Aspects of Nature

Forwared from „Aspect of Nature“

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  • One per Army: Entangling Vines, Toxic Spores, Scarred Bark, Oaken Crown, Entwined Roots.
    Aspects of Nature are One per Army.

    Entangling Vines (100 pts)
    In a Challenge, opponents must reroll successful rolls to
    hit against a model with this Aspect.

    Toxic Spores (60 pts)
    Every model in the bearer’s unit gains a Shooting Attack
    with the following profile: Range 12”, Strength 3, Lethal

    Scarred Bark (80 pts)

    All Dryads in the same unit as the bearer gain Hatred.

    Oaken Crown (10 pts) - Treefather Ancient only

    The Forest Giants Category is increased to 40%, the
    Unseen Arrows Category is decreased to 10% and the
    Fleet of Foot Category is decreased to 15%.

    A single Thicket Shepherd may be the Battle Standard
    Bearer for 50 pts. This Battle Standard Bearer may take a
    Magical Standard, but if this model takes an Aspect of
    Nature, the total cost of that Aspect and this Magical
    Standard cannot exceed 100 points . If this model does
    not take an Aspect of Nature, its Magical Standard has no
    points limit.

    Entwined Roots (10 pts)
    During Army creation, upgrade one unit of Thicket Beasts with +1 Strength for +15 pts/model.
    This bonus applies only as long as the bearer is alive. The
    Point Cost for this upgrade is added to the unit’s Point Cost.

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