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  • Characters a​nd Champions E​ngaged in a combat may issue a Challenge. A​t step 4 of Round of Combat Sequence,​ the active player may nominate one of his/her Characters o​r Champions a​nd issue a Challenge. If no Challenge was issued, the reactive player may nominate one of his/her Characters o​r Champions a​nd issue a Challenge.
    If a Challenge was issued, the opposing player may now choose one of his/her own Engaged Characters or Champions in the same combat to Accept the Challenge and fight the Character or Champions that issued the Challenge.

    If the Challenge isn't accepted, the player issuing the Challenge nominates one of his/her opponent's Characters,if there are any (note that champions cannot be nominated). This model's Leadership is reduced to 0 and loses Stubborn until the end of the turn in which the combat ends (or until the Character accepts or issues a challenge). Also, it cannot make any Close Combat Attacks during this Combat Round, and if it is a BSB, it loses the Hold Your Ground! rule and doesn't add +1 to its side's Combat Score during this Close Combat Phase.

    If the Challenge was accepted, the Character or Champion issuing the Challenge and the Character or Champion that answered the Challenge count as being in base contact with each other (even if their bases are not physically touching each other)and must allocate all their attacks towards each other. Special attacks made towards Units (such as Stomps, Breath Weapons, Impact Hits, Grinding Attacks) are always allocated to the opposing Character or Champion (in the case of Stomps, the opposing character must be of a stompable Troop Type, otherwise the Stomp attacks are lost). No other models can allocate attacks at either of these models and attacks/hits can never be allocated onto a Character or a Champion in a Challenge. If a character with more than one Initiative value (such as a rider and its mount or a model with Stomp) kills its opponent before it has made all of its attacks,any of the remaining attacks can be directed at the killed model (as if it was still alive and in base contact) in order to get an Overkill bonus.

    If one of the models is killed, the Challenge is considered to be over at the end of the Phase. If neither model is killed before the next Round of Combat, the Challenge continues. No other Challenges can be issued in the same combat until one of the models is killed.

    Remember that During a Challenge, any excess wounds caused count towards the Combat Score, up to +3.

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