Characteristic Profile

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  • Each model has a​Characteristics Profile,​which contains 9​​different Characteristics: Movement (M), Weapon Skill (WS), Ballistic Skill (BS), Strength (S), Toughness (T), Wounds (W), Initiative (I), Attacks (A), Leadership (Ld). All Characteristics have a number value between 0 and 10 and can never go outside this range. When a characteristic is 0, it can also be labelled as a dash (“-”).
    A model with M0 cannot move.
    A model with WS0 is automatically hit in close combat and can only hit in close combat on rolls of '6'.
    A model with BS0 cannot use shooting weapons.
    A model with an unmodified A0 can never make normal close combat attacks.
    A model with its Wounds reduced to 0 is removed as a casualty

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