not a 40k player, though who knows, maybe one day.
Exclusively play for fun with mates, happy to make new friends playing, but expect nothing serious. If I haven't had to drive to play, I will be enjoying a cheeky pint with the battle!
Play Orcs and Goblins, Highborn Elves, Vermin Swarm and Beast Herds.
Most regularly play against Warriors of the Dark Gods, Dwarf Holds, Sylvan Elves, Dread Elves, Ogre Khans and Kingdom of Eataine.
Personal Details
Jul 14th 1979 (40)
Preston, Lancashire, UK
Civil Servant
This (ocviously), LARP, Comics, general nerdery