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  • Spells are abilities that can be cast during the magic phase.
    Spells can be cast during the Magic Phase. The spells a wizard knows are usually randomized before the game,using the rules given under Generate Spells. Most spells are parts of a Path of Magic, described under Paths of Magic. Each of your Wizards has to choose an available Path to generate spells from. This choice has to be written down in your army list. All spells are defined by the following 5 properties:

    This is the Name of the spell. Use this to state which spell you intend to cast.

    Casting Value
    The Casting Value is the minimum value you need to reach to successfully cast the spell. Spells may have different casting values available. The higher casting value(s) are referred to as 'boosted' versions of the spell. Sometimes,range and/or target restrictions are modified for the boosted versions (giving the spell a longer range, for example),while other times, the effect of the spell can change. The changes in the boosted version are marked on each individual spell. Declare if you are trying to cast a boosted version (and which one, if the spell has more than one)before rolling any dice. If no declaration is made, the lowest available casting value for the chosen target is assumed to be used.

    A spell's Type describes how the spell's targets have to be chosen. A spell can have more than one type. If so, apply all targeting restrictions at the same time. (For example, if a spell has the types “Range 12””, “Hex”, and “Direct”,the targets must be within 12”, be enemy Units and be in the caster's front arc). Unless stated otherwise, a spell can only have one target.

    A spell's Duration determines how long the effects of the spell are applied.

    The Effect of a spell defines what happens (usually to the target of the spell) when the spell is successfully cast (and not dispelled).

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