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  • All units within 12" of a friendly non-fleeing model with this special rule may receive the ability to use the
    Leadership of the model with Inspiring Presence, instead of their own Leadership. This ability follows all the normal
    rules for using a Borrowed Characteristic, meaning that effects modifying the Leadership of the model with
    Inspiring Presence are applied before borrowing the model ’s Leadership. This borrowed Leadership may then be
    further modified.
  • Shabti Archers
    220 pts [Ancient Ordnance choice]
    0-3 units per amy
    Monstrous Infantry, Base size: 40x40 mm, [lexicon]Unit[/lexicon] size: 3

    Light Armour, Innate Defence (5+)
    [lexicon]Undead[/lexicon] Special Rules:
    [lexicon]Undead Construct[/lexicon]
    Special Rules:
    [lexicon]Fear[/lexicon], Scoring
    Great Aspen Bow Options:
    May add up to 7 models (74pts/[lexicon]model[/lexicon])
    May upgrade one [lexicon]model[/lexicon] to each of the following: Champion (20pts), Musician (20pts),Standard Bearer (20pts)­ - may take a Magical Standard up to 50pts
  • Skeleton Scouts
    [Core & Ancient Ordnance choice] 180 pts
    0-3 units per amy
    This unit is counted both towards Core and Ancient Ordnance
    Cavalry, 25x50mm base, Unit size: 5

    Armour: Mount's Protection (6+)
    [lexicon]Undead[/lexicon] Special Rules:[lexicon]Undead[/lexicon], [lexicon]Dust to Dust[/lexicon]
    Special Rules:[lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon], [lexicon]Scout[/lexicon], [lexicon]Light Troops[/lexicon]
    Weapons: Aspen Bow (Rider only)

    May add up to 5 models 22 pts/model
    May upgrade one [lexicon]model[/lexicon] to each of the following:Champion (20pts),Musician (20pts),Standard Bearer (20pts)­ -may become the [lexicon]Veteran Standard Bearer[/lexicon]
  • Crown of the Pharaohs (90 pts) Magic Armour - Monarchs of the Dead only
    Type: None (6+ Armour Save). The bearer may use its Undying Will (it if has it) on a single friendly unit within 6". If the wearer is Engaged in Combat, it may only choose to grant Weapon Skill to a friendly Undead unit that is Engaged with the same enemy unit as the Character. In addition, the bearer may choose to use its Undying Will special rule in the Shooting Phase by granting Ballistic Skill 3 to all Undead models in a single friendly unit within 6" . Undying Will may be used only in a single phase of each Player Turn. Characters on a mount with Towering Presence add 6" to the range of this item.
  • When the Magister riding the Doom Bell chooses targets for Spells with Type: Direct, it ignores the restriction of only choosing targets in the Front Arc.
    When the Magister riding the Doom Bell chooses targets for a Spells with Type: Missile, it can draw Line of Sight in 360º (from any point of the Doom Bell’s base) and may cast Missile Spells even when Engaged in Combat.